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OFC 241: Seyedi vs Coleman preview (from Cause McDubree)

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The barrage of bookings at Hayashi’s Lounge for premium ticket holders continues Wednesday night when Ontario Fight Club offers up their second Title match-up to the paying public since it’s reincarnation. Wanna see your guy’s name in lights?- fight for a belt in the OFC and voila- he’s an immortal superstar, well, at least until mike figures the headaches aren’t worth the revenues and closes up shop on us…
in 2043!

Here and now, it’s all about the bigger fellas, as our three mains kick off with a HW eliminator followed by a couple LHW bouts that include the long awaited return of the division’s strap being put in play in our Main event of the evening!

205 lb. Title (-115) Ali Seyedi (31-18) vs (-115) Greg “Technicolour” Coleman (15-7)

Since I recruited Ali for Aggressive Damage back in 2014, he’s seen his fortune’s fall, rise and fall once again. It all seems to come down to the styles for him- when those stars are aligned right he’s remained a tough out to this day. That may be the case in this much-belated third defense of his crown, as the upstart Coleman offers zero threat of takedowns and hasn’t shown great prowess in the clinch, either. He does hit like a truck, however, which has helped his popularity grow despite the mediocre record. Coming in riding a 3 fight winning streak and just coming into his own at 26, Coleman will be trying to duck kicks from the Champ whilst attempting to drop the bomb on his Couture-ish adversary. Having celebrated his 40th birthday last month, Father Time is chasing down Ali’s legacy here at OFC.

205 lbs. (-138) Junior Brandon (15-17) vs (+104) “Super” Slade Wilson (13-9-3)

Good thing our recruiter isn’t biased over funny lookin’ W/L records or these two might still be waiting for an offer. Both are coming off wins and with another one here to keep the momentum going, should earn a top 5 opponent next time out. Brandon’s had a propensity for stringing together his losses which is understandable when you have great submission skills but can’t get the fight to the ground. That appears to be changing of late and anyone facing him better hope they can keep it standing. Will Wilson?- tough to say but when you’re on your 6th manager in a non-descript career, I’d lean towards no.

265 lbs. (-147) Paulo “Piratito” Lazaro (15-10) vs Damon “Death Touch” Anderson (7-2)

Even though the winner of this contest will find themselves in the thick of the Heavyweight Title picture, that doesn’t mean I’ll be impressed. Looking at their most recent competition, neither of these guy’s are ready for the bright lights. Lazaro did win the Slaughterhouse championship but that was a year ago and it’s been mostly L’s since then, having been finished in 4 of his last 5. Anderson has a nice record but when you see who he’s beaten, it’s hard to gauge his abilities. So since it’s my job, i’m gonna guess they’re so-so and that the Panaminian, “Piratito” will expose the façade.

Seven more battles lead up to these ones, all of which you can wager on at OFC: Official Bets

Looking forward to seeing how this one unfolds then moving onto our first Blood Night card of the new era this Saturday night. Take care til then and remember to set your sliders for every fight!


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