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OFC 241: Seyedi vs Coleman REVIEW

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Who doesn't love some Mid-Week fights to help cure the aches of Hump Day? Don't worry, the OFC's got you covered with what turned out to be a surprisingly entertaining card that completely flew under the radar of most. The OFC Light Heavyweight Champion Ali Seyedi was back in action to defend his Gold for the first time since 2014! Could he get back to his winning ways or will the OFC's next generation of superstars make an immediate impact? All of these questions and more were answered at OFC 241: Seyedi vs Coleman. Without further ado, let's run it all back with a Full Review!

Let's get right to the nitty-gritty, our Headliners; Greg Coleman, Ali Seyedi and the OFC Light Heavyweight Championship. The Champ Seyedi came out swinging like he was Negan with a baseball bat! Coleman however, refused to be Glenn today or go out on his knees. Within the first minute, the fight moved to the clinch which was immediately revealed to be a major part of Coleman's strategy and gameplan. Seyedi tried his best to escape but was put back in his place, where he continued to be worked over. 2nd Round didn't seem to go much better when Coleman almost stopped the fight with his Exceptional Muay Thai and Dirty Boxing skills. I actually happened to glance over cageside and Seyedi's family were shielding their eyes from what was taking place. As a fight fan however, I was more or less in awe.

Heading in to the 3rd round, there were whispers throughout Hayashi's Lounge, wondering if Seyedi would even be able to make it out of his corner. Showing the heart of a Champion...he did. Followed by showing the folding ability of a lawn chair. After throwing a lazy body kick, Coleman just crumpled him, knocking him out before he hit the obvious choice for the Knockout of the Night. Coleman's confidence has got to be through the roof at this point after capturing the gold. All celebration's will be forced to a halt unfortunately, as he already has his next challenger and fight lined up for him. To find out who it is, we have get to the results of our Co-Main event...

...Where the #1 Contendership was on the line. With a record like Junior Brandon's, he's easy to look past. But if any real scouting was done then Slade Wilson had to know he had a real challenge in front of him. Coming in as a Black Belt and Abu Dhabi Champ, it was no secret he likes his subs; Meatball, how you doin'? Cold Cut Combo, how you doin'? Pizza, how you doin'? I think you get my point. As soon as the bell rang, the fight was on the floor. Many people could've easily mistaken his coach as Kevin Hart at that moment while shouting "Noo, he wasn't ready". This is where the entire round took place, might not have been the most exciting 5 minutes to watch but a real chess match was happening on in front of our eyes. Round One Brandon. The next two rounds Wilson was able to adapt and find a way to overcome the deficit by working his superior standup. After a complete mishap of a start, Wilson coasted to the unanimous Decision victory. It's right back to the gym however, as he now meets newly crowned OFC Light Heavyweight Champion Greg Coleman at our Big New Year's Eve Show OFC 245: Reclaim.

In our Fight of the Night Runner-up, we saw two rising Heavyweight Prospects Paulo Lazaro and Damon Anderson go back n forth in their claim to greatness. Sometimes fights like this really show a fighter's toughness, and let's managers have faith in their roster through wins and losses. I think Anderson showed that today after getting rocked in the first, and impersonating Zack Morris being Saved by the Bell in the 2nd, then coming back to take the 3rd round. Lazaro may have come away with the Official win moving up the ranks but sheer survival and toughness can also be looked at and taken as a personal victory.

Our final award winners saw two Light Heavyweights; Huma Krynn and Bobby Tupper V going toe to toe winning Fight of the Night. It may not have lasted long with Krynn finishing the fight at the 2:13 mark but my eyes were glued to the screen for as long as it did. I think both of these men were born with the same mentality of kill or be killed...and I thank them for it. And then there was Welterweight Arthur Halo who came away with the Submission of the Night award/victory over Noam Chomsky after 22 attempts in their about determination.

So there you have it folks, another fun event in the books! Hopefully the rest of your week goes well as we prepare for OFC: Blood Night XXX. This event will have a strong focus on developing some fresh talent for a bunch of divisions. Should be great to see who emerges as the future of the OFC. Lastly, we're always looking to recruit fighters of all skill levels, if you have any unsigned fighters looking for a home just let me know!

King out.

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