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OFC Blood Night XXX preview (from Cause McDubree)

Org name: OFC: Ontario Fight Club
Fighters signed: 109
Number of events: 431
Base: Montreal
Owner: King Justus
Website: OFC: Official Bets
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135 Buck Futter Antun Racic
145 Nick Shamrock Maui Built
155 Bed Intruder Gary Tonon
170 Pekka Pera Gunnar Johnsson
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The just bleed crowd is already lining up outside Hayashi’s in Montreal as I write this for the 30th installment of OFC’s Blood Night series of fights. The original poster has been dusted off and is back in circulation and a bunch of new fighters are under it’s banner looking to make their first imprint on the org’s history books.

What’s the significance behind this ongoing promotion?- I’ve never bothered to ask, even though I’ve had fighters involved in years gone by. Always assumed it was further encouragement to go out on your shield but it may be the Red Cross have a booth inside accepting donations; perhaps King Justus will illuminate further upon Review. Production crew has showed up so with time running short, let’s take a look at tonight’s top bouts (odds courtesy OFC Official Bets).

(-147) David ‘The California Cobra’ Grossman (10-8) vs (+111) Koba Wyatt (3-0)

Our Main event is a cut and dried affair revolving around that age old question; can (insert name here, in this case, Grossman) get the takedown before he gets KO’d? The redflags that gets me wondering is seeing him come in to a fight of this magnitude without a full gas tank and short on morale, the reported all night raver bashes he’s been frequenting in the city must be taking a lot out of him. That’s why the Scorpions loved California; they REALLY know how to pawr-tee. Wyatt appears to be a fast learner for a still young-ish student and quality striker but we’ve only got 3 uncared for tomato cans from the Quick Fight circuit to compare him to so we’re left guessing how good he is. This will be his first test against a more grizzled vet , who even at half speed will provide us with a better indication of which direction the youngster’s heading.

(+120) ‘Sledgehammer’ Jaius Garcius (32-33-1) vs (-160) Iko ‘The Psycho’ Morrowind (4-0)

I can’t help but pull for long time scrappers like the Athenian, Garcius, who doesn’t let poor results deter his quest for glory. Interesting to note he comes to us off the QF scene, having immediately avenged losses to two different foes recently, so if he can’t get it done tonight I campaign for a rematch. He’s facing off against a young gun out to make a name for himself off the veteran’s back but since Garcius seems better prepared than Grossman and Morrowind not as fast a learner, he may find the going more difficult than his stablemate Wyatt does in the bout that proceeds this.

(+111) Billy ‘Blitz’ Marques (3-2) vs (-147) Josh ‘The Dentist’ Neer (3-1)

Gotta say off the hop; if you’ve never seen Josh Neer take on Mac Danzig, pls find it at your favourite fight sight asap to see a student of the old skool at his Frankenstein finest. As for the OFC’s version, like two of the other athletes we’ve seen tonight, he needs to change his clothes more often. I probably average once a week the past year and morale is never the issue when one of my guys gets hung with an L. Have to give your fighters the best chance possible each time out and a little tlc’s all that’s required to keep you from looking for a pound of cure down the road. On paper, you have to side with oddsmakers believing The Dentist’s striking skills will get the better of Marques but when the sample size of opponents is so slim, you really can’t be so sure. These fights often come down to hidden abilities and managers ability to set the right gameplan.

I’ll be there seeing how things unfold, in what? less than 3 hour’s time- quick hit SEND!


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