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The Devil's Rejects

Name:   The Devil's Rejects
Base Location:   Tokyo
Members:   5
Team Motto:   Police officials raided their house and found body parts in the refrigerator, as well as furniture made out of human limbs. They also found enough evidence and corpses in the basement to put the body count at 75 people. They would forever be known by the media as The Devils Rejects.......
Invite Only?:   Yes
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League:   Div 2. League 1 (P: 8)
Members (List of businesses)
1. Big Boss 2. Dana Fight
3. Captain Spaulding 4. Cus Damato
5. Manager Manu
Last 10 Fights
Member Fought W/L/D
Daniel Brown Viktor Bestarsson    L
Jean Yves Cachemaille Daario Naharis    W
William Dewey Erkki Elastinen    W
Hifives Ghost Darwin France    L
Alphons Draclau David Morrison    L
Alex Coxall Ori Jokinen    L
William Dewey Sirodom Kingchanklao    W
Wade Garrett Derek Harris    L
Shunsui Kyoraku Alex Asztalos    L
Will Dearborn Rufus McTearson    L

Alliance record

Record   571 - 501 - 12 (W - L - D)
Wins   348 (T) KOs (60.95%)
    55 Submission (9.63%)
    168 Decisions (29.42%)
Losses   252 (T) KOs (50.30%)
    60 Submission (11.98%)
    189 Decisions (37.72%)

Top 5 managers

Big Boss
Dana Fight
Captain Spaulding
Cus Damato
Manager Manu

Top 5 fighters

Ed Gein
Devil Anse Hatfield
Alex Coxall
Shunsui Kyoraku
Will Dearborn
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Upcoming Fights (scout report)
Wt Rnd/Min Fighter vs Opponent Event Date  
205 3 / 5   Devil Anse Hatfield vs Bruno Aires   Add to my spoiler fight list. Ascension 0429 2017-04-29
145 1 / 15   William Dewey vs Jonas Putin   Add to my spoiler fight list. TWGC 16 (145lbs, D2): Finals - Round 1 2017-05-02
185 3 / 5   Don Glover vs Alasdair Thacker   Add to my spoiler fight list. USFC 154 2017-05-06
155 3 / 5   Harlon Hughes vs Andrey Eremeev   Add to my spoiler fight list. MMMA 22: Cursed 2017-05-06
265+ 3 / 3   Carson West vs Grover Dowiyogo   Add to my spoiler fight list. FC 147: 2017-05-06
185 3 / 5   Coyote Starrk vs Dennis Nilsen   Add to my spoiler fight list. GKNY 128 - Boom vs Pratchett 2017-05-06
145 3 / 5   Borislav Vovchanchyn vs Volga Overstreet   Add to my spoiler fight list. CEC 514 2017-05-07
170 3 / 5   Will Dearborn vs Daniel Mosby   Add to my spoiler fight list. GAMMA#634 Defoe v Origi 2017-05-13
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