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OFC 245: Reclaim preview (from Cause McDubree)

Org name: OFC: Ontario Fight Club
Fighters signed: 112
Number of events: 425
Base: Montreal
Owner: King Justus
Website: OFC: Official Bets
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It’s an all caps, double exclamation; WOWZA!! for Ontario Fight Club’s long-awaited return to the Expo in Montreal, where we’re hoping 5000+ fans will be on hand to witness a Quadroplex of Titles on the line (or four, for the laymen amongst us). The affair is going to be so shiny, management is passing out free sunglasses at the door so our valued patrons don’t go blind, so without further ado, let’s get to the scrap talk (odds courtesy OFC: Official Bets)

185 lb Title (-147) Darren ‘Hurt’ Lockyer (39-18-2) vs (+111) Bobby ‘the Black Knight’ Bishop (30-15-1)

A couple of grizzled but still talented vets bang heads in our Main Event of this spectacular evening of action, with immensely popular, FA pickup, Lockyer deserving of the favourite status based on stronger form of late and an innate ability to live up to the moniker throughout his career, scoring a phenomenal 35 T/KO’s to date. On Bishop’s side is durability; having only been flattened once after fighting in some of the toughest org’s this game has to offer. Something’s gotta give- either Bishop’s chin or Lockyer’s gas tank, futilely trying to crack it.

155 lb Title (-300) Ryan Hopkins (24-13-1) vs (+213) Boe Hogan (34-17)

What a thrill for the org to see Hopkins follow Ali Sayedi’s lead and bring his belt back home to try and extend his legacy in the Montreal fight scene. Here’s another good guy who I signed to AD way back, who went on to win their Title on two occasions before finding success elsewhere before hitting a recent slide. On the other side is the well-rounded Hogan, who comes to us with a similar pedigree, in that he’s fought some of the baddest Lightweights on the planet and came through with a winning record. No idea why he’s deemed such a steep underdog in this match-up but I’m going to go throw 5k on him now and if there’s something I missed, find out the hard way.

135 lb Title (+156) Jose Cronos (32-17) vs (-213) Ali ‘The Nubian’ Pasha (22-12-2)

We sincerely thank Jose Cronos for being the third Title holder to return to the fold to defend his strap after the extended absence. It’s been a boon for us not to have to strip them from those who left upon close, as it’s a Debbie Downer on the org’s hype rating. Like most, the journey since has seen it’s ups and downs but he still looks sharp and poses multiple challenges to the younger Pasha, who’s hardly a Nube. Coming in riding a three fight win streak, which concluded with a TKO over his personal nemesis who’d beaten him twice previously, Pasha may be putting it all together at the right time. Having received his black belt, Ali’s ground skills appear better on paper but I’m not so sure it will play out that way on canvas.

265 lb Title (-140) Greg ‘Technicolor’ Coleman (17-8) vs (+111) ‘Super’ Slade Wilson (14-9-3)

Coleman defends the Title he recently won for the first time against the tough talking, Wilson, who’s coupled two decision wins in a row over mediocre competition with an incessant twitter campaign directed at the OFC offices into the first Championship match in a fairly ho-hum ledger to date. We do know he means business and will be coming in guns blazing, fresh as a daisy. Coleman will be no pushover though- this guy always brings it until the end, bitter or otherwise. Now on a four fight win streak and sharper than ever, I don’t see him losing his momentum New Year’s Eve, despite Slade’s assurances to the contrary.

That’s a wrap gang, no time to edit so forgive any run on sentences, etc. gotta get some sleep for that 6 am alarm and won’t make it back home until this awesome Event has played out. Really looking forward to it and trust you all are as well; a good rating will go a long way towards a better contract in your next round of negotiations!

All the best,

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