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Base Location:   London
Members:   2
Team Motto:   Violence is at our base. its our instincts. its in our nature. yet people try to shame it. SHAME US! its not evil, its truth. its honesty. its trust. its many things rolled up into one. but all they see is FEAR. Fear is one of mankinds most miserable and restrictive attributes
Invite Only?:   Yes
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League:   Div 3. League 1 (P: 6)
Members (List of businesses)
1. Dale Mac 2. Jack Aspirator
Last 10 Fights
Member Fought W/L/D
Richard Twist Rick Rollins    L
Hank Lombard Guido Gloom    L
Duan Daniels Magnus Burnside    W
Jack Aspirator Gary The Reaper    L
Flint Westrock Johnny Bean    L
Vunny Bin Convicted Killer    W
Enzo Maldini Estaban Gonzalez    W
Monte Zuma Maki Pulu    L
Eddie Melo How Long    L
Lukas Hanak Omar Boulami    W

Alliance record

Record   7 - 11 - 1 (W - L - D)
Wins   3 (T) KOs (42.86%)
    0 Submission (0.00%)
    4 Decisions (57.14%)
Losses   5 (T) KOs (45.45%)
    1 Submission (9.09%)
    5 Decisions (45.45%)

Top 5 managers

Dale Mac
Jack Aspirator

Top 5 fighters

Piere De Crote
Dean Corll
Vunny Bin
Lukas Hanak
Thomas Rutherford
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Total users: 18243
Upcoming Fights (scout report)
Wt Rnd/Min Fighter vs Opponent Event Date  
205 3 / 5   Richard Twist vs Rick Rollins   Add to my spoiler fight list. Island heat 2017-03-25
170 5 / 5   Lukas Hanak vs Brian Hardy   Add to my spoiler fight list. DUEL#54 Hardy vs Hanak 2017-03-25 Title
205 3 / 5   Flint Westrock vs aTtaaas Lao Liikta   Add to my spoiler fight list. LH49: Faber vs Harrak 2017-03-26
185 3 / 5   Dean Corll vs Jutta Hanolla   Add to my spoiler fight list. T182 2017-03-26
265+ 5 / 5   Vincent Mars vs Captain Boromir   Add to my spoiler fight list. Madness MMA Clown Chaos 8 2017-03-29 Title
135 3 / 5   Sammy Swinger vs Felix Jones   Add to my spoiler fight list. AFL Austin vs Kinneas 2017-03-31
155 3 / 5   Piere De Crote vs Lamont Sanford   Add to my spoiler fight list. GAMMA#624 Theodorou v LeBlanc 2017-04-01
265 3 / 5   Vunny Bin vs Lord Viceroy   Add to my spoiler fight list. OFC 274: Shifter vs Coleman II 2017-04-02
265 3 / 5   Monte Zuma vs Oleg Ljashko   Add to my spoiler fight list. USFC 148 2017-04-07
135 3 / 5   Roko Tiili vs Ken Kahne   Add to my spoiler fight list. CEC 509 2017-04-07
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