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By Alika Webb

Superheavyweights are set to headline Gammaís historic six hundredth event in Londonís Wombley Arena. The number one contendership for the goliath division will be on the line in the co-main event. When the walls start shaking and the earth starts quaking, donít fear because thatís what happens when these giants collide in the cage. The world-renowned Gamma has done it again by putting forth an amazing event that will undoubtedly go down in the history books.

Main event:
265+ lbs - Luis Torres (24-7) Vs Gerbert Bryant (17-7)

Nominated as one the best superheavyweight fighters on the planet in 2016, Luis "El Caliente" Torres will be looking to defend the superheavyweight strap for the second time. Undefeated under the Gamma banner is his challenger Gerbert Bryant. The cage will be set ablaze when these two mastodons open fire on each other.

There is no doubt that the champion loves to stand and bang. He is famous for having finished all his wins by KO or TKO. In his entire career he has only heard the final bell twice. There is beauty in the simplicity of the champions style, everything he touches crumbles under his might. His first title defense against Zeus Leonidas proved no different. The powerful wrestler did his best to close the distance but it was the strength of the champion that closed the curtains in the very first round.

Gerbert Bryant may not have been elected but he is known as the president. His knowledge of the swing states may help him in the cage as swinging for the fences is what the champion is known for. Gerbert is no stranger to stand up wars but itís his elite Olympic wrestling that really makes him a dangerous opponent for the champion. Should he be able to take this fight to the ground, the champion could be in a world of trouble.

Co-main event:
265+ lbs - Thomas Bannon (16-8) Vs Toni Eerkilaa (26-13)

Another superheavyweight collision as these two powerhouses will decide whoís next in line for a shot at the coveted Gamma superheavyweight title. They donít like to leave it in the hands of the judges as fists will be flying and in the end only one will be left standing in the cage.

Thomas "The Cannon" Bannon will be looking to throw bombs as he steps in the cage. With a perfect finishing rate, itís hard to believe that this Irish cannon has not had a chance to be in a title fight. Riding a three fight winning streak, Bannon should be looking to extend it to four in a row. A tough as nails kickboxer in heart and soul, you wonít see this guy shooting for takedowns anytime soon.

Toni "The Mountain" Eerkilaa is solid like a rock, this insurmountable wall of muscle will have a small reach and weight advantage. The Finnish mountain is no stranger to title fights, having won titles in previous organizations heís fought for. The Gamma superheavyweight title is another matter altogether though as heís already unsuccessfully vied for the title just two months ago. Coming off a first round knockout, the heavy handed Eerkilaa will look to make a statement as a chance to fight for such a prestigious championship doesnít come around often in the shark tank that is the superheavyweight division.

205 lbs - Lars Voller (35-19) Vs Kai Kha (17-7)

Will age go over beauty in this fight? 37 year old veteran Lars Voller is set to face eleven years younger prospect Kai Kha.

Lars Voller might be fighting time but the knockout artist sure proved he could still go against the best when he faced living legend Viv Richards. He stood toe to toe with the Gamma icon and even managed to steal a round. Despite not getting his hand raised at the end, he didnít back down from the fight. Spending half his fighting career in Gamma, this perennial gatekeeper will look to put his experience to use to get the victory.

Fresh off his promotional debut, Malawi native Kai Kha got his baptism by fire. There are no easy fights in Gamma, that point was made clear when Kha was knocked down not once but twice in the very first round of his last fight. Kha came back very strong with a chip on his shoulder as he returned the favor by knocking his opponent down twice in the third round before finishing him off. This headstrong young prospect wants to make a name for himself in Gamma and a win against the veteran should do just that.

205 lbs - Tony Siblas (25-8-1) Vs Charles BatzCastelmore (15-7)

Tony Siblas is having some consistency trouble as he has been alternating between wins and losses. The win against Humphrey Baker should give him the confidence to move forward and get another winning streak going. Now that the pressure if off, the well rounded Siblas can take the fight to wherever he wants it to go. He usually likes to pick his shots from the outside but when the time is right he doesnít mind closing the distance either.

A man whoís currently on a roll with a four fight winning streak, Charles "DíArtagnan" BatzCastelmore made his promotional debut last month. He outworked his opponent and while he didnít manage to finish the fight, it wasnít for a lack of trying. He tactically laid the groundwork and when the opportunity came he tried to go for the kill. BatzCastelmore is a menace in the clinch and his methodical approach could be the difference maker in his next fight.

