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Rory Daly (64907) - Manager

Mixed Martial Arts Management - Rory Daly
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Historic MMA Record

Record   327-301-9 (2 NCs)
Wins   153 (T)KOs (46.79%)
    102 Subs (31.19%)
    72 Decisions (22.02%)
Losses   153 (T)KOs (50.83%)
    72 Subs (23.92%)
    76 Decisions (25.25%)
Current 0-0-0 (0 NCs)
United Kingdom United Kingdom (P:5)
Month Rank
Best Rank
Opp Rank
  13508 of 29018 (46.55%)
13447 (-61 drop)
NA (not enough fights)
Div 6. League 34 (P: 7)
Top Fighter  
Fighters   0
Bank   $8,512.00
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Last login GMT (y/m/d):
2019-05-14 00:00:00
Joined (y/m/d):
2019-05-14 05:09:28
Username: RozzaD
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Buzz at Rory Daly (Logged in as )
Mickey Hart
Mickey Hart replied Rory Daly's Buzz buzzed at Rory Daly (Jul 24, 2017)

a dark day bro in mma tycoon history .I had a few chances at stopping it but blew it .He picked up some monsters form the free agent list

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Rory Daly's recent buzzes
Rory Daly replied Grant Brophy's Buzz buzzed at Grant Brophy
Never heard of the guy. Must've been a huge can. :( (Jul 24, 2017)
Rory Daly buzzed at Grant Brophy
Goatslington Gymnasium is lit right now, Camp Daly is back in town and ready to beat some scrubs up... Speaking of scrubs, where is Grant Bro - what the fuck!? How did all you Cans let that kid reach #1? Grant Brophy (Jul 24, 2017)
UFC Camp League due to start right at the beginning of 2016! Get involved if you think you can handle it: Click here (Dec 23, 2015)
Rory Daly replied Robert Baratheon's Buzz buzzed at Robert Baratheon
Oh hi there. I must admit I've been busy with GONY and generally living the legendary life that i live lately. This embarrassing loss has re-sparked my desire to be one of the best in the business again. #ReturnOfTheKing #EatADick (Nov 01, 2015)
Looking forward to see all the gang names and logo designs for #GONY3 The dates have been set as well, fighter creation in two days! (Oct 19, 2015)
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