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News from the top 20 fight organizations
  SyFi - Power Rankings and Upcoming Fights
Sydney Fights a look into the title Race (Updated: 08/21)

Champion: Yodsawan Sitsongrit (7-2)
1. Dieselnoi Por Pramuk (9-3)
2. Sanka Coffie (6-1)
3. Brain Fog (7-3)
4. Wayne Williams (7-3)
5. Korean Kimchi (7-4-1)
6. Lotus Flower (4-2)
7. Gary Dema (6-4)
8. Chamuaknoi Sitsongrit (4-1)
9. DeMario Valdez (4-2)

NR(yet to debut): Furious Munchkin (4-1)( ...[cont]

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  SyFi - Weekend Preview

Weekend Preview

So folks, we're out for a full weekend of fights, with 2 titles on the line, before we look into it, let me put you up to date on happenings, with Torcida slowly fading and The Island coming to an end , the week was full of new signings, let's welcome all those new managers.
Plus we now have a new Event Partner, Combat Wombat will not only do Laundry and sell Shirts and Shorts, but also help us sponsor fighters and gain Sales during Events, look for ...[cont]

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  SyFi - Power Rankings and Upcoming Fights
Sydney Fights a look into the title Race (Updated: 08/06)

Champion: Yodsawan Sitsongrit (7-2)
1. Sanka Coffie (6-1)
2. Brain Fog (7-3)
3. Korean Kimchi (7-4-1)
4. Lotus Flower (4-2)
5. Dieselnoi Por Pramuk (7-3)
6. Wayne Williams (6-3)
7. Gary Dema (6-4)
8. Chamuaknoi Sitsongrit (4-1)
9. DeMario Valdez (4-2)

NR(yet to debut): Furious Munchkin (4-0), ...[cont]

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  GAMMA: July Part 2 by James Isaac Abraham
GAMMA: July Part 2

by James Isaac Abraham


Welterweight Title

Pablo Maracon vs Robin Yount

Former UGD star, now your GAMMA welterweight champ Pablo Maracon took challenge for his first title defense against a homegrown talent in Robin Yount. Robin Yount spent most of his career in GAMMA, with 80% of his career fought in a GAMMA affiliated org, including a time he be ...[cont]

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  SyFi - Weekend Recap
Weekend Recap

It was a weekend, that saw Sydney Fights loose some spots in the Org Rankings, but as some cards lacked title fights, this was expected, however, the weekend was one to make some nice storylines and bring the Org forward overall.
And please note we have a new Merchandise Partner, make sure to do your shopping and laundry in Sydney at Combat Wombat, they will also sent out valuable sponsorships to our fighters, please make sure to accept their offers. Having a ...[cont]

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DUEL is in full participation of loaning any of our fighters to your Org to fight. PM Alexander Biro if you are interested in doing so. Compensation required

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  Stepping up the Partnership!

Sign-on bonus from Sin City Allstars!

When signing a contract with DUEL you also get 5 Sinful Energy Boost Q160 sent to you as a free sign-on bonus!

Help us and yourself by doing the following:

Go to your fighter profile page and click on "Edit Fighter Details".

This will take you to a screen that will allow you to adjust your fighters nickname, bio and lots of stuff.

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  EFA 84 Vermeulen vs Murphy
Tonight, will be the biggest event to grace the Extreme Fighting Association, and it all takes place in the vastness of the Empire Indoor Arena in New York! 14,500 empty seats will be filled so quick, you would think they were giving away free life insurance, and these people might need it! You will taste the blood in the air, after 4 title fights and the 6 non-title fights being between top contenders and blood thirsty competitors. In the main card, we have: Jackson Bishop, the 145 lbs champion ...[cont]

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  Battle of the Beef Cakes
The time is here for the Earth rattling event of the year...Battle of the Beef Cakes is upon us. Mark your calendar 8/18 begins this massive and I MEAN massive 32 man tourney... Their Big, their fat, they may even be hairy...but damnit their some sexy beasts!

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  SyFi - Weekend Preview
Weekend Preview

SFC usually never disappoints, but with only 1 belt on the line this weekend, it looks a bit slower than usual, well the only title fight happens Sunday, and is in the 265+ division, so let's look at this first:

265+ Arn Anderson v Jim Bob McDonald

It is a revenge fight, as so many tend to happen over the last few weeks, with youngsters developing more talent, and hunting down some veterans, here we have the classic Oldie vs. Youngeste ...[cont]

