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Some 28: Busk - Rashad PBP Commentary

Coming up we have a heavyweight MMA rules bout between Cassius Bellatoo (ranked 2272 p4p, 229 weight class) and Dale Harengody (ranked 1769 p4p, 194 weight class). Chooooooooon! I think Bellatoo might be my favorite fighter, now he's come out to MAHAKAL THE TERROR Party Weed. Both fighters look fresh as a daisy as they make their way towards the cage.

190 cm
240 lbs
6 - 8 - 0
185 cm
230 lbs
7 - 6 - 0
Good wrestling
Very quick
Good takedowns
Excellent boxer
Good gas tank



Ladies and gentlemen. This fight is 2 rounds, in the heavyweight division.
Introducing the fighter to my left, fighting out of the red corner.
With a record of 6 wins, 8 losses and 0 draws, fighting out of Sydney, Cassius Bellatoo!
And introducing the fighter to my right, fighting out of the blue corner.
With a record of 7 wins, 6 losses and 0 draws, fighting out of Las Vegas, Dale Harengody!
The judges for this bout are Albert Achterberg, Wagner Zegers and Paul Aken.

The bell rings for round one and we are underway!
Harengody cracks Bellatoo with a nice right hand that draws applause from the crowd.

Harengody gets taken down but at least he's managed to land in guard.

Bellatoo drops back for a leg! It's a sloppy attempt though and Bellatoo jumps back into guard quickly, to retain the dominant position.
Bellatoo stands up and looks to throw the legs aside to pass to side control. Harengody swivels though and keeps the full guard.
Bellatoo passes Harengody's right leg, so he's now in half guard.

Bellatoo looking for a kimura but he'll have to free his other leg if he wants to finish that. Perhaps he's just using it as a distraction technique.

Bellatoo is trying for a guillotine from the top but the pressure isn't in the right place so Harengody is just riding it out for now. Bellatoo eventually gives up the hold.
We've had a slow start to the round here - hopefully the action picks up.

Harengody is defending against the submission attempts here by Bellatoo.

That's one minute gone in the round.

Bellatoo is working for a submission of some sort.
Harengody has no desire to be mounted, so is trying to control. Bellatoo is working away from the top position though.
Harengody preventing any damage for now, controlling his opponent's head.

Bellatoo in half guard on the top. He's looking for a kimura... He's got it locked and he's managed to free his trapped foot. Harengody tries to escape but it's on too tight and he has to tap! Great BJJ skills there from Bellatoo!

Ladies and gentlemen, after 2:56 of round 1, we have a winner by way of Submission (Kimura). Cassius Bellatoo!
A very excited looking Cassius Bellatoo rambled incoherently for about 5 minutes post fight about how awesome he is. It was kinda funny for a while but then everyone got annoyed.
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