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News from the top 20 fight organizations
  EFA 77 Preview
Welcome to the Extreme Fighting Association! Tonight we are in Hayashi's Lounge in Los Angeles. We have a champion in Norman Stebson defending his championship, and a former champion in Farmery attempting to climb back into title contention. Don't blink!

265 lbs. Norman Stebson vs Mark Kerr
The champion, Norman "Gripper" Stebson looks to defend his championship for the first time, tonight, against Mark "The Specimen" Kerr. After defeating Quinton Randleman by way of knockou ...[cont]

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  SyFi 67 - Preview

ikki Takeda: As always your host Ikki Takeda is here to give you the 411 on Saturday's night of fights in the beautiful land of Sydney Austrailia.

Ikki Takeda: The main event promises to be an exciting title match between Mister McNasty and Pablo Spezziale for the 205 pound strap. McNasty is the reigning defending champion with a 10-3 record. Not much to say about the champ that isn't already known; like he has never been finis ...[cont]

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  GAMMA: John McGuirk HOF Induction
John McGuirk (1306) is one of the original great GAMMA managers who competed for us in 2011 till around 2014. He is one of 2 managers (the other being Brad O'Neil) that can no longer be looked up (due to the system not recording fighters/managers who went inactive during that time) but still managed to make it to our HOF.

He is one of just 10 managers to ever have 2 or more fighters enter our HOF (those being Vladik Fedotov and Bill Belton).

His all time record in ...[cont]

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  SyFi - Weekend Preview
SyFi Weekend Preview

Welcome to a look at the most important fights of the SFC week, with 3 title fights schedules Sydney is looking for some earth shaking Kos and Smashing submissions, let's begin with the big ones:

Title Fight at 205: (c)Mister McNasty v #1 Pablo Spezziale
The 21yr old McNasty is unbeaten in 6 fights at SyFi, bringing an overall record of 10-3, he swept through Sydneys Light Heavyweight corps in unbelievable fashion. All w ...[cont]

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  GAMMA: June Part 1 by James Isaac Abraham

Featherweight Title
Gareth Keenan vs Tony Ramos

The challenger Tony Ramos gets his 2nd shot at the belt after falling to Randy Springs back in GAMMA#701 while Gareth Keenan keeps his good form with his 4th title defense. Ramos has better ground offense but Keenan was ready for it. He blocked most of the takedowns (Ramos had 3 out of 17 TDs), clinches (Ramos had 1 out of 12) and kept control in the ground.

The champ just showed his c ...[cont]

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  EFA Rankings 06/18/18
135 lbs. (Champ) Takeru Kubota
1. Yang Xinhai
2. Brandon Kay
3. Freddie Mercury
4. Mateusz Biernat
5. Pekka Pikkarainen
6. Vince Foster
7. Kassim Sulhulu
8. Da Skrumbo Jr.
9. Dimitri Aristova
10. Eisson Franco

145 lbs. (Champ) Ephram Urani
1. Jackson Bishop
2. Do Ho Joy
3. Haislan Garcia
4. Jargon Gin
5. Kai Perkins
6. Corey Clark
7. Harry Baals
8. Domin ...[cont]

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  SyFi - Power Rankings and Upcoming Fights
Sydney Fights a look into the title Race (Updated: 06/18)

To me the most important and one of the break or make criterias in an Org is the way titles are handed out and defended.
At Sydney Fights, we now have almost every title fight that, as we now reached a point, where it should be much clearer, who is ranked where, we will start to have Power Rankings. Please note, only fighters with at Least one Fight at a Sydney Fights Event will be ranked.


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  A Sad Day
Today we bring sad news in that the org has lost 2 great fighters in Haislan Garcia and 185 champion Cedric Lancaster both will be moving to 1 of the top orgs in the game and we wish them the best of luck in competing with the best fighters in the game,Cedric was kind enough to vacate his title so we didn't take a massive hype hit so we will move onwards and upwards and try to compete with the top orgs so that we keep fighters like them so here's to the future.

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  8 Man Tournament
Hi managers am looking for 8 fighters to compete in a 205 division tournament winner faces the champion for the title.Application requirements are:

1) Fighter ID must 300k above
2) Must accept fight offers no excuses
3) Must have at least 10 wins on record

This will be the 1st tournament of many and the rewards are very sought after,the winner will get a 205 title shot a lucarative 5 fight contract and 100k in prize money so applicants please send fig ...[cont]

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  SyFi - Weekend Recap
SyFI Weekend Recap

A weekend, that dropped SyFi back in the rankings a bit comes to a close, but it was not a surprise, it was a calculated move, with only 1 title fight on the weekend, the focus was to built talent and get the Org growing. More often now we'll see developed fighters going at it within a shorter period of time between fights, as talent emerges.
On Sunday Night also the news came out, that the 155 title was stripped from Justin Sane, according to Boble Li ...[cont]