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Next 20 events (non QFC)
GAFF: The Beginning - 14 Aug 18 - Rio de Janeiro
ABW 152 Verygood - Brahms - 14 Aug 18 - Helsinki
QFC Tournament 861 Round 3 - 14 Aug 18 - Helsinki
MMMA Yaj Vs Madness 5 - 15 Aug 18 - Amsterdam
TGC Crucible 30 - 15 Aug 18 - Las Vegas
GC 232 - 15 Aug 18 - Las Vegas
WeInSyd 25 - 15 Aug 18 - Sydney
LACC 2 Finale - 15 Aug 18 - Los Angeles
CEC 608 - 15 Aug 18 - Los Angeles
CEFC Live 61 - 15 Aug 18 - Montreal
Kickboxing Event K-1 42 Musashi vs Haller - 15 Aug 18 - London
OFC 370: Reapers - 15 Aug 18 - Montreal
Royal Fighting Championship 1 - 15 Aug 18 - New York
ABW 153 Arendse - OByrne - 16 Aug 18 - Helsinki
CT KILLZONE 7 - 16 Aug 18 - Las Vegas
SyFi 90 - 17 Aug 18 - Sydney
Evolution Title Night - 17 Aug 18 - London
Kickboxing Event OFL 4 - 17 Aug 18 - Sydney
GAMMA#726 Kruger v Heimendahl - 18 Aug 18 - Los Angeles
GAMMA#727 Mirowski v Feltre 2 - 18 Aug 18 - London
Open Weight Grand Prix S01E08 - 18 Aug 18 - New York
Smaller fight org news
BANDAI 3: Honor is upon us! Preview by Ikki Takkeda
Click here to find it!

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about us
Our event structure:

1 or 2 events per week
JMMA Rules
Whole Fight Scoring
Ring not shitty cages
Standard bouts = 2x10 min. rounds
Title bouts = 3x10 min. rounds


Written pieces
A ranking system (to return soon)
Unique posters / promotional items
Special events / tournaments unlike any other


135, 145, 155 & 170 will be handled by Rei
18 ...[cont]

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Ranking (Updated 12/08)
145lbs Vacant (C)

1. Master Bater 4-0
2. Aragon Macbeth 3-0-1
3. Lonzo Ball 5-1
4. Cheikh Alkamid 2-1
5. Future Winger 2-1

About: Bater will face Mcbeth for the title

155lbs Allisha Abel 4-0 (C)

1. Randy RoboTessin 4-1
2. Bruce White 3-0
3. Cheikh Holk 3-1
4. Roland Gilmour 4-0
5. Skull Cracker 4-1

About: Alisha Abel will defend his title against the winner o ...[cont]

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DK Battlegrounds I Rudskogen vs Volkov
Ladies and gentleman! The debut event for the newly named DropKick Cage Warriors begins tonight at 10:00 GMT. The event will be held at Hayashi’s Lounge in Las Vegas. In our main event, we have the 265 lbs champ, Jon “Jeg Er Elene” Rudskogen defending his title for the first time against the undefeated challenger and #1 contender, Alexei Volkov. The co-main event and the following fights are also featured on the main card:
- Jair Malachi vs Stipe Miocic
- #2 Short Badass vs #3 Rand ...[cont]

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Ranking (Updated 05/08)
145lbs Vacant (C)

1. Future Winger 2-0
2. Aragon Macbeth 2-0-1
3. Marcos Da Silva 2-0
4. Cheikh Alkamid 1-1
5. Lil Bott 1-1

About: The winner of Macbeth v Winger will fight for the title

155lbs Vacant (C)

1. Cheikh Holk 3-1
2. Randy RoboTessin 4-1
3. Bruce White 3-0
4. Allisha Abel 3-0
5. Roland Gilmour 4-0

About: Holk will fight Abel for the title on Gla ...[cont]

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BANDAI 2: Unproven preview by Brian Fujitsu
Mike Has Completely Lost Any Investment He Has Had “In This Game Which Is” An Insult To All These Paying Costumers.
It would have been the best name ever if not for wrongly declaring that all fans are in fancy dress. Which costume will “In This Game Which Is” be hiding behind on Saturday the 2nd of August? Which fighter will turn up on the night? The one that got knocked out with just 11 seconds left in his debut? Or the one that won the spectacular albeit controversial decision in his la ...[cont]

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Ranking (Updated 29/07)
145lbs Vacant (C)

1. Future Winger 2-0
2. Aragon Macbeth 2-0-1
3. Cheikh Alkamid 1-1
4. Lil Bott 1-1
5. Enyo Glover 1-1-1

About: The winner of Macbeth v Winger will fight for the title

155lbs Vacant (C)

1. Cheikh Holk 3-1
2. Roland Gilmour 4-0
3. Allisha Abel 3-0
4. Randy RoboTessin 3-1
5. Bruce White 2-0

About: Holk will fight Abel for the title on Gladius ...[cont]

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BANDAI 1: Origins preview by Brian Fujitsu

Check out the new exclusive special - BANDAI™ minute! (click)


BANDAI 1: Origins is finally upon us. With ten fights across four divisions and six fights in the illustrious Heavyweight division, BANDAI™is sure to kick off with a bang. Excitement levels in the world of MMA are at an all-time high and it’s easy to see why. But just in case you need reminding, let’s take a closer look at some of the highlights. I’m Brian Fujitsu. And this is BANDAI™:

