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Baxter Garrison (108846) - Manager

Mixed Martial Arts Management - Baxter Garrison
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Historic MMA Record

Record   135-142-2 (0 NCs)
Wins   36 (T)KOs (26.67%)
    64 Subs (47.41%)
    35 Decisions (25.93%)
Losses   72 (T)KOs (50.70%)
    35 Subs (24.65%)
    35 Decisions (24.65%)
Current 0-0-0 (0 NCs)
TWGC 0 - 1
South Africa South Africa (P:55)
Month Rank
Best Rank
Opp Rank
  921 of 29597 (3.11%)
826 (-95 drop)
NA (not enough fights)
Div 7. League 77 (P: 1)
Top Fighter  
Fighters   0
Bank   $3,096.13
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Last login GMT (y/m/d):
2019-08-29 12:15:12
Joined (y/m/d):
2019-08-22 00:31:40
Username: T.Barnes
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Buzz at Baxter Garrison (Logged in as )
replied Deacon Frost 's Buzz buzzed at Baxter Garrison (Mar 23, 2019)

Damn, Otto. You're one of the laziest fighters I've ever seen. The Philosopher already tried to give you a permanent break (ie. CUT) and now you already want another one? You're lucky Tyrone Barnes couldn't tell a good fighter from a bad one if the next GSP fucked him up the butt. I assume that's why he hangs out at all those Quebec nightclubs? #Gay

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Who wants to do 500k for 3 months of VIP time? Mine is running out! (May 06, 2019)
Baxter Garrison rebuzzed Duane McSweeney's buzz
Duane McSweeney
Looking for a sponsorship or two, just to make my career right! #McSweeney (Mar 01, 2019)
Baxter Garrison rebuzzed Deacon Frost 's buzz
Deacon Frost
Sponsor=Done.... Now I am just currently looking for a contract! #SignMe #ReadyToFight (Feb 27, 2019)
Baxter Garrison rebuzzed Deacon Frost 's buzz
Deacon Frost
Looking for a contract and Sponsors to get my career going again! (Feb 26, 2019)
Baxter Garrison buzzed at Matt Wispe
@124077 (Feb 10, 2019)
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