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KOFC 105 - Mountain vs Hallick PBP Commentary

Coming up we have a lightweight MMA rules bout between Maxwell Booker (ranked 610 p4p, 80 weight class) and Rokuya Date (ranked 300 p4p, 45 weight class). Rumors backstage are that the fighters have been paid to keep it standing but we know that would never happen in MMA!

168 cm
155 lbs
17 - 6 - 0
177 cm
165 lbs
18 - 5 - 0
Powerful takedowns
Counter fighter
Cardio machine
Good wrestler
Excellent boxer
Good gas tank

BuriedAlive// Fight Gear
Aspire Clothing

Aspire Clothing
Sin City Allstars

Ladies and gentlemen. This fight is 3 rounds, in the lightweight division.
Introducing the fighter to my left, fighting out of the red corner.
With a record of 17 wins, 6 losses and 0 draws, fighting out of Tokyo, Maxwell Booker!
And introducing the fighter to my right, fighting out of the blue corner.
With a record of 18 wins, 5 losses and 0 draws, fighting out of Tokyo, Rokuya Date!
The judges for this bout are Gwen Towbar, Tiny Johnson and Wesley Smith.

The bell rings for round one and we are underway!
Booker on the wrong end of an overhand right that came out of nowhere.
Date takes a step towards his opponent and connects with a left hand, before circling away.
Date jabs at Booker's body.
Booker moves forwards but Date connects with a nice, crisp jab.
Date moves into range and connects with a jab.
A left lands for Date.
Booker slips a jab from Date.
Booker throws an uppercut from half a mile away. Date sees it coming and avoids it easily.
Rokuya Date seems to be the more aggressive standup fighter in this bout.

That's one minute gone in the round.
Booker walks into a stiff left hand from Date.

It looks like Maxwell Booker has been cut.
Booker misses with a left hand
and Date counters with a straight right hand.
Booker takes a punch right to his stomach. That took the wind out of him momentarily.
Date lands a glancing blow to the side of Booker's head.
Date scores with a sloppy right hand. Booker should have avoided that one.
Date takes a swing at Booker's ribcage but misses.
Booker drops down looking for a counter takedown but Date sprawls and moves away.
Booker misses with a telegraphed body shot
and Date counters with a shot to the ribs. That looked like it hurt.
Date is landing a lot of head punches in this opening round! Booker had better start moving his head a bit unless he wants his face to turn into pâté.

That's two minutes gone in the round.
Booker on the wrong end of a nice hook.
Rokuya Date is looking to keep the fight on the feet at all costs.
Date throws a combination that misses

and Booker counters with a nice double leg into guard.
The crowd cheering loudly, showing their appreciation for the quality fight we're seeing here.
Date controlling the position.
Date utilising some decent striking defenses from the guard, preventing the ground and pound.
Booker slips effortlessly into side control - very nice.

Booker working hard here to secure a kimura but he's not really in the right position for it.

Booker working hard here to secure a kimura but he's not really in the right position for it.

That's three minutes gone in the round.
Date is looking for a sweep.
The strikes coming from Booker are missing the target in this wave of attacks.
Date is looking to regain half guard here but Booker keeps moving and retains side control.
Booker lands a knee to the body and a forearm to the face.
Booker in side control, throwing shots but Date defends.
Booker works to advance to full mount. Date defends for a few seconds but eventually he succumbs.
Date is squirming around, avoiding Booker's attempts to control the action.
Date wants to control but Booker is having none of it.

That's four minutes gone in the round.
Date is trying desperately to improve position.
Booker has been looking to land a fair amount of strikes on the ground. He might be looking to soften his opponent up in order to work for a submission.
Booker thowing shots but they're missing.
Booker can't quite control the action as he would like just now, as Date is looking to escape.
Booker with the ground and pound from mount.

Booker looks like he's working for a submission but he's not found anything just yet.
The ref warns both fighters not to hold the cage as they work up against the meshing.
Date is in a horrible position here, under a barrage of strikes, he's managing to avoid any damage.
And that’s the end of the round – the fighters go back to their corners.

Rokuya Date dominated that round.
The cut man is working on Maxwell Booker's cut.
That's time! Back to the action!

Booker throws a body punch but Date moves out of range.
It seemed like Date was going to counter with the hook but didn't fully commit to it.
Date cracks Booker with a right hand to the side of the head.
Date lands a really nice looking cross but Booker seems unphased.
Date smiles there as he lands a nice right hand right on the button.
BOOM! Date lands a beautiful left hook that drops Booker. Booker tries to recover but Date is having none of it, landing more punishing shots from mount. One final crushing shot and Booker lies motionless on the canvas. The fight is over!

Ladies and gentlemen, after 0:42 of round 2, we have a winner by way of TKO (Strikes). Rokuya Date!
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