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Coming up we have a welterweight MMA rules bout between Diego Brandao (ranked 0 p4p, 0 weight class) and Lone Wolf (ranked 0 p4p, 0 weight class). Lone Wolf will no doubt be looking to use his reach advantage to good effect.

170 cm
170 lbs
8 - 1 - 0
185 cm
178 lbs
6 - 0 - 0
Good wrestling
Cardio machine
Good wrestler
Lethal high kicks
Granite chin

Project Mayhem
KO Clothing

Fury Nutrition Inc.
//buriedALIVE// Fight Gear

Ladies and gentlemen. This fight is 5 rounds, for the welterweight championship of the world!
Introducing the champion to my left, fighting out of the red corner.
With a record of 8 - 1 - 0, fighting out of Sydney, Diego Brandao!
And introducing the challenger to my right, fighting out of the blue corner.
With a record of 6 - 0 - 0, fighting out of Rio de Janeiro, Lone Wolf!
The judges for this bout are John Mangel, Damien Edna and Eliza Hachem.

The bell rings for round one and we are underway!
Wolf fakes with a right hand and throws a good leg kick, right into the thigh. That had to hurt Brandao.
Wolf throws a quick head kick that skims the top of Brandao's head.
Brandao moves out of range of the leg kick from Wolf.
Wolf scores with a slapping inside leg kick.
Brandao shoots in for a takedown but doesn't get it.

Brandao darts in and lands a nice takedown into half guard.
Wolf has found himself in a tricky position here. He's been working his transitions in training so let's see if he can work his way out of it.

Brandao is thinking about going for an arm triangle but he can't free his leg.

Brandao is looking for an arm triangle, whilst trying to pass to side control. Wolf doesn't seem that keen to cooperate though. No luck this time Brandao.
Brandao has improved his flexibility recently so we will have to see if he can use that to his advantage.
Wooooo! Give it up for these two warriors! They are putting on a show!

Brandao is looking for a kimura but he's never going to get it from there.

That's one minute gone in the round.

Brandao looking for a kimura but he'll have to free his other leg if he wants to finish that. Perhaps he's just using it as a distraction technique.
Wolf wants to control but Brandao is keeping busy and won't allow it.
Wolf keeping his head moving to avoid the ground and pound.
Wolf wants to improve his position but Brandao is controlling well.
Wolf wants to control but Brandao is keeping busy and won't allow it.

That's two minutes gone in the round.

Brandao is working for a kimura but Wolf is defending it quite comfortably.

Brandao is looking for a kimura. It's going to be difficult to finish that from half guard though and Wolf defends it well.
The ref warns both fighters not to hold the cage as they work up against the meshing.
Wolf keeping control of the position.
The fighters are starting to get a bit slippery now, which will make submissions a bit more difficult.
Wolf tries to get to full guard but Brandao has control of the leg.
Brandao seems very keen to just sit and control from half guard but Wolf does not like that idea so much and is remaining active off his back.

Brandao is looking for a kimura but he's never going to get it from there.

That's three minutes gone in the round.
Brandao wants to pass to mount but Wolf is defending the position.
Brandao not throwing his punches with enough precision this time.
Wolf gets back to full guard.
Wolf looking to sweep here. No luck so far.
Brandao is looking to pass into half guard but Wolf pushes him away with his feet and jumps on top - now Wolf is in guard.
Wolf content to stall in guard here.

Brandao has an omoplata and is looking to use it perhaps as a submission or perhaps to transition. Wolf is in a bit of discomfort here, but he's managed to free himself and has dived into side control! That didn't work out too well for Brandao.
Brandao manages to get one leg in to regain half guard.

That's four minutes gone in the round.
Brandao flails away from the bottom but he's not doing any damage.
Wolf moves nicely into side control.
Wolf is looking to take a break and control but Brandao is keeping him honest, looking to work from the bottom.

Wolf is trying to land an Americana. He has the arm isolated but Brandao is keeping cool and he's avoided the danger for now.
You can see the frustration on Brandao's face, being in this tough position on the bottom.
This has been an exciting period of action!
As the round comes to an end the crowd are showing their appreciation for a great round of action.
Brandao is looking to work his way out of this bad position but Wolf is controlling him well.
And that’s the end of the round – the fighters go back to their corners.

A close round but Lone Wolf will probably get the nod.
That's the end of the round. The referee orders the cornermen out of the cage so we can get back down to business.

Wolf throws a head kick that Brandao semi-blocks.
Wolf scores with a head kick.
Wolf fakes a jab and scores with a low kick.
No luck for Brandao with that takedown attempt.
Wolf thows a body kick. Brandao tries to catch it but that hurt him.
A good leg kick by Wolf.
Lone Wolf seems to be the more aggressive standup fighter in this bout.
A really sloppy takedown attempt there from Brandao.
Wolf throws a nice head kick!
Diego Brandao is looking to throw some combinations by the looks of things.
The crowd cheering loudly, showing their appreciation for the quality fight we're seeing here.
Brandao looks frustrated there after his takedown attempt is stuffed easily.
That's three failed takedown attempts in the round for Diego Brandao. That's going to take a lot out of him.
Brandao has his front leg slapped to the side - a nice low kick landing there from Wolf.
Wolf connects with a leg kick. He turned his hip over nicely there.
Brandao fails to land the takedown.
Both fighters are absolutely exhausted here.
Nice body kick from Wolf.
Wolf fakes with a right hand and throws a good leg kick, right into the thigh. That had to hurt Brandao.
Wolf connects with an inside leg kick.
Brandao on the receiving end of a decent leg kick there by Wolf. Wolf obviously looking to wear him down.

That's one minute gone in the round.
Brandao chopped to the floor by a nice leg kick but he springs right back up before Wolf can pounce on him.
Wolf circles to his right before unloading a perfect head kick! Brandao drops to the canvas, hurt badly! Wolf follows Brandao to the ground and unloads with a series of strikes that force the referee to step in and end the fight! This one is all over!

Ladies and gentlemen, after 1:10 of round 2, we have a winner by way of TKO (Strikes). Lone Wolf!
Lone Wolf is the new welterweight champion!
During a confident post fight interview, Lone Wolf thanked all his fans. He seemed very genuine when describing how motivated his fans keep him.
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