145 lbs - Bart Bunga (19-2-1) Vs Underestimated Dillashaw Junior (24-20-1)

Having an incredible twenty fight undefeated streak snapped can be tough to process but losing against one the best featherweight fighters on the planet is nothing to be ashamed of. Bart "The Irish Hammer" Bunga took a hit when he challenged Lukasz "Wally" Wolek for the featherweight belt. He looked a little out of his depth but the loss could be just the motivation he needs to rise higher than he has ever gone before. This shorty packs a punch and can finish the fight at a momentís notice. His footwork, accuracy and fluidity altogether is simply a pleasure to watch. When you see his record you might not think much of him but donít underestimate Dillashaw Junior. Thatís how this snake in the grass gets you, when you think the fight is already won before itís started youíve already lost against this scrappy striker.

185 lbs - Taneli Hauki (30-20-1) Vs Katsu Laoka (22-10-3)

The battle of doom, they may both be in the same alliance but when the door closes behind them alliances don't mean anything. Taneli Hauki proved that you're only as old as you feel because he looked like a fighter in his prime when he demolished Yrjoe Velmu. This kickboxer doesnít think itís time to hang up his gloves just yet. "The Meat Cleaver" Katsu Laoka saw his winning streak halted by one of the divisions stars on the rise James Howlett. Even in defeat Laoka looked good and now he wants to get his momentum back. Laoka is a striker who loves his dirty boxing. Can Hauki get a good thing going with another victory or will Laoka close the distance faster than his own shadow to get his hand raised?

205 lbs - Humphrey Baker (18-10) Vs Medium Hardon (16-9)

Humphrey "Glass Chin" Baker might not have the most resilient chin but when this guy hits you, youíre going to going to feel it for days. For every punch he takes, heíll throw one back at you. If you hit him, he just says that he doesnít care, he loves it. He always looks to put on a good show for the fans and the fans love him for that. Medium Hardon is an elite wrestler who can stand and trade just fine. Heíll be setting up his takedowns with his hard strikes but itís the ground where he wants to go to. Donít miss an exciting classic striker Vs grappler match-up!

155 lbs - Roger Cantor (22-13) Vs Gonna Spanked (39-16-2)

Poised for greatness should he win this fight. Hailing from Brighton, Colorado Roger Cantor made a big impression by knocking out Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi with a huge wrestling slam. The town motto ďwhat we value today is what we become tomorrowĒ could not be more appropriate for Cantor. Currently on a four fight win streak, a win can establish this high level grappler in the division. Gonna "Get" Spanked is feeling old age creeping up at him and another loss could not only be a big setback but possible also a career ender for the now 38 year old all-round mixed martial artist. Spanked is feeling the pressure but a cornered animal is a dangerous animal so Cantor needs to be careful if he wants to walk away victorious.

205 lbs - Brad May (19-9) Vs Pavel Dubrov (29-18)

From the mean streets of Toronto, Canada Brad May took a beating in his last fight but he never gave up. Fighting through the pain he survived until the final bell rang. Heíll be looking to redeem himself and let his punishing strikes do all the talking when the fight starts. "The Bear" Pavel Dubrov is also on a path of redemption as he now lost two fights in a row. The 37 year old Russian has the experience advantage and can take care of business wherever the fight takes place. The Russian has a mean Muay Thai clinch but that doesnít mean he wonít stand and bang with the best of them.

155 lbs - Lik Alotadik (33-20-3) Vs Alexandr Kuznetsov (16-12-1)

Lik Alotadik is a 39 year old well-rounded veteran that has been around in Gammaís lighter weight classes for an incredibly long time. He made his promotional debut at Gammaís three hundred seventy-fourth event. Now over two hundred events later he is still alive and kicking. He just saw a three fight winning streak snapped by Daft Young and heíll be looking to school his next opponent. Even an old dog still has its tricks but Alexandr Kuznetsov has been around the block a few times and knows what to expect. Kuznetsov is a striker who likes to wear down his opponents, he likes to press forward and if you donít push back youíre going to be in a lot of trouble.

Will the earth move when the goliaths come to play or will the rest of the card try to steal their thunder? Donít miss out on this action packed card in London!

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