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Post event - DARE 45

Organization: SYN: DARE (290K+)
Event Name: DARE 45
Event Commentary: Click here
Event Summary: Click here
Date: 2018-05-16
City: Sydney
Arena: Hard Knocks - Sydney
Number of fights: 10
Ticket Price: Premium
Ring / Cage: Cage
Pay per View?: No
PPV Length (hours): 0

Event discussion

Comment :
Setanta King May 14, 2018 21:12 GMT    
one of the other highlights od the night has to be the face off between Bottura & Cartagena. Cartagena has not been beaten to date and is coming off a fantastic 8-0 winning streak. These 2 fighters have ended their last 2 fights in round 1 so expect them to both come out swinging to try to end this contest early. Another fantastic fight for the lucky fans that can squeeze into the arena. Im going to go out on a limb here and suggest that "The Natural" Bottura can stop Cartagena in his tracks if he can keep out of the way of Cartagena's vicous right hand!

Setanta King May 14, 2018 21:02 GMT    
After the Main event the next 2 fighterss to enter the cage are Sensei & Malingo. There two fighters look very evenly matched weight wise but Malngo has a small reach advantage over his shorter opponent, will this make a difference?? Only time will tell. Both these men are experienced fighter and have some wonderful talent so the fight should be evenly matched. Sensei is slightly more popular so should have the backing of the crowd but only time will tell if that makes a difference. This looks like a cracking fight on paper and with the fantastic boxing skills on show they might go toe to toe for the full 3 rounds and see who is the last man standing!

Setanta King May 13, 2018 22:39 GMT    
MAIN EVENT - RYAN Vs AOKISON. No title is up for grabs in the Hard Knocks Arena in Sydney on the 16th May but don't expect a poor fight for the main event on the night of Ryan V Aokison. Ryan is slightly taller and heavier than Aokison so you might expect Ryan to cause more damage but Aokison's granite chin and boxing skills may be put to good use in this fight. Ryan has been sometimes called stretch Armstong by his opponent due to his insane flexibility and ability to worm his way out of dead ends! Foghter records are very similar with Ryan having 18 wins to Aokisons 13. Ryan has an ability to knock opponents to the floor having won 17 fights by TKO so if he can bring the fight to Aokison this one might be over very quick. However if Aokison can stay close to Ryan and use his impressive BJJ skills and prevent a TKO this could prolong the fight and frustrate Ryan. Hard one to call but leaning slightly towards Ryan for this fight

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