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Shiv Fight Night PBP Commentary

Coming up we have a lightweight kickboxing rules bout between Vasilios Megalos and Roderick Turnbull. We have two fighters making their debuts here, so let's see who comes out of this one with their first professional victory.

170 cm
155 lbs
0 - 0 - 0
170 cm
155 lbs
0 - 0 - 0

Excellent MT
Big right hand

Excellent MT


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Ladies and gentlemen. This fight is 1 rounds, in the lightweight division.
Introducing the fighter to my left, fighting out of the red corner.
With a record of 0 wins, 0 losses and 0 draws, fighting out of London, Vasilios Megalos!
And introducing the fighter to my right, fighting out of the blue corner.
With a record of 0 wins, 0 losses and 0 draws, fighting out of London, Roderick Turnbull!
The judges for this bout are Daniel Bishop, William Gold and James Atkins.

The bell rings for round one and we are underway!
Megalos lands with a shot to the body.
A looping hook to the body misses from Megalos. Turnbull does a little dance to reset his feet.
Turnbull wants to counter the offense by Megalos and move into the clinch position.
Turnbull stumbles momentarily as he takes a strong leg kick from Megalos.
Megalos lands a nice hook to Turnbull's body. Turnbull takes it in his stride and looks to land his own strikes.
Megalos looking to land some kicks to the body here.
Turnbull wants to counter with a clinch but Megalos pushes him away.
Megalos scores with a nice head shot.
Megalos looks to land a body kick but Turnbull moved away.
Turnbull tries to counter by closing the distance.
Megalos lands a leg kick and bounces back out of range.
Nice body punch from Megalos.
Turnbull walks forward, straight into a front kick from Megalos.
Turnbull's hands are dropping dangerously low here and Megalos connects clean with a right hook that sends him down to one knee! Turnbull scrambles back to his feet.
This is a great period of action - very entertaining stuff!
Megalos throws a combination but comes up with nothing but fresh air.

That's one minute gone in the round.
Turnbull takes a body punch but keeps moving.
Megalos scores with a reasonable looking shot to the body. Turnbull doesn't seem bothered though.
Turnbull shakes his hands off, looking to compose himself, but takes a jab to the jaw whilst he does it.
Megalos jabs Turnbull right on the nose. Turnbull blinks but takes it well.
Megalos lands a head shot.
Megalos connects with a solid leg kick.
Like a baseball bat into the meat of his leg there - nice leg kick by Megalos.
Megalos misses with a double jab.
Megalos throws a body punch but Turnbull moves out of range.
Turnbull is trying to avoid his opponent's strikes and get into the clinch.
Megalos ducks down and throws a hook to the body.
Megalos misses with a body shot.
Roderick Turnbull has stepped it up - he knows he needs a finish here!
Vasilios Megalos is fighting for a decision here - he's started to take the cautious approach.

That's two minutes gone in the round.
This has been an exciting period of action!
Megalos works the jab nicely.
Megalos scores with a nice head shot.
Turnbull on the wrong end of a decent looking cross there.
Megalos is really peppering his opponent's head with punches.
A solid body kick from Megalos.
Megalos lands a leg kick. The shin dug right into the meat of the thigh.
Megalos is looking to wear down Turnbull with body shots, infact he's throwing more body shots than head shots at the moment.
Nice body punch from Megalos.
Megalos misses with a head kick.
Turnbull steps in looking to clinch after the strikes miss from Megalos.
Megalos's corner calls for a 1-2. Megalos obliges with the 1 part as he scores the single shot and moves back out of range.
Megalos ducks low and lands a nice hook to the body of his opponent.
The crowd applaud the fighters' efforts here as the round comes to an end.
Megalos cracks a nice hook into Turnbull's ribs.

And that's the end of the fight!
Vasilios Megalos showed his dominance in that final round.
Well Megalos has outscored his opponent in every aspect of the fight today. Only a scarily incompetent judge or two will keep him from a well deserved win... Over to the ring announcer for the scorecards.

Ladies and gentlemen, after 1 round of action, we go to the scorecards for a decision.
Judge Daniel Bishop scores the fight for Vasilios Megalos!
Judge William Gold scores the fight for Vasilios Megalos!
Judge James Atkins scores the fight for Vasilios Megalos!

Vasilios Megalos wins by unanimous decision!
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