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News from the top 20 fight organizations
  AD440: Redskins#21 Preview
AD440: Redskins#21 Event Preview (Write by Matej Rogina (118002))
Another AD event is front of us. This event is happening in the Montreal Sports Complex(13,000) in Montreal,Canada. AD is one of the best MMA organizations in the world. Some of the biggest stars of this sport are fighting in this organization. In this event will be 10 fights all in welterweight division. There will be 5 fights in main card and 5 in preliminary card.

Main event: Sud Saming(24-10) vs Repe Sors ...[cont]

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  GAMMA: April 2017 recap part 1 By Alika Webb
Spring is in effect and the Easter Bunny brought us Easter eggs aplenty so let us rejoice in the festivities as GAMMA keeps the good times rolling with another fresh batch of amazing fights!

GAMMA#623 Bryant v Rutten April 1

135 title and superfight! - Underestimated Dillashaw Junior (GAMMA) Vs Sean Tallon (EVO)

Bow to the king as true MMATycoon royalty graced us ...[cont]

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  Ranked 10th Globally!
As a result of Bushido 49's great success, we managed to break into the top 10 ranked orgs globally!

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  Syn Supernova Event Preview
Event Preview prepared by Dag Pruego

Welcome to the marque event of the evening and in all of MMA! Synchronicity has always been to give quality events year and year out over the years, and Supernova VII will be no different. Known to have the brightest budding stars duking it out or the veterans settling their rivalries over title matches, to be on this stage is a great honor for every fighter within the organization. There will be five fights on the main card with five fights o ...[cont]

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  AD Rankings 19.4.17.
1 - Predator Burns
2 - Viktor Krum
3 - Nathan Silver
4 - Carl Jamison
5 - Ein Stein

Champion: Liam Kelley (3 Defences Made)
1 - Calvin King
2 - Carlo Alvarez
3 - Sud Saming
4 - Zane Mason
5 - Stephen Griffiths

Champion: Miguel Camacho (Yet To Defend)
1 - Pat Garret
2 - Clinton Hessler
3 - Alex Asztalos

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  Aspire MMA 280k+ : Rankings Update 17/04/2017
About us:
Aspire MMA's goal is to bring competitive match up's focusing on WC/P4P bouts that make common sense, we will never offer you a fight that we ourselves would not take, when you decline a fight we will explain our reasons for the match-up and seek to find the most suitable alternative possible, we want to work with our managers to provide the most fair and straight talking, up-front organisation possible for our fighters. If you are looking to be part of an organisation that valu ...[cont]

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  GAMMA: Top managers by profile fights
As i had mentioned earlier, we will be updating various categories related to the best managers in GAMMA history. This week i want to announce the best managers based upon "profile fights". These are either title fights or fights between top level fighters of GAMMA and other organisations (combined). Here are the top!

NOTE: Minimum of 20 Fights

Gale Hawthorne (22636) 89
Whymer Van Mastodon (40116) 73
Mr Gutz (3074) 59
Face Kicker (2965) 36

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  Aspire MMA 280k+ : Rankings Update 02/04/2017
About us:
Aspire MMA's goal is to bring competitive match up's focusing on WC/P4P bouts that make common sense, we will never offer you a fight that we ourselves would not take, when you decline a fight we will explain our reasons for the match-up and seek to find the most suitable alternative possible, we want to work with our managers to provide the most fair and straight talking, up-front organisation possible for our fighters. If you are looking to be part of an organisation that valu ...[cont]

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  GAMMA#626 Wolek v Donowitz - key points to victory By Alika Webb
In a featherweight collision for the ages, the best featherweight fighters on the planet are set to face off on the biggest platform they could hope for as the Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts proudly presents GAMMA#626 Wolek v Donowitz! My name is Alika Webb and I am here to analyze the historic main event between the number one and number two featherweight fighters on the planet as they will put it all on the line for a chance to solidify themselves as the best featherweight fighter of ...[cont]

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  GAMMA: March 2017 recap part 2 By Alika Webb
We promised our fans a second part of the march recap and here you have it folks. Does the sequel match up with the original? Can the sequel live up to the hype or does the attempt to revisit the original formula of success turn a smile upside down?

