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Coming up we have a middleweight MMA rules bout between Nicol Bolas (ranked 0 p4p, 0 weight class) and Craig Johnson (ranked 0 p4p, 0 weight class). Johnson has chosen Blood of Heroes! as his entrance music. Man, I cannot wait for this one!

170 cm
195 lbs
9 - 4 - 0
168 cm
200 lbs
11 - 11 - 0
Good wrestling
Solid boxing
KO power
BJJ Purple Belt
Excellent boxer
Granite chin

Museum of Monsters & Madmen

Museum of Monsters & Madmen
Bad Man Clothing (Nothing Over $40)

Ladies and gentlemen. This fight is 3 rounds, in the middleweight division.
Introducing the fighter to my left, fighting out of the red corner.
With a record of 9 - 4 - 0, fighting out of Las Vegas, Nicol Bolas!
And introducing the fighter to my right, fighting out of the blue corner.
With a record of 11 - 11 - 0, fighting out of New York, Craig Johnson!
The judges for this bout are Ian Loll, Gregory Folan and Elvis Blanc.

The bell rings for round one and we are underway!
Johnson moves out of range of the body kick from Bolas.
Johnson throws a counter combo.
Johnson scores with a hook to the body. Bolas takes a step back and tries to catch his breath.
Bolas comes forward and lands a shot to the body, then darts back out of range.
Johnson stooping low to avoid any incoming strikes and then lunges in with an uppercut come cross that lands flush.
Bolas throws a leg kick but Johnson checks it.
Johnson throws a right hand that Bolas ducks under and follows up with a left that Bolas also avoids with ease.
Nice takedown defense from Johnson. No joy for Bolas on that attempt.

Bolas shoots in for a takedown from distance. He catches Johnson napping and manages to drive through into side control!
Bolas is looking to take a break and control but Johnson is keeping him honest, looking to work from the bottom.
Bolas scores with a couple of short elbows.
The fans in attendance giving it up for the two fighters, who have really let it all hang out in the last minute or so!
Johnson pushes Bolas away and creates a bit of space to escape. He's almost out here... but no, Bolas gets a good hold of his legs and remains firmly in side control.
Bolas wants to lay and pray for a moment but Johnson keeps working.
Bolas lands some shots froms side control.
Johnson is working hard to escape and get back to his feet. After a battle for position, Bolas asserts his dominance and retains side control.

That's one minute gone in the round.
Johnson stops Bolas from passing to mount.
Johnson is trying to buck Bolas off.
Bolas misses with the ground and pound.
Johnson felt the need to train up his defensive grappling in the buildup to the fight. Presumably he was expecting to be in a difficult position like this, so let's see if he can get out of it.
Johnson is moving his hips around well on the bottom and has managed to get back to half guard.
Bolas prevents Johnson from standing back up.
Bolas trying to control the action but Johnson is working from the bottom.
Bolas is going to have to think about doing something other than just controlling because Johnson is managing to avoid having the position dictated to him.
Bolas stalling away here and it's allowed Johnson to slip out his trapped foot and regain full guard.
Bolas trying to control but Johnson is working from the bottom.

That's two minutes gone in the round.
A few boos can be heard. I'm sure they will multiply if the fighters don't pick up the pace.
Bolas's corner is telling him to maintain position.
Bolas working some strikes from top position.
Bolas loading up with the ground and pound but he's missing more than he's landing in this flurry.
Bolas trying to control the position from guard on top but Johnson is wriggling around, looking for whatever he can.
We've been hearing good reports from Bolas's training camp. Apparently he has been rolling around with some good quality BJJ practitioners and has been sharpening his skills. Let's see if that has an impact on the fight today.
Johnson is looking to stand up but Bolas isn't so interested in that idea.

The referee has decided to stand the fighters back up, so we'll restart on the feet.
A low kick from Bolas is predictable there
and Johnson connects with a straight left hand counter down the middle.
Johnson swings and misses with a hook to the body.
Bolas was looking to counter that move with a punch but didn't quite pull the trigger.
Johnson keeping at a good range here, avoiding a leg kick.
Bolas shoots in for a takedown. "I don't think so" says Johnson as he avoids it easily.
Bolas looks for a takedown here. Will he get it? Johnson is fending him off so far but Bolas persists. Nope, Johnson circles away and we're back to standing.
That's three failed takedown attempts in the round for Nicol Bolas. That's going to take a lot out of him.
No luck with that takedown attempt from Bolas.
Johnson is moving around nicely and scores here with a single head shot.
Johnson ducks down and throws a hook to the body but Bolas moves away.

That's three minutes gone in the round.
Bolas darts in looking for a takedown but Johnson gets double underhooks and turns Bolas into the cage.

Bolas shoots in for a takedown and gets it. Let's see what he's got on the mat.
The fighters are pressed up against the cage, both looking to find a bit of space to work.
Johnson is working from a closed guard but he's struggling to control his opponent.
Johnson keeping moving, preventing Bolas from controlling successfully.
Johnson is trying to control the position from the bottom.

Johnson has his feet on Bolas's hips. He pushes off and gets to his feet. Nice work.
Bolas shoots for a takedown but Johnson saw that one coming a mile off and avoided it easily.
Johnson swings for the body but Bolas moves out of range.
Johnson fakes and then throws a beautiful body shot. Bolas looks a bit winded and takes a step backwards to take a breath.
Nicol Bolas seems to be the more aggressive standup fighter in this bout.

Johnson catches Bolas napping and connects with a big right hand that sends Bolas to the canvas!

Bolas is rocked!
The crowd are loving this. Great action here.
Johnson engaging in some classic timewasting tactics.
Oh Bolas is still in real trouble! Will he be able to recover?!!

Johnson stands up from guard. Let's bang!

That's four minutes gone in the round.
Bolas misses with a takedown attempt. He shot from a bit too far out.
Bolas seems to have got his legs back now.
Johnson moves in looking to clinch but Bolas pushes him off.

Bolas ducks straight into an uppercut from Johnson and tumbles to the canvas! Itís a flash knockdown though - Bolas manages to regain guard straight away.
The ref warns both fighters not to hold the cage as they work up against the meshing.
Bolas is looking to stand up but Johnson isn't so interested in that idea.
Bolas keeping moving, preventing Johnson from controlling successfully.
Johnson is just sitting in guard, looking to avoid any submissions.
Johnson wants to stand but Bolas has a closed guard, so he can't escape.
And thatís the end of the round Ė the fighters go back to their corners.

Craig Johnson dominated that round.
That's the end of the interval. I'm sure that seemed a lot quicker than a minute for our two fighters! Back to the action.

Johnson lands a slapping body shot.
Bolas misses with a few strikes there.
Johnson comes forward and lands a shot to the body, then darts back out of range.
Bolas throws out a loose jab but Johnson uses good head movement to avoid it.
Johnson dips down and scores with a jab to the body.
Johnson dips down and scores with a jab to the body.
Bolas gets cracked with a nice right hand there by Johnson.
Johnson scores with a body shot.
Bolas doesn't react quick enough there as he takes a shot to the body.
Johnson lands with a massive overhand right! Stick a fork in Bolas - he's out cold! Ermm... I think I just mixed my metaphors but yeah... That was a nice KO! Big win for Johnson!

Ladies and gentlemen, after 0:35 of round 2, we have a winner by way of KO (Punch). Craig Johnson!
A victorious Craig Johnson thanked his army of followers in his post fight interview, telling people to make sure they follow him on Twitter.
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