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O.M. One Mind

Name:   O.M. One Mind
Base Location:   Los Angeles
Members:   3
Team Motto:   Battling Duality by Transcending It. Living Light Warriors. One Mind O.M.
Invite Only?:   Yes
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League:   Div 3. League 1 (P: 2)
Members (List of businesses)
1. Brandon Loveladdy 2. Gary Coffey
3. Barnabas Sackett
Last 10 Fights
Member Fought W/L/D
Rama Arjuna Alexi Laiho    L
Muhammad Gartzen Franky Page    L
Eagle Loveladdy Casper Timmermans    L
Blue Blue Crocodile Jumping Rivers    W
Robert J Fredrick Jimmy Smesman    L
Crown Halo Pat Barry    W
Shoot Horn Nick Rowler    W
Pony Pony Tarvo Jaak    L
Ravi Shankoli Eric Ashton    L
Rama Arjuna Mario Barrera    W

Alliance record

Record   202 - 165 - 2 (W - L - D)
Wins   150 (T) KOs (74.26%)
    9 Submission (4.46%)
    43 Decisions (21.29%)
Losses   56 (T) KOs (33.94%)
    22 Submission (13.33%)
    87 Decisions (52.73%)

Top 5 managers

Brandon Loveladdy
Gary Coffey
Barnabas Sackett

Top 5 fighters

Rama Arjuna
Ravi Shankoli
William Henry Bonney
Eagle Loveladdy
Mana Festation
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Total users: 24162
Upcoming Fights (scout report)
Wt Rnd/Min Fighter vs Opponent Event Date  
135 5 / 5   William Henry Bonney vs Diagoro Yabaisama   Add to my spoiler fight list. MMMA Yaj Vs Madness 3 2018-07-18 Title
135 3 / 5   Mana Festation vs Mads Nordskov   Add to my spoiler fight list. PFC 53 Pate vs Crank 2018-07-21
185 3 / 5   Ravi Shankoli vs Benjamin Sigfridsson   Add to my spoiler fight list. DFN#48 Turner vs Sin 2018-07-21
265 3 / 3   Pony Pony vs Tarvo Jaak   Add to my spoiler fight list. K-1 36 Diego vs Stevens 2018-07-25
155 3 / 5   Shoot Horn vs Lukas Terryn   Add to my spoiler fight list. Test 5 2018-07-28
205 3 / 5   Soul Jah vs Steve The Smiling Assassin   Add to my spoiler fight list. MMMA 87 Take vs Musashi 2018-07-29
205 3 / 5   Rama Arjuna vs Cleon Wright   Add to my spoiler fight list. DUEL175 2018-08-04
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