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News from the top 20 fight organizations
  GAMMA: #1 in total events held
GAMMA has officially become the #1 organization in the game in total events held!

Last year we had surpassed UVT of Rio for the 2nd place, but ever since our local Las Vegas Prizefighting went inactive, this was one of those targets we set for our ourselves and i even put in the exact week i planned to achieve this target.

I would like to thank all the managers and fighters who participated in the 6070 total fights offered so far, that is a ridiculous feat and one ...[cont]

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  GAMMA: Patrick Bateman inducted to HOF
Managed by Digga Dogman, Record inside GAMMA 17-12-0. He is a former 265 and 265+ champ, with 14 total title fights to his credit, that ranks him 5th all time.

In in his 29 fights he had a total of 19 FON awards, ranking him 6th all time in his category. His highest all time rank was 11th and he headlined 13 events.

His biggest wins are over Fat Gorrila, Kenichi Shirahama, Julien Touret, Jt Colossus among others.

Upon retirement he accumulated a tot ...[cont]

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  UGD 41 (Preview)
UGD 41: Shevchenko v Brazier

It was a night filled with rematches UGD 40, but weíre back with a clean slate of fresh matchups for UGD 41. Three title fights headline a compelling main card that features strongly Undergroundís Heavyweight and Featherweight divisions.

**SHW Title Fight**
Taras "Kobzar" Shevchenko (20-2, 20-2 UGD) v Conor "Gladiator" Brazier (13-3, 3-1 UGD)
A 12-fight win-streak anchors our Super Heavyweight Championís endless stream of ...[cont]

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  145 lbs division!
We are now recruiting fighters at the 145 lbs division! If you are interested PM me, and we will work something out!

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  GAMMA: Fighter of the year award
We finally have a winner of the fighter of the year and it is Gunnar Steigelmann!!! I did an update of the rankings on the 22nd of October, updated until GAMMA#590 Lewis v Williams and at that point Gunnar was in 2nd place behind Rufus McTearson, but i predicted that Gunnar would probably end up winning the award, due to the extra fight, plus the fact that he was holding the title at the time. Well, i ended up getting it right as Gunnar completed the year with a total of 100 points tipping Rufus ...[cont]

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  UGD 40 (Preview)
UGD 40: Escobarre v Munson

After a record-breaking event in Knights Court a week ago, Underground quickly jumps back to the Camden Centre for another round of fights this Saturday night. Two title-fights cap off a strong main card that features a mix of highly touted newcomers, former champions and future contenders.

30 second Advertisement: Brick Topís Bet Shop is proud to sponsor the following weekly pick from our owner, Mr. Brick Top himself.
Brick Top: ď ...[cont]

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  Designer Position free.
Hello ! We vacant job of the designer, if you have the ability to make posters for each event and earn money then write to me.

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  GAMMA: Humanoid Nutrition new Sponsors!
We are proud to announce that Humanoid Nutrition has now become the new official sponsors of GAMMA! Humanoid Nutrition replace Nuggetori's Nutritionals which was sponsoring GAMMA since November 2016, we wish them good luck with the future.

This makes Humanoid Nutrition the 9th official sponsor of GAMMA since January 2012.

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  UGD 39 (Short Review)
UGD 39: Gallagher v Westlund

In news released earlier this week, Undergroundís CEO, Mr. McKenna, announced that the promotion would be moving into new territory by eliminating their long-time 260k ID restriction. After a carefully planned breakthrough in 2016, this next step was a logical progression for an organization looking to be on top. In the first card of the year - and the first after this announcement - UGD wasted no time moving forward.

A promotional rec ...[cont]

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By Alika Webb

Mentor is throwing a big old party up in LA
twenty of GAMMAís finest will be fighting that day.
The whole place is gonna be jam-packed
because the card is damn well stacked!
Let's rock, everybody, let's rock!

Everybody on Mentorís clock
will be dancing to the GAMMA Rock!

The Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts proudly presents a night of ...[cont]

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All Hail Ricky Rocker
Ortiz vs Sonnen (anyone watching? And who you got)
Official 2017 Camp League
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The 2016/2017 Football (Soccer) Thread