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Ranking (Updated 22/07)
145lbs Yet to come

155lbs Vacant C)

1. Cheikh Holk 3-1
2. Allisha Abel 3-0
3. Randy RoboTessin 3-1
4. Bruce White 2-0
5. Ismail Gutierrez 3-1

About: Holk will fight Abel for the title on Gladius #16

170lbs Cheikh Kassim 4-0 (C)

1. Randy Tessin 2-0
2. Theta Knox 2-1
3. Max Price 2-0
4. Chael Sonnen 2-0
5. Tony Vazzappo 2-0

About: The winner of Tessin v ...[cont]

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new changes coming
due to unforseen circumstances, i'll be cutting the roster back to just the openweight class. to makes things easier for me to manage and build a solid roster in one division.

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Newest events announced (non QFC)
CT KILLZONE 10 - 18 Sep 18 - Las Vegas
CT KILLZONE 9 - 14 Sep 18 - Las Vegas
BFF 37: -tbd- - 08 Sep 18 - Tokyo
SyFi 101 - 09 Sep 18 - Sydney
SyFi 100 - 08 Sep 18 - Sydney
SyFi 99 - 07 Sep 18 - Sydney
WeInSyd 28 - 05 Sep 18 - Sydney
PFC61 - 08 Sep 18 - Tokyo
Test Night 1: The Beginning - 20 Aug 18 - St Petersburg
BANDAI 4: Silence - 20 Aug 18 - Los Angeles
OFC 373: Shamrock v Panikov II - 29 Aug 18 - Montreal
DUEL181 - 15 Sep 18 - London
BFF 36: -TBA- vs. -TBA- - 01 Sep 18 - Tokyo
DK Battlegrounds VI - 15 Sep 18 - Las Vegas
TGC 75: - 22 Sep 18 - Las Vegas
AFC #12 : Ring Master - 15 Sep 18 - Amsterdam
AFC #11 - 08 Sep 18 - Amsterdam
AFC #10 - 01 Sep 18 - Amsterdam
DSC STRIKE 15 - 08 Sep 18 - St Petersburg
DKCW 2 - 21 Sep 18 - Las Vegas
Other companies
Laundry Open 10%
I will launder at 10% margin

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Please buy!
I just need to pay the loan so I dont lose VIP. TY!

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Guys, You need to spar more, check the schedule and have your fighters spar. You should spar at least 4 times a week! im not profiting of this gym, i only made it public so that i wont loose too much money, so you guys have access to a very good gym :)

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Private Gym
Rent a Coach
Hi guys, if you would like to train a project here please privately message me to discuss coaches/costs.

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Finite Betting
We're a new bookmaker company with the idea of having bets available every day, with the best odds.

Come check us out, and make some money!
Anyone Looking for a gym for sparring and training conditioning and weights, this is the place for you. PM me if you would like to join so we can set up the sparring schedule. Thanks

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Sparrings schedule
Muay Thai sparrings - Monday AM, Wednesday AM, Friday AM

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I hired and changed coaches so your schedule might have been disrupted. Sorry for the inconvience but it made the gym better...

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Zenith Nutrition Vending Now In-Stock
Castlemore now stocks Zenith Nutrition goodness in the gym vending machines!

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Thanks for joining the #11thPlanetFightTeam and choosing us to further your fighters careers. We now have 10 Elite coaches(6 double Elite) and plenty of space in every class so make sure not to take any classes with 2 fighters already training there for the most optimal session possible. Also dont spar back to back as it would be counterproductive for your fighter. I have made a Sparring Schedule to help you guys work on your Physicals. So heres the list.

Monday AM:BJJ
Mond ...[cont]

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4 Stars +

Muay Thai - Monday / Wendsday PM

Boxing - Thursday / Saturday AM

Wrestling - Friday AM

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20% laundry fees excluded

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Boxing - Monday / Wendsday AM

Wrestling - Thursday PM

Muay Thai - Saturday PM

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Most recent events
BANDAI 3: Honor - 13 Aug - Los Angeles
KOFC 118 - Hallick vs Karelin - 12 Aug - Las Vegas
MMMA 89 Kocur vs Grossweiner - 12 Aug - Las Vegas
Greene vs Vonshredder - 12 Aug - Los Angeles
SyFi 89 - 12 Aug - Sydney
Volcanic Eruption - 11 Aug - Hilo
PSE 4 - 11 Aug - Hilo
DK Battlegrounds I - 11 Aug - Las Vegas
GC 231 - 11 Aug - Las Vegas
TGC 69: Wolff vs Tambua - 11 Aug - Las Vegas
IFC 63 Mumu vs Chugman - 11 Aug - Los Angeles
CCF 32 - 11 Aug - Los Angeles
RISE 41: Venice Beach Massacre - 11 Aug - Los Angeles
GAMMA#725 Simmons v Hoyce 2 - 11 Aug - Los Angeles
NJMMA XS 8 - 11 Aug - New York
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