Syn 513 Belliveau vs Rutherford March 17

185 Superfight - Steven Rutherford (SYN) Vs Steve Belliveau (GAMMA)

Gamma middleweight champion St ...[cont]

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Next 20 events (non QFC)
Kickboxing Event Gladiators KT Semi Finals - 27 Apr 17 - New York
Kickboxing Event Young Lions: Cheese v Esch - 28 Apr 17 - Las Vegas
FFA 17: Studge vs Waves - 28 Apr 17 - New York
CEFC Live 34 - 28 Apr 17 - Montreal
Syn 522 - Melee - 28 Apr 17 - Los Angeles
DFC 40: Milanesi v Slaughter 2 - 28 Apr 17 - Sydney
CCR 80 - 28 Apr 17 - Rio de Janeiro
RFL 021 Aperitif - 28 Apr 17 - Rio de Janeiro
GAMMA#630 Belliveau v Rokicki - 29 Apr 17 - Los Angeles
GAMMA#631 Gunnar v Torres 3 - 29 Apr 17 - London
USFC 153 - 29 Apr 17 - New York
Kickboxing Event Young Lions 205T Round 2 - 29 Apr 17 - Las Vegas
DUEL#64 Silver vs Haack 2 - 29 Apr 17 - New York
UGD 55:Tanaka Vs Shevchenko II - 29 Apr 17 - London
Gladiators 18 James v Kahn - 29 Apr 17 - New York
Aspire MMA - Just Bleed 35 - 29 Apr 17 - Los Angeles
HFC 97:Costa vs Miller - 29 Apr 17 - St Petersburg
SFC6 - Collins vs Roberts - 29 Apr 17 - Amsterdam
MMMA 21: Relentless - 29 Apr 17 - Tokyo
Pulse 72 - Tszyu vs Chonan - 29 Apr 17 - Tokyo
SP ICON: Lofmark vs Ryan II - 29 Apr 17 - Hilo
Smaller fight org news
SFC 4: Fautanua x Brah FW TITLE: Preview/Keys To Victory.
SFC 4: Fautanua vs Brah (FW TITLE)

When: April 29th, 2017. 6pm local.
Where: The Underground - Sydney
How To Watch: Check your local cable listings.

SFC comes back at you live from the underground in Sydney for our 4th event. Featuring our inaugural featherweight title fight between Taulua Fautanua, and Edgy Brah, and a card stacked with promising prospects making their SFC debut, and a few coming back for their second bout under the SFC banner. We wil ...[cont]

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300k+ events
If there is enough interest and growth within the weight classes, I will be looking to hold 300k+ only events. The days and intervals are to be decided, however I think this is a good idea to allow younger/newer fighters to have a chance to get some wins against fairer opposition and headline some cards. I aim to have the first event of this sort before June, however that is dependent on interest.

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1. Jomuton Xuwatanabe - 3-0
2. Finn The Human - 3-0
3. Supertuk Halaptung 3-0
4. Darcy Dugan - 3-0
5. Taulua Fautanua - 3-0
6. Ricardo Almeida - 2-0
7. Alistaar Uberveem - 2-0
8. Tuny Fergossun 2-0
9. Gunnar Killersson - 2-0
10. Tyrus Shakur - 1-0

(P4P will be the top 10 the game generates for the org, and switched a bit based on champ status/record)

HW - (265)
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Rankings Top 5 (04/20/2017)
1)Rod Stiffington Jr
2)Thomas Power
3)Keyser Soze
4)Evan Decon
5)Timmy Ellis

*Champion Aidan O'Neil
1)Zulu Zulu
2)Marcos Souza
3)Estaban Chavez
4)Enzo Dimelo
5)Haislan Garcia

*Champion Reyn Godrigueze
1)Golden King
2)Ceasar Memphis
3)Aoki Aoki
4)Ryan Pepper
5)Eigi Takagi


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Three events booked!
First three events have been booked.

Still looking to sign fighters at all weight classes. Message for details.

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Open ID fight org O:)

Contact me for contracts \(^o^)/

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Pulse Fight Night
Hey Folks

By the middle of the next month, ill start to book 2 events per week. We will have PFN (Pulse Fight Night) at wednesdays... I believe we won`t have one event of this kind per week but ocasionally they will appear... Anyway, any doubts, ask me. Thanks.

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Post Carnage 35 Rankings
Congratulations to the new 145 champion kylar sensei, and to the new 170 champion Jamaal clements.
NOTE - Fighters under the unranked category have not yet won in the organisation.

Full Carnage Rankings

Last event: Carnage 35 (2017-04-16)


1. Gary Johnson

2. Charkii naKrittiga

2. Alexi Laiho

4. Anthony Medrano

5. Pa ...[cont]

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Sydney Fighting Championship 2 Preview Show
Main Event - 205 lbs - Darcy Dugan vs. Larry Lard

Dugan is a reformed small time criminal who was spotted fighting amateur boxing where his ability to take and dish out punishment impressed local promoters. He has a big edge in muay thai and is coming off two TKO wins in under 1:30 minutes combined. Lard scored a KO win of his own in his debut but will definitely look to take this one to the ground where he'll have the advantage with his proficient wrestling and purple belt in BJJ ...[cont]

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Any signings welcome!
Message me for contracts.

