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Event: FNPFC XXVIII     
Date:   Mar 26, 2014
Le Roux throws a series of punches but Slice avoids them all with ease.
Slice slips a jab and a cross from Le Roux. #CL#
Slice moves into the clinch.
Slice prevents Le Roux from breaking the clinch.
Le Roux takes a knee to the side of the body.
A right hook to the body lands for Slice.
Kneeeeees! The crowd are calling for knees to the body. Slice obliges.
Slice tries to throw a body punch but Le Roux avoids it by throwing Slice back against the cage.
Slice is working Le Roux over against the cage.
Slice lands a good knee to the midsection. Le Roux won't want to take too many of those.
This is a great period of action - very entertaining stuff!
Slice scores with a shot to the side of Le Roux's head.
Slice throws an elbow but it's blocked.
Slice lands a nice looking hook to the body, against the cage.
Le Roux looks winded!#TD#
Slice gets control of Le Roux's arms and successfully pulls guard. Slice will no doubt be looking for submissions off his back.
Le Roux would like to get this fight back to the feet but can't get free from the closed guard. #SUB#
Slice is looking for a triangle but Le Roux pushes his legs off easily.
Slice pulls Le Roux in close to his closed guard and prevents Le Roux from doing any damage or advancing position.#T1##SUB#
Slice had isolated an arm as going for a kimura. Le Roux defends it easily.#SUB#
Slice looking for submissions off his back, moving his hips, looking for an opening. #SU2#
Le Roux gets to his feet. Slice looking to butt scoot but the ref puts an end to that. On your feet son!
Slice connects with an inside leg kick.#CL#
Slice takes the fight into the clinch.
Slice works on Le Roux's body with a couple of short punches.#T2##TD#
Slice has moved round to his opponent's back and is looking for a suplex! Oh snap! He's tossed Le Roux clear over his head and slammed him to the mat!
Slice scores with a nice shot to the head of his opponent. Le Roux is looking for a way out.
This has been an exciting period of action!#SUB#
Slice is working for the rear naked choke. He has one arm under the chin but Le Roux has hold of the other arm. A bit of a stalemate here. #SUB#
Slice has his hand under the chin of his opponent looking for the choke. He's nearly got it! This one could be all over! But no, Le Roux has freed his hand and lives to survive another… well, another couple of seconds at least! #SUB#
Slice working for a RNC but it's not happening just yet. #T3##SUB#
Slice is working for the choke. I would put my money on him to finish from this position. He's rolled onto his back and has dragged Le Roux with him. Le Roux is trying to defend but Slice has an arm under the chin now! Le Roux grimaces and is forced to tap out!

Ladies and gentlemen, after 3:19 of round 1, we have a winner by way of Submission (RNC). Jhar Slice!
Jhar Slice bigged himself up after the win. The crowd seemed to love it.


Event: FNPFC XXV     
Date:   Mar 08, 2014
Le Roux tries to clinch but fails miserably #TD#
and Hemmo counters with a nice double leg into side control. Le Roux won't be happy with that.
The referee is pacing around the two fighters - he looks like he's thinking about a standup.#SUB#
Hemmo has hold of Le Roux's arm here. He's working for an Americana. It looks like he might have it! Le Roux tries to escape but he's just digging himself in deeper - Hemmo cranks the arm and Le Roux screams in pain! The ref makes a decision and ends the fight before the tap - no complains from Le Roux, who is just happy to have his arm attached to his body.

Ladies and gentlemen, after 0:22 of round 1, we have a winner by way of Submission (Americana). Paha Hemmo!
After winning the bout, Paha Hemmo thanked all his fans and promised he'd do even better in his next fight. The crowd seemed to love his humility.




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