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OFC 240: Ravager REVIEW

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Damn Canada, back at it again with a great night of fights! All eyes were on the Great White North as the UFC rolled in to town. Luckily for them, we held an Event of our own right here in the OFC just before theirs. As there's no doubt we would've affected the PPV numbers if we went head to head. No titles were on the line this time but major title implications were as new contenders stepped up to the plate. Without further ado, let's run it all back with a Full Review!

Let's start with the main event; Chulainn vs Blasts. Do you remember the teacher textbooks in school with all the answers in the back? Clearly Blasts does, because he had one of his own in his back pocket for this fight. Chulainn came in with a solid gameplan wanting to and getting the fight to the ground then working the ground n pound. Unfortunately for him, Blasts was ready for each one by repeatedly stuffing takedowns and getting back up off the ground. When the fight was on the feet, Blasts well...blasted away, with simply an Exceptional performance coming out with the Unanimous Decision Victory.

Where does Blasts go from here? Well, we'll have to see how our Co-Main event played out. An obvious answer would be matching up the two Middleweight Winners from last night. As Cause stated yesterday, we're currently dealing with a Champless Division. Once two clear contenders can string a few wins together, it's theirs for the taking. Let's find out who Blasts will be facing in a #1 Contender fight for the title...

Spoiler Alert: Jesse "THE SNAKE" Blake through sheer dominance. It's like he heard someone say 'Vacant Championship' and went for it like the last bread roll at a family dinner. There was a couple slight scares as he took the fight to the ground and Four attempted a few half-hearted submissions. Not wanting to risk the loss, Blake stood up and proceeded to put him back down. After rocking him again down there, Blake got up to finish him off with a relentless combo. Blake will move on to face our Main Event winner Blasts in a #1 Contender fight. The OFC is aiming to have this fight take place early in the New Year at OFC: Blood Night XXXI.

Next up we got a rising Heavyweight contender Cannondale Trail looking to continue his winning ways, coming in to the fight with a 3 fight win streak. Can he keep it going against a gritty veteran with 80+ Career fights? It turned out to be one of the more interesting fights on the card with the entire scrap taking place in the clinch! This is why I love this sport, as it showed off the importance of being well-rounded. Being one dimensional will only get you so far. Finishing the fight from the clinch in under 3 minutes, Cannondale Trail continued to the show the world that the hype is real. Can't wait to see where this win leads him, a shot at the Gold can't be too far at this point.

Finally, I wanted to shift the focus to our Top Performing Award winners of the night. Daniels and Laurence fought a closely contested affair. After getting Cut, Rocked, Knocked down and almost finished in the 1st round, Laurence came back to take the 2nd. It all came down to the final round where both men showed a lot of heart. Daniels refused to lose however after almost letting the fight slip through his hands. He'll be meeting OFC 239's Knockout of the Night Award Winner Cam Newton at OFC 244: Parley before year's end.

Submission and KO Award winners; yup, we had those too. Joe Bradley made undefeated and appropriately named Sissy Bitch...well...his bitch with a 1st Round KO via Punches. And Featherweight Chico Morales scored a slick armbar submission on a gritty William McDougal at the 4:58 mark of the 1st round. Enjoy the 10k guys, hopefully it's put to good use but hey, Christmas is just around the corner, could always buy your King something nice...I kid, I kid.

And that about wraps it up for this review. Really hope everyone's enjoying what Cause McDubree and myself are doing here for you guys. Trying our hardest to keep MMATycoon, the OFC and all of the fights fun for everyone. We currently have a roster of 190+ Fighters, would love to see us reach the 200 mark soon so if you have any unsigned fighters looking for a home, let me know! We'll most likely be moving to 3 events a week once we do reach our goal, so I hope you're ready for what we have planned in 2017! See you in a few days for OFC 241: Seyedi vs Coleman where the OFC Light Heavyweight Championship will be up for grabs!

King Justus

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