Next 20 events (non QFC)
DUEL#37 Pinaglabanan vs Ibaka - 22 Jan 17 - New York
OMEGA 25 - 22 Jan 17 - New York
USFC 134 - 22 Jan 17 - New York
T175 Highjack vs Farrelly - 22 Jan 17 - Los Angeles
Gladiators 5 - 22 Jan 17 - New York
Gladiators Beat Down - 22 Jan 17 - New York
CEFC Fight Night 92 - 23 Jan 17 - Montreal
QFC Tournament 720 Round 1 - 23 Jan 17 - Los Angeles
Kong's Island - 24 Jan 17 - The Island
Test Night 1 - 24 Jan 17 - London
LH31: Strife vs Deluxe II - 25 Jan 17 - The Island
CEC 496 - 25 Jan 17 - Los Angeles
OFC 253: Stanfield vs Palikka - 25 Jan 17 - Montreal
Syn 501 - Mood vs Furia - 25 Jan 17 - London
KOFC 23 - Rackham vs Murphy - 25 Jan 17 - Las Vegas
EPL 11.9 - 25 Jan 17 - Los Angeles
Primal 57 - 25 Jan 17 - New York
AD413: Tyler #19 - 25 Jan 17 - Montreal
LIA 33: The Bag Man, Man - 25 Jan 17 - The Island
AMC 010 Bergfried vs Szczesny - 25 Jan 17 - Rio de Janeiro
Carnage 26 - 25 Jan 17 - Las Vegas
Smaller fight org news
VFA 1 Recap and Top 5 Rankings
VFA 1 Lynch vs. Byhenikov Recap

First off a very big thanks to all of you for helping to start the organization with me, and what a first event we had! This sold out event provided a very entertaining night for all those who attended in Amsterdam.

This recap is brought to you by our merchandise partners at Venom Combat Sports, for fantastic clothing be sure to check them out.

Main Event - Akeel Lynch vs. Igor Byhenikov - 185

The main ...[cont]

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Ranking (Top 5) 01/20/2017
*Champion Maki Kamiya
1)James Peevey
2)Tommy Gun
3)Monty Python
4)Evan Decon
5)Siggy Duncan

*Champion Meguru Takayanagi
1)Aidan O'Neil
2)Johnny Bravo
3)David Zavimbe
4)Zulu Zulu
5)Khabib Nurmagomedov

*Champion Aoki Aoki
1)Reyn Godrigueze
2)Estaban Gonzalez
3)Konor McGregor
4)Johny Tucon< ...[cont]

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New Org!!! Kombat-1 (KT)
New org!!! Kombat 1 (KT), we are hiring recruiters and fighters. Divisions are Pro: 265+ open ID and weightclass, Amatur: 265 or less ID 300k, The Underground(street fights) : 205 or less open ID. PM me Now!!!

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Dutch Kickboxing!
310k Restricted Kickboxing!! Seeking 145 & 265+ kickboxers to fill out those divisions and get some events going. Let's keep up the Dutch Kickboxing tradition! PM me if you're interested.

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WCA: Official Opening
The World Combat Associationô has officially gone live. The WCA will have its official base in none other than New York City and plan to hold events in New York and occasionally in Amsterdam.

Management have decided that the organisation will be a (310K+) org and are currently travelling New York signing young talented fighters.

After the roster is built up and we have recruited a suitable number of fighters, we will plan our first event.

The full ...[cont]

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Carnage Rankings!
Carnage rankings (2017-01-19)

Last event: Carnage 25 (2017-01-18)

Overall P4P TOP 10:

1. Danny Studge +6
2. Cody Paris +1
3. David Cerrone (new)
4. TheDragon Reborn -3
5. Testicule Chewer +5
6. Pate Huntter (new)
7. Jermey Moe -2
8. Mario Scevola -6
9. Chris Johnson -3
10. Shawn Silvia -2


1. Jermey Moe
2. Shawn Silvia
3. Axel Zini ...[cont]

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310k Restricted KT!
The time for 310k fighters is nearly upon us, with this arrival Vechtavond will be adding 135, 145, and 265+ Kickboxing divisions. If you are interested in having a fighter join please let me know!

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Test your fighters!
Offering 1/1/1 contracts for you to test your fighters.

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Sin City XC(310K+) Grand Opening!!!
Sin City XC is an American Mixed Martial Arts Promotion Company,A Subsidiary of the Parent Company Revolution XC,based in Los Angeles.

It is the Largest MMA Promoter in the World And Features Most of the Top-ranked Fighters In the Sport.

Based in Las Vegas,Nevada,USA the SCXC Produces events worldwide that showcase 8 Weight divisions and abide by the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts.

Im Proudly to Present to you.The Sin City XC are now open.And wil ...[cont]

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USFC 134: Sunday, January 22, 2017
The Sandman (12-8) vs Sanford Fanning (14-8) 205lbs title
Josh Miller (14-14-1) vs Balfour Darrow (12-4) 135lbs title
Abdullah Zaire (10-4) vs Alasdair Thacker (11-5) 185lbs title

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Newest events announced (non QFC)
LH46: TBA - 19 Mar 17 - The Island
LH45: TBA - 17 Mar 17 - The Island
LH44: TBA - 12 Mar 17 - The Island
LH43: TBA - 10 Mar 17 - The Island
LH42: TBA - 08 Mar 17 - The Island
LH41: TBA - 05 Mar 17 - The Island
LH40:TBA - 03 Mar 17 - The Island
LH39: TBA - 24 Feb 17 - The Island
LH38: TBA - 19 Feb 17 - The Island
LH37:TBA - 17 Feb 17 - The Island
LH36: TBA - 12 Feb 17 - The Island
LH35: TBA - 10 Feb 17 - The Island
Syn 507 - - 22 Feb 17 - London
OFC 263: Quarantine - 01 Mar 17 - Montreal
Madness MMA Clown Caos 6 - 01 Mar 17 - Tokyo
VFA Wednesday Fights 3 - 22 Feb 17 - Amsterdam
EVO 02152017 - 15 Feb 17 - London
EVO 02082017 - 08 Feb 17 - Los Angeles
RFC 32: Nuclear Strike - 18 Feb 17 - Hilo
DFC 21: Belliveau Vs Stephens - 18 Feb 17 - Sydney
Other companies
2016 Company of the Year!
Thanks to all your support for making Sully's Bar & Grill the Company of the Year for 2016!

