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Mixed Martial Arts Management - Oliver Glanville
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Historic 74-67-2 (0 NCs)
Canada Canada (P:24)
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  3499 of 19549 (17.90%)
3312 (-187 drop)
391 average
Div 7. League 266 (P: 5)
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Bank   $1,205,176.36
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We the Nation MMA Domination!!!
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2016-07-22 20:06:21
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2015-01-24 05:21:43
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Last 20 MMA & Kickboxing Fights (View all Fights)
  My Fighter Opponent Method Event Date Rnd Time
   W Stone Flail Dragan Horwat KO (Strikes) Infinity: Tortured Souls 2016-06-12 1 04:22
   W Frank Mir Diego Brandao Submission (Triangle) COLD BLOODED 2016-05-29 2 00:46
   L Martin Glass Dean Sutherland Decision (Unanimous) Causing Havoc 65 2016-05-21 3 05:00
   L Tito Griffin Conrad Mcgillicutty TKO (Strikes) KOTB 45: Metralhadora! 2016-05-14 1 01:11
   W Kamerun Diaz Emre Hussain Submission (Triangle) HFC 37:Bronson vs Hussain 2016-05-13 1 00:35
   L Alfonso Grabonzo Brazilian Army KO (Punch) BRFC 33 2016-04-30 1 03:47
   W Stone Flail Bernz Gilas TKO (Strikes) Infinity: LHW Title Final 2016-04-20 1 03:58
   L Jaakko Savolainen Eric Skinner Decision (Unanimous) Death Squad 297:Cropp v Berti 2016-04-16 3 05:00
   W Alfonso Grabonzo Fullmetal Spike Submission (Triangle) BRFC 30 2016-04-09 1 04:35
   L Mike Jones Norman Nipplestein TKO (Strikes) Havoc Midweek Madness 7 2016-03-30 2 03:40
   L Cannondale Trail Bunny Anstey KO (Head Kick) MFN 300: Burns vs. Mangrove J... 2016-03-27 3 04:57
   L Terrance Glanville Oleg Nemkov Submission (Armbar) HFC 28:Tripplet vs Will Weste... 2016-03-26 2 04:58
   L Jaakko Savolainen Harald Hillgrund Decision (Unanimous) Death Squad 290:Floyd v Cropp 2016-03-26 3 05:00
   W Tito Griffin Slavko Pakula TKO (Strikes) KOTB 37: Cerveja 2016-03-19 1 00:48
   W Terrance Glanville Adlet Mayer Submission (Strikes) HFC 25:Mayflower vs Zorrander 2016-03-12 1 01:34
   L Jaakko Savolainen Gray Vick Submission (RNC) Death Squad 284:Kostas v Vic 2016-03-05 1 02:59
   W Stone Flail Ondrej Rigo TKO (Strikes) Infinity: Imperium 2016-03-05 4 03:33
   W Martin Glass Anders Annorlunda Submission (Armbar) Havoc Midweek Madness 4 2016-03-02 2 01:56
   W Kamerun Diaz Ahsan Hamed Submission (Kneebar) HFC 22:Bronson vs Hamed 2016-02-27 1 00:50
   D Cannondale Trail Kaladin Darkeyes Draw MFN 292: Bulletproof 2016-02-24 3 05:00
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Buzz at Oliver Glanville (Logged in as )
Kniges .
Kniges . buzzed at Oliver Glanville (Sep 11, 2015)

Tito Griffin first step towards the championship belt! The Warrior on top

view conversation »
Oliver Glanville's recent buzzes
Oliver Glanville buzzed at Dragomir Turgulan
Respect the new champ that's how it works!!! If you won i would have told you good job you were the better man i'll always have upper hand i'm that guy you didn't want to challenge i know shit evan you don't bout your fighter with his fucking tongue out witch garantees a win why you think im 7-0 just watch my next fight and see 1st round win and quick the rest is my little secret that very few know knowledge is the key in this game not your mouth (Jan 22, 2016)
Oliver Glanville buzzed at Dragomir Turgulan
Dude you talk too much and you should show me respect yeah your the king cool but im the fucking champ 7-0 not 5-1 when your ready we'll go again not worried i dont have flaws just wins next time dont make bum ass comments like your rousey one cause cleary i holly holmed your ass in this one take care of yourself till next time when i mcgregor you peace out i was good until you talked smack buddy bye now (Jan 22, 2016)
Oliver Glanville buzzed at Dragomir Turgulan
Hey buddy next time maybe ill allow you to hold and take a picture with my championship belt oh wait you're arm must still hurt from that AMAZING armbar i gave ya too bad #teambronson #champion #kings #canthangwitus (Jan 21, 2016)
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