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  GAMMA: February 2018 recap part 1
February 2018 recap part 1

By Alika Webb

UGD 98:Man Vs Keenan – 2 February

155 superfight - Fook Man (Underground) Vs Gareth Keenan (GAMMA)

Slough’s pride and joy is on a warpath and with global domination in sight there is no stopping Gareth Keenan. Still, Japanese warrior Fook "Mi" Man was willing to give it a shot. What followed was a tit for tat technica ...[cont]

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  Main and Co-Main Event Previews
CEC 569
Co-Main Event
265lbs Title : Jean Paul Garcon vs DJ Maximus

Garcon comes into this fight on a 5 fight win streak and is hoping to defend his heavyweight title for a third successive time. This is actually his third stint as the champion and his longest run thus far. His first time around he managed a single defence before losing it to Timur Rubin. Second time he was defeated in his first defence of the belt, again to Rubin. This time it is looking brighter. F ...[cont]

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  GAMMA: Throwback Jeremy Tonal
With the excuse of having Saul Goodman hit the #1 spot in the game recently, lets go back into time (way back into time when some of you guys were probably not born) when our first fighter hit #1

Thowback Jeremy Tonal:

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  A Clean Slate
Hi too all fighters and managers we have a had a pretty decent run has an open ID org but we are going to be capping the ID limit in all divisions the fighters we have now that don't meet the new ID limit will be allowed to leave this will include our current champions like Marco Ferreira and Danny White but these champions will go down as pioneers in our orgs history we will be capping the new limit at 320k it will take some time to fill up the roster again but the future will be bright for the ...[cont]

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  GAMMA: Saul Goodman #1
A lot has been happening to David Brent in the past few weeks. Recently he was announced #1 manager in the game, last week he was also inducted to the GAMMA Hall Of Fame and held onto the #1 spot as a manager.

One thing he has never done though was have a #1 ranking fighter...............that is now in the past since Saul "Slip The Jab" Goodman (271572) won his super fight to move into #1 and get inducted to the HOF! He was robbed from the title of best 185 fighter and best upcomi ...[cont]

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  Pulse 280k+ news
Our rosters are currently full in all of our active divisions excep the 135lb. division, we are not going to be signing new fighters to the org unless they are within the top 750 p4p ranking and those who are will still be decided on a case to case basis. We have overhauled each division in Pulse and also opened the 135 division since I took over as owner and I owe everything to not only my staff and co-owner Randall McSweeny but also to each and every manager who has worked with us and currentl ...[cont]

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  GAMMA: David Brent HOF Induction
David is a true GAMMA legend, he is a multiple time #1 ranked manager and 2017 Manager of the year. In total he has a 46-14-2 record in GAMMA, with a total of 62 fights making him one of the most successful winning % wise manager in our history and most certainly the most successful in the modern era.

From his 62 fights, 34 of them were either super fights or title fights. This is the highest among managers with over 50 fights and 4th highest all time among HOF managers.
< ...[cont]

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  Peterhof FAIR FIGHT Standards
the Peterhof INTERNAL age restriction rule is 3000 creation points max difference. This is the tightest age restriction offered in the game except for 325k or newer orgs which are still inside a 5000k window....Nobody else uses this tight of a standard. Age of creation is also computed for fairness.
So if u sign with a 322k org because Peterhof is a 310k org....u messed up! Check it out... Considering the current creation number is (329314)
thats a difference of 7314 that u are ...[cont]

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  TGC GOAT Rankings 20180204
1) Dulles Bush
2) Rustam Shakhbulatov
3) James Lang
4) Bobby Wangler
5) Pierre Joseph Proudhon
6) Frank Crane
7) William Fidnhaseiunch
8) Rudolph Kleinschmidt
9) Angelo San Diego
10) Dewey Nobrainer

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Next 20 events (non QFC)
ABW 107 Mumba - Uzo - 20 Feb 18 - Helsinki
TWGC 20 (145lbs, D1): Finals - Round 1 - 20 Feb 18 - London
TWGC 20 (145lbs, D2): Finals - Round 1 - 20 Feb 18 - London
TWGC 20 (145lbs, D3): Finals - Round 1 - 20 Feb 18 - London
TWGC 20 (145lbs, D4): Finals - Round 1 - 20 Feb 18 - London
TWGC 20 (185lbs, D1): Finals - Round 1 - 20 Feb 18 - London
TWGC 20 (185lbs, D2): Finals - Round 1 - 20 Feb 18 - London
TWGC 20 (185lbs, D3): Finals - Round 1 - 20 Feb 18 - London
TWGC 20 (185lbs, D4): Finals - Round 1 - 20 Feb 18 - London
QFC Tournament 831 Round 4 - 20 Feb 18 - Tokyo
QFC Tournament 832 Round 1 - 20 Feb 18 - Rio de Janeiro
IFC Mid Week 16 - 21 Feb 18 - Los Angeles
NJMMA #41: Bullet v Shushkev - 21 Feb 18 - New York
TGC Crucible 8 - 21 Feb 18 - Las Vegas
MMMA 64 Teodor vs Bestarsson - 21 Feb 18 - Helsinki
EFA 28 Gigantus vs Winter - 21 Feb 18 - Helsinki
PFF 21w Gagnon vs Pinkman - 21 Feb 18 - St Petersburg
CEC 570 - 21 Feb 18 - Los Angeles
Kickboxing Event Dynasty Fight Night 30 - 21 Feb 18 - Tokyo
GC 192 - 21 Feb 18 - Las Vegas
AnC: Annihilator 1 - 21 Feb 18 - Las Vegas
Smaller fight org news
RISE Official Rankings (02/19/18)
RISE Fight League Rankings
(Based off of Hype/Pop and Record/Performances)