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Next 20 events (non QFC)
GAMMA#716 Goodman v Jones - 23 Jun 18 - Los Angeles
NJMMA XS 3 - 23 Jun 18 - New York
NJMMA 61 - 23 Jun 18 - New York
GRS 181 - 23 Jun 18 - New York
Lupe 8 Perfomance - 23 Jun 18 - Las Vegas
GC 219 - 23 Jun 18 - Las Vegas
TGC 62: Steve vs Murley - 23 Jun 18 - Las Vegas
IFC 56 Jones vs Heavyweight - 23 Jun 18 - Los Angeles
RISE 34 - Danton vs Orndorf - 23 Jun 18 - Los Angeles
SUPER 6 Finals - 23 Jun 18 - Las Vegas
Torcida 40 - Greene Vs Dormier - 23 Jun 18 - Las Vegas
CEFC 294 - 23 Jun 18 - New York
Laloosh vs Oggleberry - Pip - 23 Jun 18 - Los Angeles
OFC 360: Pera vs Baker - 23 Jun 18 - Montreal
OFC: Blood Night LII - 23 Jun 18 - Montreal
DUEL#164 Kenway vs Kinshaw - 23 Jun 18 - New York
DUEL#165 Lafayette vs Denke - 23 Jun 18 - New York
Open Weight Grand Prix S01E04 - 23 Jun 18 - New York
IXF 39 - 24 Jun 18 - The Island
MMMA 82 Qasi Vs McKane - 24 Jun 18 - New York
SyFi 68 - 24 Jun 18 - Sydney
Smaller fight org news
The Begining
Gladius is currently recruiting the best new fighters in Tycoon to provide them the best competition possible and help them to become the most popular fighters of their generation.

You want to fight a lot and be the best just ask for a contract and show everyone what you got

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RISE Official Rankings (06/18/18)
RISE Fight League Rankings
(Based off of Hype/Pop and Record/Performances)

Please let me know if you spot anything that is incorrect and needs changing. Thank you! :)

Champ - Mike Sadollah (8-1)
1.Ahed Tamimi (2-1) ↑
2.Randy Kelly (8-2) -
3.Takeshi Yamada(4-1) -
4.Rooben Nevez (2-1) ↓
5.Lerone Stewart (1-2) -

Champ - Alessio Bianchi (4-1)
1.Tim Slater (4-1) ↑

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Welcome to The Oceania Fight League
Welcome to the hottest org down under!

currently holding 3 divisons 155,185, 265+ openweight, will hold 4 man tournaments to crown the champions at a later date.

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Rankings (6/8/2018)

Champ-Brian Claremont
#1-Jackson Matthews
#2-Mickey Williams
#3-Max Adams
#4-Black Rob
#5-Trevor Anderson
#6-Bill Leslie
#7-Emrah Sonmez
#8-Antonio Brown
#9-Carl James
#10-Amir Taake


Champ-Justin Midget
#1-Mark Mitchell
#2-Shamil Mirzamagomedov
#3-Gustav Gustavsson
#4-Rocco OGrady
#5-Nate Diaz
#6-Pablito Gomez
#7-Igor ...[cont]

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QFC Allowed
fighters can take QFC

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Pay Scale
Your contract will be based on the following:
PFP Rank the higher the rank the more the pay
Top 3k pfp ranked will get 3k/3k/3k
Top 2k pfp ranked will get 5-6k/5-6k/5-6k
Top 1k pfp ranked will get 8-12k/8-12k/8-12k
Top 500 pfp ranked will get 15k+/15k+/15k+


Match making will be fair please feel free to call people out and to ask for fights.

*Note: this is a base pay scale. Various factors will determine if you ge ...[cont]

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DSC Records (u.17.06.18)
Fastest KO:
0:54 r.1 - Jovic Nonbeomogov def. Nikos Freak (Strikes) - DSC Strike 3

Fastest SUB:
0:28 r.1 - Wendall White def. Lando Nallo (Heel Hook) - DSC Strike 3

Biggest DEC domination:
30:26, 30:27, 30:26 - Weird Klanshnikov def. Vadimas Gaizutis - DSC Strike 2

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JAG Smack Talk
I setup a Smack Talk thread in the forum. Hopefully, you guys would like to join in on a little smack talk and fun.

If anybody knows how to make the link to that thread, please give me a hand.