We started off on The Island with limited resources and we slowly built our brand to give you the best quality products at low prices!! To celebrate us winning Company of the Year 2016 I have lowered the price of all 5 of my 160q products from the already low price of $200 to $160!

Hit me up for a sponsorship and you will get a further 10% off!!

Until next tim ...[cont]

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Coaching changes
Hi everyone

I want to key you guys know I'm going to be cutting 2 coaches in the near future.
Not sure when but when I know you guys will know.

Blackstar Striking Academy
Craig Bobby

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New Ownership / Shop Manager Appointed
SiTech Clothing is now under new ownership. I want to assure our customers it will be business as usual.

Company Founder Mr Hughes (Manager ID 114500) has been appointed as Shop Manager. Contact him with you fighters ID numbers for sponsorships. He will also continue to make new designs for the company.

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Price Hike
Sadly the gym is losing money... I will continue to do everything I can to keep costs low, however at this time an additional $25 dollar per week price increase is required.
I remain confident that you will not find a better gym for the price.
If membership numbers rise I will strongly consider lowering the price of training.
Thank you all for your understanding.

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Everyone has 2 days to find a new gym. Mike will be deleting my account once I close the gym which will happen this sunday.

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Gym is now Private
Hey everyone, our gym has become private and I thought I should let you know. I want to really focus on the people we have and might add, so if you have any requests or suggestions or complaints, please let me know. I check this gym and my mail at least once per day. If you have or know anyone you want invited, please don't hesitate to let me know.

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Aspire Clothing
Just had a big influx of sales so check the out of stock list to see the full range on offer.

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Aspire Clothing - New Signature Series in store now
Check out the first few pieces of our new Signature Series in store now. More designs to come. Everything still only $30 for the first week.

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Basic training at reasonable price, due to expand soon!!

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Aspire Clothing London - $30 OPENING SALE
Opening Sale. Everything $30

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Aspire Clothing - New to London
Welcome to the newest clothing joint to hit London. I noticed there wasn't much choice on Highstreet so come on in and check out what we've got to offer. Everything currently $100. New stock arriving frequently.

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MMA Prop Bets Available!
This weeks MMA prop bet is for Bellator Ortiz VS Sonnen. The bet is: Fight Will Go 3 Round Distance at -165 or Fight Won't go 3 Rounds at +125. Message me to place the bet. We are the most trusted bookmaker on Highstreet.
Congratulations to Khal Stark
We want take a moment to recognize our teammate Khal Stark for regaining his MMA-Helsinki bantamweight title. M

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Welcome to Savage Kartel MMA
Welcome to Savage Kartel MMA Tokyo
Ask yourself is my fighter FiT enough to be a SaVaGe.
1. To last in any fight one must have Cardio.
2.To strike in any manner successfully one must have perfect mixture of Speed and Agility.
3. To inflict damage one must have Strength
4.To remain upright on must have Balance
5.To effectively move on the feet and on the ground one must always be Flexible.
These Aspect of a fighter we must train first before any ...[cont]

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Unofficial Sparring Schedule
If you're looking to spar:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday = Muay Thai Sparring

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday = Boxing Sparring

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Most recent events
LH30: Hackett vs Harrak III - 22 Jan - The Island
StrikeForce Union #44 - 22 Jan - London
Syn 500 - Cabrera vs Rocker - 22 Jan - London
ROTR Semi-Finals - 155 & 170 - 21 Jan - Hilo
RFC 27: Fearless Ambition - 21 Jan - Hilo
Kickboxing EventFC: A Champion is Born - 21 Jan - Hilo
OFC 252: Sin City - 21 Jan - Las Vegas
KOFC 22 - Diehard vs Gomez - 21 Jan - Las Vegas
gc133 - 21 Jan - Las Vegas
LFC 18 - 21 Jan - Los Angeles
HFC 297 Taylor vs Prime - 21 Jan - Los Angeles
GFC 3 The Crowning - 21 Jan - Los Angeles
Just Bleed 21 - 21 Jan - Los Angeles
Kickboxing EventGAMMA MT 34 - Deal Vs Kane - 21 Jan - Los Angeles
GAMMA#608 Volkov v Williams - 21 Jan - Los Angeles
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