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Michael "The Hurricane" Carter (287158)

Mixed Martial Arts Fighter - Michael Carter
Record 13-3-0 (W-L-D)
Wins 8 (T)KOs (61.54%)
1 Subs (7.69%)
4 Decisions (30.77%)
Losses 1 (T)KOs (33.33%)
1 Subs (33.33%)
1 Decisions (33.33%)
Next Fight None
Song Jazz Cartier - New Religion
Height 176 cm
Weight 157 lbs
Can cut to 143.4 lbs
Age 23
Hometown Toronto, ON
Country Canada
Location Montreal
Base Montreal
Manager Northern Ninjas
Bank Balance $94,076.25
Alliance   The Outsiders
Highest Rank 206
Michael has Wonderful boxing, Superb Muay Thai, Sensational wrestling and holds a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
Awards: Fight of the night: 1 ($1,000)   KO of the night: 1 ($5,000)   
Weight: 44 P4P: 305
2 Days Cuts 0 Days

Sponsored by
Voodoo Nutrition [4660]
155 lbs, Rebirth Fighting Championship 285K & 300K
Contracted to Trophies
Rebirth Fighting Championship 285K & 300K [4999]

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Fighter Bio
- Hurricane Carter AKA Hurricane Michael AKA Tha Carter AKA Lil Breezy
- Current Rebirth FC Lightweight Champion
- Former Revolution XC Featherweight Champion (2 defences)

Boxing   - Punches   - Agility   -
Muay Thai   - Kicks   - Flexbility   -
Wrestling   - Elbows   - Speed   -
BJJ   - Knees   - Strength   -
      Clinchwork   - Conditioning   -
Sparring   Worth Striking Defense   - Balance   -
Boxing   - Ground n Pound   -      
Muay Thai   - Takedown Off   -      
Wrestling   - Takedown Def   -      
BJJ   - Submissions   -      
      Defensive Grap   -      
      Transitions   -      
      Escapes   -      
Currently wearing

King of Fists
Vikai Gear

MMA Record

  Opponent Method Event Date W/C Rnd Time  
W Algernon Cadwallader TKO (Strikes) RFC 41: Brutal Beating 2017-04-22 155 1 03:45 view
L Xi Lim TKO (Cut) Revolution XC 18 2017-03-31 145 3 04:58 view
W Lamar Allen Decision (Unanimous) ICON Fight NIGHT 11 2017-02-26 145 3 05:00 view
W Pyry Kontio TKO (Strikes) Revolution XC 12 2017-01-10 145 1 02:32 view
L Arjan Kush Submission (Armbar) Revolution XC 10 2016-12-10 145 1 01:48 view
W John Lennon TKO (Strikes) Revolution XC 8 2016-11-04 145 4 03:54 view
W Pyry Kontio TKO (Strikes) ICON Fight NIGHT 4 2016-10-16 145 1 03:57 view
W Issumatar Tariaksuq Decision (Unanimous) Revolution XC 6 2016-09-30 145 5 05:00 view
W Walton Kunz TKO (Strikes) ICON Fight NIGHT 2 2016-09-16 145 1 02:33 view
L Alexander Koreshkov Decision (Unanimous) DFC 14: Koreshkov vs. Carter 2016-07-30 155 5 05:00 view
W Ryan McCarthy TKO (Strikes) DFC 11: Reid vs. Date 2016-07-09 155 2 04:34 view
W Joe Silver KO (Strikes) DFC 8: Wpierdol vs. Reid 2016-06-04 155 1 03:55 view
W Vyacheslav Kowalchuk TKO (Strikes) UGD 5:Maulovski Vs Shevchenko 2016-05-14 145 1 01:54 view
W Guy Fawkes Decision (Unanimous) UGD 2:Shevchenko Vs Beefrock 2016-04-23 145 3 05:00 view
W Getzat Downe Submission (Kimura) UPFU 9:Ronceveux Vs Sinclair 2016-04-02 145 1 01:58 view

Managed by Dr. Octagon (105245)
W Jeremiah Hill Decision (Unanimous) Primal 7 LW Rnd 2 2016-01-23 265+ 1 05:00 view

Buzz at Michael "The Hurricane" Carter (Logged in as )
Arjan Kush
Arjan Kush buzzed at Michael Carter

Hey Man, you've got a good future ahead of you. Like I've learned three times, life doesn't end after losing. you came back from your first loss and won the Championship, and you're just 21. You've got a great many years ahead of you, and I look forward to the day where we run it back again.  (Dec 11, 2016)

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Michael "The Hurricane" Carter's recent buzzes
Michael Carter replied to Arjan Kush's Buzz buzzed at Arjan Kush
Thanks man. In retrospect, I shouldnt have brought this fight to where you could beat me. I'm a confident fighter but my coaches have been trying to put the reigns on me for some. Looks like I still have some learning and training to do while I mature. Thanks for the lesson in humility (Dec 11, 2016)
Michael Carter replied to Arjan Kush's Buzz buzzed at Arjan Kush
I know what you're trying to do but pressure doesnt effect me. I am the damn pressure. I'm coming to your town and like any good hurricane, I'm coming to fuck things up. After I blow threw this division, I'm coming after that LW division and I plan on defending these titles until there's nothing left standing. Call your family, get some good insurance #RXC because I'm coming for you!! #HurricaneCarter Buzz buzzed at Arjan Kush
You're right, Issumatar has quite the chin on him. The guys face is like an old baseball glove. The difference being that I toyed with him for 5 rounds. I out struck him and I dominated on the ground. I was at your fight. You looked a little wobbly after one of his headkicks but you showed great heart in getting it to the ground. You got some good subs Arjan, but you've never been hit by #HurricaneCarter . My fists will be in your face wherever the fight goes. L... (Nov 08, 2016)
Michael Carter replied to Roco Milstown's Buzz buzzed at Roco Milstown
Thanks boss, I might have to change up my strategy a bit, so I appreciate it. This should be fun, see ya Sunday #RXC #HurricaneCarter (Oct 13, 2016)
Michael Carter buzzed at Alexander Koreshkov , Rico Cole , Aspen Springfield , Dignity!
Just saw the Dignity Fighting Championship [285k+] results and I have to tip my hat to Rico Cole . He took out Alexander Koreshkov and ended his legendary run. Koreshkov's the only blemish on my record and he's the only man to stop my teammate Aspen Springfield . #REDHOT Rico Cole's the man in my books (Oct 07, 2016)

Current Gym : True North Fight Team
Weekly Gym Fees : $ 50  
Gym Quality : Brand new  

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Recent Events

2017-04-23- Moved location to Montreal
2017-04-19- Bought VG Crown Short Blue for $100 at Vikai Gear
2017-04-16- Moved location to Hilo
2017-04-15- received Witch Doctor 160 from manager.
2017-04-05- Bought Contact before purchase or it is a gift to RoaR for $300 at RAGS of a RONIN
2017-04-01- Moved location to Montreal
2017-03-25- Moved location to Los Angeles
2017-03-17- Michael Carter celebrated his birthday - 23 today!
2017-03-15- received Witch Doctor 160 from manager.
2017-02-27- Moved location to Montreal

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