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Newest events announced (non QFC)
OFC: Blood Night XXXVIII - 20 May 17 - Montreal
EPL 12.3 - 17 May 17 - Las Vegas
CCR 83 - 19 May 17 - Rio de Janeiro
gc150.5 - 20 May 17 - Las Vegas
gc150 - 20 May 17 - Las Vegas
gc149 - 13 May 17 - Las Vegas
D49 Jacquard v Nystrom - 13 May 17 - St Petersburg
RFC 45: Tipping Point - 20 May 17 - Hilo
RFC 44:Slaughterday Night Live - 13 May 17 - Hilo
Angry Birds War 19 - 12 May 17 - Helsinki
Angry Birds War 18 - 12 May 17 - Helsinki
HFC 313 - 13 May 17 - Los Angeles
TGC 2 :TBA - 06 May 17 - Las Vegas
Pulse 76 - 27 May 17 - Tokyo
BMP 55 (Hyypia vs Knight) - 13 May 17 - St Petersburg
MMMA 26 - 03 Jun 17 - Tokyo
TWGC 16 (185lbs, D4): Finals - Round 1 - 02 May 17 - New York
TWGC 16 (185lbs, D3): Finals - Round 1 - 02 May 17 - New York
TWGC 16 (185lbs, D2): Finals - Round 1 - 02 May 17 - New York
TWGC 16 (185lbs, D1): Finals - Round 1 - 02 May 17 - New York
Other companies
This gym is a really new gym, Looking for new members. Need to be funded for better coaches

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Welcome :)

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Welcome to the HWRP gym, We are a new gym but we will expand very soon!

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New clothing brand
get the hottestb new hoodie on the market...

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This is a new gym and I hope to keep it up and running!

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The Freebok Store is Live!
We have officially launched! If you haven't heard Freebok is a clothing company entirely dedicated to making more than fucking Uno cards. Right now in our store you can find a couple parody shirts as well as a black and white version of our logo.

We will definitely have a lot more shirts coming shortly as well as some sponsorship opportunities. if there is any shirts or shorts that you are interested in. but can't find, don't hesitate to let us know!

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Sparring Schedule
Sparring Schedule is as follows

Muay Thai - Mon, Wed, Fri AM
Boxing - Mon, Wed, Fri PM
BJJ - Tue, Thu, Sat AM
Wrestling - Tue, Thu, Sat PM

All sessions guaranteed to have at least 1 exceptional level sparring partner in that style. Not bad for $50 a week!

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New clothing brand
Hello MMA fans and fighters, pick up the latest Heavy Hitters Hoodie and look like a bad ass...

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PS. Read previous news for Gym Rules

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this week we are doing a buy one get one free deal

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All sparring sessions will take place at night.


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We just opened our doors. We are committed to bringing in the best coaches, holding organized sparring sessions and breeding championship fighters.

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Sparring Schedule update
Sparring Schedule
Boxing: Tuesday AM, Thursday AM, Friday PM
Muay Thai: Monday AM, Wednesday PM, Saturday PM
Wrestling: Tuesday PM, Thursday PM, Friday AM
BJJ: Monday PM, Wednesday AM, Saturday AM

Also, remember to not let class sizes exceed more than 3. Anything more then 3, and you won't be learning much.

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New clothing brand
Welcome to Heavy Hitter KO Clothing line, get top notch gear and look fly as a pimp wearing it. Bitches pussies get wet seeing a man wearing HHK Gear. Get in early and make cash, while getting ass...

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1000 dollars
Most recent events
KOFC 41 - Jones vs Sionis - 26 Apr - Las Vegas
Kickboxing EventRing Side II - 26 Apr - New York
FFA: Wednesday Night Delight 4 - 26 Apr - New York
AD440: Redskins #21 - 26 Apr - Montreal
OFC: Blood Night XXXVII - 26 Apr - Montreal
Kickboxing EventShiv Fight Night 2 - 26 Apr - London
KFC 14: Cobra vs Mumba - 26 Apr - London
EVO 311: Garcon vs Puno2 - 26 Apr - London
Ascension 0426 - 26 Apr - London
Angry Birds War 12 - 26 Apr - Helsinki
MMMA Clown Chaos 10 - 26 Apr - Tokyo
Angry Birds War 11 - 25 Apr - Helsinki
DUEL#63 Ibaka vs Lannister - 23 Apr - New York
T186 Huber vs Lafayette - 23 Apr - London
StrikeForce Union #57 - 23 Apr - London
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