Please let me know if you spot anything that is incorrect and needs changing. Thank you! :)

Champ - N/A
1.Tim Slater(3-0) -
2.Alessio Bianchi(2-1) -
3.Charles Kenway(3-0) ↑
4.Echart Tolle(2-1) ↓
5.Jazz Clementine(2-1) ↓

Champ - Randy Kelly(7-0)
1.Xavier Merlin(3-0) -
2.Niudu Kakka(2- ...[cont]

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Rankings 19/02/2018
Rankings are based on hype/popularity and performance in the org.

135lb – Champion:
1.Chad Stronghold (6-3-0)
2.Jake Haden (1-0-0)
3.Elijah Elizondo (1-2-0)
4.Kenny Spencer (1-6-0)

145lb – Champion:
1.Tyrian Lanaster (1-0-0)
2.James Howlett (2-0-0)
3.AJ Daniels (1-3-0)
4.Leveon Bell (2-1-0)
5.Anroid Two (0-2-0)

155lb – Champion:
1.Caniel Dormier (5-0-0)
2.Eric Van Der Woodse ...[cont]

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SyFi - Weekend Recap
A big weekend of fights concluded late Night Monday in Sydney, 4 fight cards, 3 including direct title fight implications let's summarize the action day by day.

Friday saw the smaller weight classes in Action, and at 135 Marcelo Barbosa qualified for the title fight, and at 145 Hodi Gardanbit qualified with his 2nd win, both will have to wait another weekend to find out their opponents.

Fight of the night: Jonathan Green vs DaQuan Zachary
KO of the night: Der ...[cont]

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Every weekend we will host a main event, every two weeks we will host a midweek contender event for younger and newer fighters in our main weight classes. In the off weeks we will host our Annihilator series, featuring young (18-21YO) heavyweight and super heavyweight fighters with 330k ID's on Friday evenings before our main event.

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Open for business. If you want a contract you can contact me or Big Larry(116723)

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A little information about us
Our event structure:

1 event per week (for now)
MMA Rules (unless stated otherwise)
Whole Fight Scoring (to reduce draws)
Standard bouts = 2x10 min. rounds
Title bouts = 3x10 min. rounds


Written previews for each event
Unique posters and promotional items
A ranking system, updated every monday
Special events / tournaments in the future


135, ...[cont]

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SyFi 13 - Preview

February 18th, 2018 - The Underground - Sydney

This card brings many very close fights to the octagon and should have many fights that go down to the wire. With the title fights getting ever closer to happening each fight wants to try and earn his position on the rankings that come out. Due to this I asked Lineman exactly what he plans to do with those rankings so that fighters know exactly how much they need to prove in order to make their way ont ...[cont]

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RISE 15 Preview
RISE 15 - Alison vs Benson Preview

By: Virgilio Caylao


Main Event:
Alison Vs Benson

RISE Heavyweight Champion (#4 P4P): Benny ”Greatest” Alison and #1 Heavyweight (#5 P4P): Bennie “Double B” Benson both became (2-0) since their debut in RISE, with Alison becoming the first heavyweight champ for the organization since it’s founding. Alison came to RISE with an impressive (3-0) overall before sign ...[cont]

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SyFi 12 - Preview
Sydney Fights

SyFi 12 - Preview

February 17th , 2018 - The Underground - Sydney

We are creeping closer and closer to the day when our first champions are crowned here in the SFC, but just because this night doesn't have a title fight doesn't mean it won't have an impact on the overall makeup of the organization. We have many fighters struggling to find their way within the organization and show that they have what it ...[cont]

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SyFi - Title Picture and Weekend ahead
Sydney Fights a look into the title Race

To me the most important and one of the break or make criterias in an Org is the way titles are handed out and defended.
At Sydney Fights, we want to keep that very transperent, but instead of doing a tournament to crown champions everyone entered the Tournament by signing at Sydney Fights. The rules for qualifying for a title fight in the beginning is pretty simple, be the first to win 2 fights in Sydney Fights. However, as more f ...[cont]

