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TWGC 15 (265+lbs, D4): Helsinki Qualifier - Round 2 PBP Commentary

Coming up we have a super heavyweight Tycoon World Grappling Championship rules bout between Kyle Goose and Tom Tomson. Tomson is bobbing his head along to his entrance song: R-Swift- Awesome God. Fingers crossed for an exciting fight - I'm sure both fighters are looking for a nice under the table bonus!

190 cm
20 yrs
265 lbs

200 cm
26 yrs
280 lbs

This TWGC bout is 1 fifteen minute round in the super heavyweight division. Introducing today's competitors. In the red corner, competing out of Amsterdam, with a TWGC record of 1 wins and 0 losses; Kyle Goose ! And in the blue corner, fighting out of London, with a TWGC record of 3 wins and 1 losses; Tom Tomson!
The judges for this bout are Matti Vanhoillinen, Arvi Lind and Ben Zyskovitsi.

The official calls the fighters to the middle and the contest is under way.

Tomson tries to keep at a distance but Goose has taken the fight into the clinch.
Tomson tries to pull guard but Goose forces him back to his feet, against the cage.

Goose jumps into guard, dragging Tomson to the mat.
Tomson slows down the pace of the fight, as he sits in guard.
Goose bucks up whilst keeping hold of a body lock, managing to reverse the position. Now he's in top in Tomson's guard.
Score +2 for sweep to guard / half guard: Goose (2) vs (0) Tomson
Goose preventing the sweep.
Tomson looking to control.
We've had a slow start to the round here - hopefully the action picks up.
Goose preventing the sweep.
Goose looking to control the position here, rather than advance.
Goose stopping the sweep attempt from Tomson.

That's one minute gone in the round.

Tomson working from the bottom, still in full guard. He's managed to get a loose triangle. Goose doesn't seem to be doing much to defend here, obviously he feels comfortable in the position. Goose manages to throw the legs off his shoulder and he's back into guard - no problem.

Tomson throwing his legs up looking for a triangle.

Tomson throws his legs up looking to secure a triangle. Oh, that looks pretty tight, I gotta say! Goose escapes and throws Tomson's legs to the side, diving into side control!
Score +3 for passing guard: Goose (5) vs (0) Tomson

That's two minutes gone in the round.
Tomson is trying to work for a sweep but Goose has mounted him!
Score +2 for reaching mount: Goose (7) vs (0) Tomson
The ref warns both fighters not to hold the cage as they work up against the meshing.
Tomson is looking to improve his position but Goose isn't that keen on the idea.
Tomson keeps trying to improve his position.
Tomson wants to improve position but instead he's given up his back.
Score +3 for taking back: Goose (10) vs (0) Tomson
A bit of a pause in the action here. Goose controlling the positon.
I really don't envy Tomson right now.

That's three minutes gone in the round.
Goose has the hooks sunk in and you can see the will to fight slowly draining out of Tomson's body.
Tomson wants to escape the position.
I would not like to be Tomson right now.
You can see the frustration on Tomson's face… He knows he is in trouble unless he improves his position sooner rather than later.

That's four minutes gone in the round.
Goose gets his hands free as Tomson looks to control.
Goose biding his time, looking for the opening.
The fighters are pressed up against the cage, both looking to find a bit of space to work.
Tomson can't escape the position.
Tomson manages to reverse the position and now he's in Goose 's guard. Nice work there by Tomson.
Score +2 for sweep to guard / half guard: Goose (10) vs (2) Tomson

Goose is active off his back here, looking for submissions.

Tomson got a little sloppy there for a moment and Goose has worked his way into a loose triangle - can he finish it?! No, Tomson has managed to get both his arms back between Goose 's legs - danger averted.

That's five minutes gone in the round.
Goose keeping moving, preventing Tomson from controlling successfully.

Goose looking for submissions from the bottom here. Moving his hips around, possibly looking for an armbar.
Tomson looking to sit in guard and control but Goose gets the butterfly guard and sweeps. He's now in the guard on the top.
Score +2 for sweep to guard / half guard: Goose (12) vs (2) Tomson
Goose content to stall in guard here.

Tomson throwing his legs up looking for a triangle.

That's six minutes gone in the round.
Goose trying to pass the guard but can't manage it just yet.
Tomson not looking particularly offensive just at the moment.
Tomson might have to switch it up a bit here because his efforts to control Goose haven't been going to plan, at least at the current moment in time.
Tomson can't keep his opponent in guard - Goose advances to half guard, no doubt looking to mount.
Goose prevents Tomson from improving his position.

That's seven minutes gone in the round.
Still in half guard, Goose seems content to control.
Tomson trying to hold on to Goose 's head to control him but Goose postures up.
Goose perhaps working for something from half guard, or maybe not. It looks like he's just sitting there.
Goose has controlled the position for a good 20 seconds, which will no doubt be starting to frustrate his opponent.
Tomson keeps control of the position for the meantime.
Tomson wants to get back to full guard.

That's eight minutes gone in the round.
Goose controlling the action here.
Tomson preventing any damage for now, controlling his opponent's head.

That's nine minutes gone in the round.

Tomson actively working from the bottom here.
Tomson wants to control but Goose is keeping busy.
The referee calls for the fighters to work.

Tomson looking to work for a kimura from the bottom.
Neither fighter is being very active at the moment, with Goose in particular looking to stall.

That's ten minutes gone in the round.
Tomson trying to hold on to Goose 's head to control him but Goose postures up.
Tomson is looking for a sweep. Goose is wise to his cunning plan and keeps the top position.

That's eleven minutes gone in the round.
Well, if Goose is going to just lie there, perhaps we should talk about what we're having for dinner tonight… I'm having a ham and pineapple pizza… Yum. Can't wait.
Tomson tries to get to full guard but Goose has control of the leg.
Tomson is positioning himself well to prevent Goose advancing to mount.

That's twelve minutes gone in the round.
Goose is figuring out what he wants to do next.
Tomson trying to control here.
Goose looks over to his corner - he wants some instructions but his corner are not responding.
Tomson trying to control from the bottom.

That's thirteen minutes gone in the round.
Tomson is looking to regain full guard. Not this time though.
The referee calls for the fighters to work.
Tomson makes his way to full guard. A much better position for Tomson.
Goose tries to free his leg and advance position but Tomson is retaining full guard.

That's fourteen minutes gone in the round.
Goose is frustrating his opponent with some stalling tactics from top position.
Tomson working a defensive guard here.
Tomson has a butterfly guard looking to sweep but Goose has passed into side control.
Score +3 for passing guard: Goose (15) vs (2) Tomson
Goose is moving around in side control but his primary objective seems to be to maintain the position.
Goose has improved his flexibility recently so we will have to see if he can use that to his advantage.
Boooooooooooooooooooo!!! God, this has been a terrible round. Come on you two, sort yourselves out!

And that's the end of the fight!
Goose takes the fight on points by 15 to 2.
Kyle Goose seemed lost for words in his post fight interview but he remembered to thank his fans and directed everyone to his website.
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