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"Masamune" Sephiroth Jenova (273169) - Retired

Mixed Martial Arts Fighter - Sephiroth Jenova
Record 13-2-0 (W-L-D)
Wins 12 (T)KOs (92.31%)
0 Subs (0.00%)
1 Decisions (7.69%)
Losses 0 (T)KOs (0.00%)
2 Subs (100.00%)
0 Decisions (0.00%)
Next Fight None
Song None
Height 198 cm
Weight 255 lbs
Can cut to 231.5 lbs
Age 38
Hometown Shinra Laboratory
Country Japan
Location Bahamas
Base Bahamas
Manager Retired
Bank Balance $105,345.80
Alliance   -
Highest Rank 281 MMA
Sephiroth has Superb boxing, Woeful Muay Thai, Superb wrestling and holds a white belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
Awards: KO of the night: 5 ($15,000)   
Weight: NA P4P: 0
0 Days Cuts 0 Days

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Contracted to Trophies
Fighter is not signed to a Mixed Martial Arts Organization

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Fighter Bio

Boxing   - Punches   - Agility   -
Muay Thai   - Kicks   - Flexbility   -
Wrestling   - Elbows   - Speed   -
BJJ   - Knees   - Strength   -
      Clinchwork   - Conditioning   -
Sparring   Worth Striking Defense   - Balance   -
Boxing   - Ground n Pound   -      
Muay Thai   - Takedown Off   -      
Wrestling   - Takedown Def   -      
BJJ   - Submissions   -      
      Defensive Grap   -      
      Transitions   -      
      Escapes   -      
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MMA Record

  Opponent Method Event Date W/C Rnd Time  

Managed by Grant Brophy (93477)
L Donatello Flaminio Submission (Americana) The Island Season 4, 265 lbs, Round 1 2015-11-07 265 2 03:27 view
W Kalle Kettu KO (Punch) Solitude LVI 2015-10-30 265 1 04:06 view
W Paddy McGuiness TKO (Strikes) Solitude LIII 2015-10-23 265 1 00:58 view
L Rod Black Submission (Armbar) Solitude XLVIX 2015-10-10 265 1 04:47 view
W Donkey Kong KO (Punch) Solitude XLV 2015-09-30 265 1 01:13 view
W Paulo Lazaro KO (Punch) Solitude 39 2015-09-16 265 1 01:54 view
W Grimpen Shatterstone KO (Punch) Solitude 32 2015-08-30 265 1 03:10 view
W Bruce Honeybottom TKO (Strikes) Solitude 28 2015-08-16 265 2 00:09 view
W Sean Morely KO (Punch) Solitude 21 2015-07-24 265 1 01:16 view
W Paulo Lazaro Decision (Unanimous) Solitude 16 2015-07-08 265 5 05:00 view
W Bruce Honeybottom TKO (Strikes) Solitude 12 2015-06-24 265 2 00:05 view
W Bjorn Axiom TKO (Punches) Solitude 8 2015-06-10 265 1 03:31 view
W Bull Bullard KO (Punch) Quick Fight Championship 2015-05-30 265 1 00:16 view
W Johnny Chan TKO (Punches) Solitude 3 2015-05-23 265 1 00:43 view
W James Douglas TKO (Cut) Welcome to Solitude 2015-05-09 265 2 04:58 view

Buzz at "Masamune" Sephiroth Jenova (Logged in as )
Grant Brophy
Grant Brophy buzzed at Sephiroth Jenova

Finally able to do it after reupping my VIP, but now my fighter on #TheIsland Season 4 has officially retired to The Island. Was enjoyable to manage "Masamune" Sephiroth Jenova as he had incredible KO Power, and his heart was pretty great as well. Was proud to have him hold the Solitude title for most of the season and become a Hall of Famer in the process, but the end of the season didn't go how I wanted. But at least he can say h... (Nov 28, 2015)

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"Masamune" Sephiroth Jenova's recent buzzes
It was about time I found a man worthy of fighting me, and I am glad it was someone I actually have respect for. I am beaten for the first time, but I will return soon to claim victory once more #TheIsland #Solitude (Oct 10, 2015)
Usually I consider myself above my opponent when I see my fight offer, but this time I have to say is different. I know my manager gets along with my opponent's manager very well, and I expect this fight to be in good spirit. I will still be as ruthless as always, but I will still respect this man for taking the fight #TheIsland #Solitude (Oct 02, 2015)
Sephiroth Jenova replied to Arthur Schopenhauer's Buzz buzzed at Arthur Schopenhauer
I was surprised at what I felt when I saw the fight. It felt like empathy, but I cannot be certain. I hope you can recover and strike fear into your opponents once more (Oct 02, 2015)
My reign as the Heavyweight king continues. I am disappointed, as many people said Donkey Kong would have posed a challenge, but I didn't even need to be 100% in order to destroy him within the first round #TheIsland #Solitude (Sep 30, 2015)
Whenever I step into the #Solitude cage, I only aim for one thing - A victory. I don't aim to win with a flashy knockout, I just aim to get the job done. So when I get the job done, and the bosses feel it was the best, that brings extra satisfaction and I am happy I won the #KOOfTheNight award (Sep 16, 2015)

No training.

Recent Events

2018-05-11- Sephiroth Jenova celebrated his birthday - 38 today!
2018-02-15- Sephiroth Jenova celebrated his birthday - 37 today!
2017-11-22- Sephiroth Jenova celebrated his birthday - 36 today!
2017-08-29- Sephiroth Jenova celebrated his birthday - 35 today!
2017-06-05- Sephiroth Jenova celebrated his birthday - 34 today!
2017-03-12- Sephiroth Jenova celebrated his birthday - 33 today!
2016-12-17- Sephiroth Jenova celebrated his birthday - 32 today!
2016-09-23- Sephiroth Jenova celebrated his birthday - 31 today!
2016-06-30- Sephiroth Jenova celebrated his birthday - 30 today!
2016-04-06- Sephiroth Jenova celebrated his birthday - 29 today!

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Grant Brophy

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