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Historic MMA Record

Record   153-199-2 (2 NCs)
Wins   94 (T)KOs (61.44%)
    22 Subs (14.38%)
    37 Decisions (24.18%)
Losses   96 (T)KOs (48.24%)
    65 Subs (32.66%)
    38 Decisions (19.10%)
Current 0-0-0 (0 NCs)
TWGC 1 - 6
  Los Angeles
United States United States (P:13)
Los Angeles
Month Rank
Best Rank
Opp Rank
  3980 of 31633 (12.58%)
3890 (-90 drop)
926 average
Div 7. League 256 (P: 38)
Top Fighter  
Fighters   0
Bank   $781.59
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2019-07-13 19:28:16
Joined (y/m/d):
2014-07-06 05:27:48
Username: KevoLaceUP
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Last 20 MMA & Kickboxing Fights (View all Fights)
  My Fighter Opponent Method Event Date Rnd Time
   L Suicide Bunny Mister Gibbs Submission (Armbar) RFLFN-10 Destroyer vs. Kondo 2019-01-16 1 02:44
   L Kev Wooten Khalamedov Nurmagabeeb TKO (Strikes) EFC Blaze vs Kishimoto 2019-01-12 3 03:58
   W Suicide Bunny Ryouta Sato Decision (Unanimous) RFL-54 2018-12-01 3 05:00
   L Cj McGregor Long Thai TKO (Head Kick) S02:E07 5th Place Play-Off 2018-11-18 1 03:28
   L Suicide Bunny Royce Reyes Submission (Kimura) RFL-49 2018-10-27 1 04:42
   W Kev Wooten Andrew Ryan TKO (Strikes) Quick Fight Championship 2018-10-17 2 03:13
   W Cj McGregor Keven Spacey KO (Punch) Quick Fight Championship 2018-10-16 1 00:17
   L Suicide Bunny Jhin Markell Submission (Kimura) RFL 44.5 Silva Jr vs Granger ... 2018-09-26 1 01:57
   W Suicide Bunny Meatball Destroyer Decision (Split) RISE 41: Venice Beach Massacr... 2018-08-11 3 05:00
   L Kev Wooten Pinchi Puto TKO (Strikes) PFC 54 Com vs Stone* 2018-07-28 1 00:05
   L Chris Snoky Mosi Kondo TKO (Punches) SyFi 81 2018-07-27 1 01:12
   L Suicide Bunny Boris Boulder Submission (Armbar) RISE 37 2018-07-14 1 01:58
   L Cj McGregor William Fidnhasieunch Submission (Strikes) TGC Crucible 25 2018-07-11 1 04:32
   L Chris Snoky Mike Johnson Submission (Triangle Choke) SyFi 74 2018-07-08 3 01:54
   L Kev Wooten Pekko Wannanen TKO (Strikes) PFC 48 Brophy vs Gaetz 2018-06-23 2 00:43
   L Suicide Bunny Hungarian Hotdog KO (Punch) NJMMA Friday Night Fights 7 2018-06-22 2 00:49
   W Chris Snoky Sagat Shanti Decision (Unanimous) SyFi 64 2018-06-16 3 05:00
   L Cj Morrison Sam Sung Submission (RNC) SyFi 61 2018-06-09 1 01:57
   W Suicide Bunny Ramiro Lezama TKO (Strikes) NJMMA Friday Night Fights 5 2018-06-08 1 04:19
   W Cj McGregor Chris White TKO (Strikes) IFC MW 29 Murhaa V Heavyweigh... 2018-05-30 2 00:28
Last 20 TWGC Fights
  My Fighter Opponent Method Event Date Rnd Time
   L Trofim Tatarinov Alexander Schultz Submission (Armbar) TWGC 15 (265+lbs, D3): New Yo... 2017-03-04 1 01:27
   L Luke Lukas Rafal Jackiewicz Decision TWGC 15 (155lbs, D3): Tokyo Q... 2017-03-04 1 15:16
   L Kevin Wooten Marus Ray Submission (Guillotine) TWGC 14 (170lbs, D3): Las Veg... 2016-12-21 1 02:55
   L Phallos Eugene Daniel Hill Submission (Armbar) TWGC 12 (145lbs, D4): Tokyo Q... 2016-07-15 1 12:58
   L Jack Johnson Unveil Loveladdy Submission (Armbar) TWGC 12 (145lbs, D3): Las Veg... 2016-07-14 1 02:59
   W Phallos Eugene Bernardo Bernardo Submission (RNC) TWGC 12 (145lbs, D4): Tokyo Q... 2016-07-14 1 00:31
   L Sam Crow David Morrison Submission (Kneebar) TWGC 5 (145lbs, D3): Montreal... 2014-12-25 1 00:49
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Wins (T)KOs (0.00%)
Subs (0.00%)
Decisions (0.00%)
Losses (T)KOs (0.00%)
Subs (0.00%)
Decisions (0.00%)
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Buzz at Mr. Manager (Logged in as )
Grant Brophy
Grant Brophy buzzed at Mr. Manager (Oct 09, 2017)

To be fair, tagline of the game is "Be the ultimate Keyboard Warrior"

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Mr. Manager's recent buzzes
Someone tell grumpy bastard to stop being a pussy and take me off his block list. He wanted to talk shit but couldn’t take it when he found out he was in the wrong. Fucking pussy who the fuck uses a block list. (Oct 11, 2017)
I would like to take this time to personally apologize to everyone who was on the united roster, unfortunately this game is plagued with new managers daily who end up never coming back after a day or two, for whatever reason. But inactivity really does kill the fun in this game, or sacking your fighter after 1 fight and not letting the manager know. I know must people who play this game don't give a fuck simply, but for the people who are VIP who've been playing for years and years, (Aug 09, 2017)
Looking for any fighter that needs a contract. 310k+ would love to start doing tournaments as soon as the divisions are filled up. Each tournament winner will receive 10k cash, and the vacant title of that division. #United #UFC (Jul 18, 2017)
Mr. Manager replied Aidan O'Neil's Buzz buzzed at Aidan O'Neil
You were losing the fight on the feet and you took the easy way out. It's all good that you're a pussy though. (Sep 07, 2016)
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