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EPL 12.5 PBP Commentary

Coming up we have a lightweight MMA rules bout between Ozzy McKane and Axl Rose. Chooooooooon! I think McKane might be my favorite fighter, now he's come out to SAIL - AWOLNATION. Rose has chosen You Could Be Mine as his entrance music. Both these guys have really solid chins. Will we see a standup war or will they both decide that a knockout is unlikely and try to win the fight elsewhere?

170 cm
158 lbs
33 - 11 - 0
183 cm
171 lbs
19 - 12 - 0
Abu Dhabi Champ
World class boxer
Insanely flexible
BJJ Red Belt
World class MT
Good gas tank

Aspire Clothing

Amped Performance

Ladies and gentlemen. This fight is 2 rounds, in the lightweight division.
Introducing the fighter to my left, fighting out of the red corner.
With a record of 33 wins, 11 losses and 0 draws, fighting out of Los Angeles, Ozzy McKane!
And introducing the fighter to my right, fighting out of the blue corner.
With a record of 19 wins, 12 losses and 0 draws, fighting out of London, Axl Rose!
The judges for this bout are Alan Glass, Frank Dennis and Stewart Dunkirk.

The bell rings for round one and we are underway!
McKane jabbing away but nothing is landing.
McKane lands with a nice low kick. That'll leave a bruise.
McKane looks to have improved his striking defense since last time we saw him fight.
McKane jabbing away but nothing is landing.
Rose connects with the punch.

It looks like Ozzy McKane has been cut.
Rose throws a jab to the body, straight down the pipe. Boom. That sent McKane stumbling backwards but he manages to regain his composure quickly.
Rose checks a leg kick nicely.
Rose now looks to counter with a shot at the body.
Rose throws a jab when McKane was well out of range.
Rose throws a jab but it's blocked by McKane.
We've had a slow start to the round here - hopefully the action picks up.
Rose misses with a body punch
and McKane counters with a big head kick but Rose shrugs it off.
Rose swings wildly with a right hand that was never going to find it's target.
McKane is looking to counter punch.
Rose just misses with a punch to the body.
McKane is looking to counter with a shot to the body.

McKane shoots in for a takedown! He's got it and he's managed to land in side control! That's better than McKane was expecting from the takedown attempt, I'm sure!
We could do with one of the fighters taking the initiative a bit more on the ground - they're both waiting to capitalize on a mistake.

That's one minute gone in the round.
McKane taking a break here but Rose is having none of it and regains half guard.
Rose wants to control but McKane is keeping busy.

Rose looking for subs from the bottom but McKane mounts him!
McKane controlling his opponent.

That's two minutes gone in the round.
My god... these two guys really need to pick up the pace or everyone will leave to go get a beer.
Rose is working to get back to half guard.
McKane controlling his opponent.
Rose regains half guard.

That's three minutes gone in the round.
Rose is trying to maintain the position but McKane is very close to passing his half guard.
Rose tries to roll over but McKane keeps him under control.
Rose is staying active underneath McKane, who seems content to just control the action from this position.
McKane takes a deep breath and rests his weight momentarily on top of his opponent, to control the position.
McKane is pressing down on Rose's thigh, looking to free his foot. Rose is holding on for now.
Rose is looking to regain full guard. Not this time though.

That's four minutes gone in the round.
The crowd are hurling abuse towards the fighters... You can hardly blame them though because there isn't a lot going on in the fight.
McKane tries to pass to full mount but Rose defends it.

The referee has stepped in and called for a break in the action. We'll restart on the feet.
No luck with that takedown attempt from McKane.
Axl Rose is looking to keep the fight on the feet at all costs.
Rose drops his hands momentarily and McKane takes advantage with a crisp shot to the head.
The crowd thankful this round is nearly over.
Rose dances in quickly and lands a nice inside leg kick on McKane. That did some damage!
McKane catches Rose with a nice straight right. He seems pissed - ooooh, it's on now! On like donkey kong!
McKane shuffles to his left behind two crisp jabs. Rose eats them both and turns towards McKane to reposition himself and eats a stinging right hand-left hook combo.
And that’s the end of the round – the fighters go back to their corners.

Ozzy McKane dominated that round.
The cut man is working on Ozzy McKane's cut.
That's the end of the interval. I'm sure that seemed a lot quicker than a minute for our two fighters! Back to the action. Let's hear some noise people - this is the final round!