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Newest events announced (non QFC)
RISE 20 - - 17 Mar 18 - Los Angeles
Torca Fight Night III - 17 Mar 18 - Las Vegas
KING Tourney Rd 1 - 24 Mar 18 - Las Vegas
WCI 9 - 10 Mar 18 - Helsinki
AnC 6 - 24 Mar 18 - Tokyo
AnC 5 - 17 Mar 18 - Las Vegas
AnC 4 - 10 Mar 18 - Las Vegas
AnC 3: Rue, Britannia! - 03 Mar 18 - London
SyFi 24 - 16 Mar 18 - Sydney
Be humble ya Beach - 10 Mar 18 - The Island
Wrecking Havoc 3 - 04 Mar 18 - The Island
Wrecking Havoc 2 - 25 Feb 18 - The Island
Prize Fighter Season 1 e4 - 04 Mar 18 - New York
CEFC 280 - 17 Mar 18 - Montreal
IXF 6 - 03 Mar 18 - The Island
BFF 2: -TBA- vs. -TBD- - 17 Mar 18 - Tokyo
WeinSyd 3 - 14 Mar 18 - Sydney
SyFi 23 - 11 Mar 18 - Sydney
SyFi 22 - 10 Mar 18 - Sydney
SyFi 21 - 09 Mar 18 - Sydney
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Stephens vs Emmett Bets are Up!
Come get your bets in!
Just Opened
Will increase coaches as we get new fighters. I have plenty of funds for the support. This gym will be built for minimal profit, I am really just trying to get free training for my fighters.

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New Gym
I've started a new gym in hope of giving affordable and quality training to fighters out there.

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Laundry Sale
Laundry on sale here at Kaiser Nutrition must be bought in bulk if you purchase 10 here and 10 there we will not refund you so buy in bulk eg 100 or 200 items bought this is cause we pay the fees for money transfers to manager accounts.

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New Knockdown designs
Two new T-shirts added in our store.

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KAGED granted gaming license in New York
Manhattan, NY., Feb. 17, 2018 — Ali Pharaoh, CEO of KAGED Fight Gear, announced today that his investment group have been granted a gaming license by the New York state gaming board, allowing the Brooklyn-based businessman to enter the world of sports gambling.

“We at KAGED Investments are extremely excited to announce our latest venture: Sportsbook NYC,” said Pharaoh. “Nevada bettors waged 3.2 BILLION dollars in their state’s casinos last year, so why not bring that kind of reven ...[cont]
New Equipment purchased.
Equipment condition moved from Brand New to Excellent, so I have replaced for all of your benefits.

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New Grappling Coach
Please welcome Jerry Sloan our new Grappling coach. Chuck Daly's has been slightly altered to allow for this, so please check!

His schedule has been assigned as;
Ground and Pound
Defensive Grappling
Sub Offense
Sat: Escapes and Sub Offense

Chuck Daly has been changed to;
Defensive Grappling
Sub Offense
Ground and Pound
Sat: Sub Offense and Defe ...[cont]

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New Fitness Coach
Please welcome Erik Spoelstra as our new fitness coach, he will handle Agility and Balance every day. Steve Kerr has now been assigned to General and Speed training every day.

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Cerrone vs Meirdos Bets Ending Soon!
Check out the link below and bet!
Training changes
A few of the General Circuit Training sessions have been changed to agility or balance. Please check your sessions and adjust accordingly. Thanks!

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KAGED lands sponsorship deal with GAMMA welterweight champion Volkov
New York, Feb. 17, 2018 — KAGED, the newly-formed northeastern apparel company, today announced a sponsorship agreement with the number two ranked welterweight in the world, Ilya Mstislav Volkov.

The sponsorship begins immediately, and will also include Volkov’s highly-anticipated title defense versus longtime rival, Lao Shin, on February 24 at the historic 93,000 seat Memorial Colossuseum in Los Angeles.

“It’s a honor and an privilege to have the opportunity to sp ...[cont]

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Today's redhot bet on Kimbo Slice vs. Kajun Puno
Today's redhot bet is on Kimbo Slice vs.Kajun Puno
Elite Wrestling Coach & Elite Boxing Coach Arrive, Coach Scheduling Change
Please welcome our two newest coaching additions, Kendrick Roberts (Elite Fitness) and Arlie Campos (Elite Boxing). The Elite Boxing Coach will teach exclusively Punches. The Elite Fitness Coach will be doing both General Circuit Training as well as the additional Speed, Agility and Balance.

Please note that due to the above acquisitions, our double Elite MT/Box Coach Kent Rice has been re-sc ...[cont]

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Most recent events
RISE 15 - Alison vs Benson - 19 Feb - Los Angeles
SyFi 14 - 19 Feb - Sydney
GC 191 - 18 Feb - Las Vegas
Torcida 8 - Payne Vs Seshomaru - 18 Feb - Las Vegas
MMMA Fright Night vol 1 - 18 Feb - Las Vegas
Kickboxing EventDARE KT SERIES 7 - 18 Feb - Las Vegas
NYFN Legends Tournament r. 8 - 18 Feb - New York
EFA 27 Gomi vs Zimmerman - 18 Feb - New York
Bumfights 7: SkidRow Spectacle - 18 Feb - Montreal
AFC Fight Night 14 - 18 Feb - Rio de Janeiro
IXF 3 - 18 Feb - The Island
Wrecking Havoc 1 - 18 Feb - The Island
KFC: Farewell 310k - 18 Feb - London
Kickboxing EventDynasty D-L Fight Night 5 - 18 Feb - Tokyo
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