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Events are underway!!!
So we are officially getting underway with setting up our events, make sure you check out our fight card and get your fighters to join us

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Next Exciting Event
Guys Next event on the cards is Trials by Fire part II, for a preview of the event please look in the forum at the following link and see what you think :)

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Newest events announced (non QFC)
Kickboxing Event K-1 34 - 14 Jul 18 - London
BFF 28: -tbd- - 28 Jul 18 - Tokyo
DARE 56 - 18 Jul 18 - London
WeInSyd 22 - 25 Jul 18 - Sydney
SyFi 80 - 22 Jul 18 - Sydney
SyFi 79 - 21 Jul 18 - Sydney
SyFi 78 - 20 Jul 18 - Sydney
KOFC 115 - 22 Jul 18 - Las Vegas
GC 225 - 21 Jul 18 - Las Vegas
Kickboxing Event K-1 33 - 11 Jul 18 - London
Kickboxing Event K-1 32 Tchestov vs Doss - 07 Jul 18 - London
CEC 602 - 18 Jul 18 - Los Angeles
CEC 601 - 13 Jul 18 - Los Angeles
GC 226 - 25 Jul 18 - Las Vegas
AFC #1 The First - 30 Jun 18 - Amsterdam
DUEL169 - 14 Jul 18 - New York
DARE SUBMISSION SERIES 3 - 27 Jun 18 - Montreal
NJMMA 63 - 21 Jul 18 - New York
CT 1 - 27 Jun 18 - Las Vegas
TGC 66: Wipe vs Wolff - 21 Jul 18 - Las Vegas
Other companies
Event price are rised
I am rising the price for the event......

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Welcome to Team TAKEFUUDOWN, lookin to improve this gym and improve your fighters!

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Sparring Days/Times
Lets try to make sure we are all on the same page for sparring, as to prevent someone from attempting to spar by themselves..

BJJ- Monday, Weds, Fri AM only

Wrestling- Monday, Weds, Fri PM only

Boxing Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday AM only

MT- Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday PM only

This will provide a more efficient sparring session and consistency

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Only on 21-6-2018
Everything for 30$, only on 21st of june. So feel free to get watever you want, sales cost are down to 30$......

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Hello All
WE'LL be upgrading the gym frequently and new elite coaches will be added. Have any ideas pm me.

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Badboy white short
I just added 50 badboy white short....

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No more than 4 fighters per training session. If you violate this you will be removed from the gym.

Sparring Schedule:

Monday AM - Boxing

Tuesday AM - Muay Thai

Thursday AM - Wrestling

Friday AM - BJJ

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Grand Opening
110 Dual-Skill Coaches for Strike Defense and Defensive Grappling

120 Skill Coaches for Punching, MT Strikes, TD & Defense, and Fitness.

My fighters are mainly just training cardio, strength and sparring for a couple weeks, so send in some young fighters to fill up these coaching slots and spar a bit!

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Best Products Quality....
Get the 160q products to triple your training, the 140q to double your training, and 100q to boost your training gains. Your money your choice...

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4 stars or more

Boxing - Monday / Wendsday AM

Muay Thai - Friday PM

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Boxing - Monday/ Wendsday AM

Muay Thai - Friday PM

BJJ - Thursday / Saturday PM

Wrestling - Tuesday AM

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Sunday 17 June
Welcome to the brand new sports betting company based in New York, looking to start some new and innovative ways of betting while making it fun and exciting
I rised price for merch income
I will get the price cost of my products to normal after my partner org event. i rised it to increase my merch income profit. Sorry everyone the price will get to normal after the event.

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Well due to my selling out of certain stock I have increased the frequency of orders and will do my best to keep us in supply. Happy fights!!

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Here at BigIsland BigGuns Warrior Training we provide an excellent bang for your buck!!!We are the official partner of Dr. Dogood Nutrition(5481) in Rio and we provide 6 ELITE coaches & 3 SUPERB coaches follow our in house sparring schedule to maximize your training.Also I just added a SAUNA for tough weight cuts so feel free to use that as well.



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Most recent events
IXF 38 - 23 Jun - The Island
Evolution Stage 2 - 23 Jun - London
Kickboxing EventK-1 28 Szczęsny ha Galileo - 23 Jun - London
Syn 583 - 23 Jun - London
Trials By Fire V - 23 Jun - London
Gladius #2 - 23 Jun - Amsterdam
Kickboxing EventORC 15: Unholy - 23 Jun - Amsterdam
DARE 52 - 23 Jun - Amsterdam
GPG 39 - 23 Jun - St Petersburg
PFC 48 Brophy vs Gaetz - 23 Jun - Tokyo
BFF 23: Shapirov v Shamkhalaev - 23 Jun - Tokyo
BFF 22: LHW Tag Round 2-2 - 23 Jun - Tokyo
EFA 78 Power vs Rothbard - 23 Jun - Sydney
SyFi 67 - 23 Jun - Sydney
ADCC - World Challenge - 22 Jun - Las Vegas
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