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Cobweb Cooter (311571)

Mixed Martial Arts Fighter - Cobweb Cooter
Record 5-1-0 (W-L-D)
Wins 4 (T)KOs (80.00%)
0 Subs (0.00%)
1 Decisions (20.00%)
Losses 0 (T)KOs (0.00%)
0 Subs (0.00%)
1 Decisions (100.00%)
Next Fight None
Song Porch Honky
Height 169 cm
Weight 158 lbs
Can cut to 143.4 lbs
Age 24
Hometown Bugtussle
Country United States
Location Amsterdam
Base Las Vegas
Manager Pentti Pentele
Bank Balance $16,006.60
Alliance   FinnFighters
Highest Rank 1441 MMA
Cobweb has Wonderful boxing, Proficient Muay Thai, Wonderful wrestling and holds a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
Awards: Fight of the night: 2 ($5,000)   KO of the night: 1 ($2,000)   
Weight: 252 P4P: 2301
0 Days Cuts 0 Days

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Contracted to Trophies
Cage Colosseum Fighting(310k & 320k ID Res) [5367]

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Fighter Bio
A white trash hillbilly from Bugtussle with below-average intelligence hes never made enough money to even buy a pair of underwear. A social outcast and an easy scapegoat. Despite more than 16 alibi witnesses, and a raft of evidence suggesting he could not have been a murderer, Cooter was found guilty and sentenced to 52 years in jail. DNA evidence later proves him innocent. Now he spends his time in the world of MMA to release some of the pain caused him and forget the grave injustice done.

Boxing   - Punches   - Agility   -
Muay Thai   - Kicks   - Flexbility   -
Wrestling   - Elbows   - Speed   -
BJJ   - Knees   - Strength   -
      Clinchwork   - Conditioning   -
Sparring   Worth Striking Defense   - Balance   -
Boxing   - Ground n Pound   -      
Muay Thai   - Takedown Off   -      
Wrestling   - Takedown Def   -      
BJJ   - Submissions   -      
      Defensive Grap   -      
      Transitions   -      
      Escapes   -      
Currently wearing


MMA Record

  Opponent Method Event Date W/C Rnd Time  
L Kendo Hirigushi Decision (Unanimous) CCF FN 28:Hirigushi vs Cooter 2018-07-14 155 5 05:00 view
W Raymond Donde Decision (Unanimous) CCF FN 23:Grill vs Zoid 2018-06-02 155 3 05:00 view
W Ray Bailey TKO (Strikes) CCF FN 20: vs Butler vs Miller 2018-05-13 155 1 01:21 view
W Rio Brazil TKO (Strikes) CCF FN 17:Overflow vs Araujo 2018-04-21 155 3 00:05 view

Managed by Freddie Little (107046)
W Adrian Ivanov KO (Strikes) KFC 37: San Diego vs Ji Woo 2017-10-07 155 1 04:57 view
W Fitz Hall KO (Punches) KFC 29: Leary vs Mumba II 2017-08-05 155 2 03:13 view

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Looking to test my skills in LA's QFC. Win loose or draw Id like to know where I stand in this sport. Jump on in, lets giver a go! (Mar 14, 2017)

Current Gym : Malmi Aitta
Weekly Gym Fees : $ 1000  
Gym Quality : Brand new  

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Recent Events

2018-07-14- Moved location to Amsterdam
2018-07-07- Cobweb Cooter celebrated his birthday - 24 today!
2018-07-04- received FinnFighter Energy Q160 from manager.
2018-06-03- Moved location to Las Vegas
2018-05-30- Moved location to Rio de Janeiro
2018-05-22- received FinnFighter Energy Q160 from manager.
2018-05-16- Moved location to Las Vegas
2018-05-13- Moved location to St Petersburg
2018-04-22- Moved location to Las Vegas
2018-04-18- Moved location to London

Previous Managers

Freddie Little

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