Rose fakes high and swings low for a body shot but McKane manages to avoid it.
And McKane counters with a quick kick to the body but Rose blocks it.
That's a knee to de groin and it's over and out! Rose crumples to the ground after an illegal strike from McKane - the referee stops the clock and Rose gets 5 minutes to recover from that one. "I'm sorry" says McKane. Rose manages to get back to his feet and the fight resumes.

McKane scores a trip takedown into side control. Nice.
A bit of a lull in the action. I'm sure it will pick up again soon... even if the ref has to physically pick them up and put them back on their feet.
McKane is looking to take a break and control but Rose is keeping him honest, looking to work from the bottom.
The fighters are starting to perspire pretty heavily.
McKane takes a little break here. Rose wants to take advantage but he is being controlled well.
We've had a slow start to the round here - hopefully the action picks up.
McKane seems to have a rather negative gameplan on the ground. He seems keen to just score the takedown and hold down Rose for as long as he can get away with.

That's one minute gone in the round.
Rose is looking for a sweep.
McKane is really dominating this fight. Is there anything that Rose can do to turn this around?
The referee asks McKane politely if he wouldn't mind getting on with it and actually doing something. McKane prefers to stall for the moment though.
McKane wants to lay and pray for a moment but Rose keeps working.

The referee has stepped in and called for a break in the action. We'll restart on the feet.
Rose thows a leg kick but McKane checks it
letting McKane counter with a right hand.
A cross from McKane lands.
Rose scoring well with a low kick there.
McKane lands a leg kick and bounces back out of range.
McKane goes to the watering hole and comes back with a big thumbs up from the judges as he scores a three punch combo.
Axl Rose has stepped it up - he knows he needs a finish here!

It looks like Axl Rose has been cut.

That's two minutes gone in the round.
Rose thumps McKane with a low kick.
Rose throws an off balance right hand
and McKane counters with a quick right hand to the jaw.
Rose avoids a punch combination nicely.
Fantastic stuff here - a very entertaining period of action, which has drawn cheers from the crowd.
McKane lands with an overhand left.
Rose throws a lazy uppercut
and McKane connects with a straight left hand counter down the middle.
Rose throws a body shot but no joy.
Rose lands a kick to the ribs of his opponent. Nice work there - in and out in a flash.
Rose has his front leg slapped to the side - a nice low kick landing there from McKane.
Rose throws a leg kick
letting McKane counter with a right hand.

That's three minutes gone in the round.
Rose waving his hands out in front of him, looking to distract McKane.
McKane avoids the head kick by Rose.
McKane cracks the inside of Rose's front leg.
Rose blocks a jab.
McKane connects with a looping right hand.
McKane takes a nice looking leg kick right on the meat of his thigh there.
McKane takes a head kick and shrugs it off.

McKane lands a big head kick that sends Rose tumbling to the mat! McKane takes a step backwards and waves Rose back to his feet - he wants the finish!

Rose is rocked!
The crowd are loving this. Great action here.
Rose cracks McKane with a nice right hand that draws applause from the crowd.
Rose is still on wobbly legs! Can McKane finish him?
Rose lands an overhand right.
Rose seems to have recovered his senses.

That's four minutes gone in the round.
McKane digs a good body shot into Rose's ribs.
Rose keeps the fight standing with a nice sprawl.
Rose throws out a counter right but McKane avoids it with no problem.
Rose throws a leg kick
and McKane cracks him with a counter punch right on the button.
Ozzy McKane is winning the standup battle so far.
McKane walks straight into a jab right on the nose. That one stung - he's blinking and trying to clear his head.
A swing and a miss from Rose.
Rose fakes high and swings low for a body shot but McKane manages to avoid it.
McKane throwing a counter right hand but Rose manages to avoid it.
Rose looks to throw a body kick
and McKane counters with a lovely straight right hand!
A chopping leg kick lands by Rose.
Rose with poor footwork there. He got himself in a bit of a tangle, enabling McKane to score with a decent uppercut.

And that's the end of the fight!
Ozzy McKane showed his dominance in that final round.
Well McKane has outscored his opponent in every aspect of the fight today. Only a scarily incompetent judge or two will keep him from a well deserved win... Over to the ring announcer for the scorecards.

Ladies and gentlemen, after 2 rounds of action, we go to the scorecards for a decision.
Judge Alan Glass scores the fight for Ozzy McKane!
Judge Frank Dennis scores the fight for Ozzy McKane!
Judge Stewart Dunkirk scores the fight for Ozzy McKane!

Ozzy McKane wins by unanimous decision!

A less than humble Ozzy McKane misjudged his post fight interview somewhat and came across a little too arrogant whilst trying to hype up his own abilities.
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