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Blood. Just the slight sight of some of that red stuff can completely change the complexity of a fight. Whether it affects a fighter's vision or showers the fans in the front row...there's no denying it's a part of the sport. So why not dedicate an entire night of fights to something that flows through all of us...for the 30th time. Without further ado, let's run it all back with a Full Review!

Let's start with everybody's favorite division; the Heavyweights. Our main event featured the classic styles clash of striker versus grappler, don't tuck your chin for this one. In the red corner we had David "The Californian Cobra" Grossman, a popular Abu Dhabi Champ who had bounced around between managers and organizations as of late, taking on rising hard hitting prospect; Koba Wyatt.

There was only two ways I saw this fight going, Koba losing an arm or Grossman being laid out. Looks like Grossman was on to this also, soon as the fight began he rushed like the running of the bulls determined to bring Koba to the ground. Unfortunately for Grossman, Koba has been gifted with the springs of a jack in the box, popping back up immediately which may have been a bit discouraging for the talented Black Belt. It was all down hill from there as Koba began to work his magic, stuffing takedowns and putting fists to face. It was only a matter of time until Koba unleashed what some are describing as a punch that could've caused the Dinosaurs extinction. After the loss, Linda Blair actually tweeted Grossman, praising his head spinning performance citing it rivaled hers from The Exorcist.

In our co-main event of the evening, I feel like the best way to describe this fight would be to post the gif of the Just Bleed guy, beers in hand n all aka me on the average Saturday night. Similar to our main event, we saw a grizzled war vet with a resume of 60+ fights taking on another rising prospect in Iko "The Psycho" Morrowind. At first glance, primaries would suggest Iko may be in for a long night if he can't stop Jaius' Exceptional wrestling. Luckily for Iko, albeit the heat of the moment or a lapse in judgement for Jaius but his Exceptional wrestling was hardly attempted. Because of this, he got completely lit up on the feet and busted up throughout forcing the ref to stop the fight at the 4:58 mark of the 3rd round. Really ref? It's Blood freakin' Night XXX! Hopefully someone walks him to his car later or the crowd in attendance may continue to paint the town red.

The last fight I wanted to highlight featured two young pups looking to make a name for themselves; Billy Marques and Josh "The Dentist" Neer. And that's what events like this are all about; gaining experience while rising through the ranks. We can't all become stars overnight...unless your name is Conor Mc-fookin'-Gregor but I digress. Let's get back to Billy, coming in to the fight with his back against the wall losing his last two, he knew exactly what he had to do. Clinch, Takedown, Sub, Sub, Sub. No, I didn't just put in a cheat code, that was just the solution to the problem known as Josh Neer. Billy Marques walks away with the Submission of the Night bonus for his Rear Naked Choke while Neer walks away with a towel covering his head after that disappointing performance.

And that about wraps it up for this Review, hope everyone enjoyed the night of fights and had a bloody good time. See what I did there? Anyways...onwards and upwards, OFC 242: Stranger Things takes place this Wednesday followed by our Holiday Special on Christmas! And on that subject, make sure you leave out some cookies n milk for Santa along with some Wiser's n Pepsi for the King! All joking aside though, for the Holiday season; Eat Good, enjoy the time spent with loved ones and most importantly Stay Safe, Don't drink n drive!

King Out.

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