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Org name: Global Association of MMAô
Fighters signed: 91
Number of events: 751
Base: Las Vegas
Owner: Mentor Guru Corleone
Website: GAMMA Historical Archive
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GAMMA#716 Goodman v Jones 2018-06-23 Los Angeles
GAMMA#717 Gower v Springs 2018-06-30 Los Angeles
GAMMA#718 LA 2018-07-07 Los Angeles
GAMMA#719 London 2018-07-07 London
GAMMA#720 LA 2018-07-14 Los Angeles
Weight Name Last Win
135 Karol Mirowski Kira Miyata
145 Gareth Keenan Tony Ramos
155 Jeff Gower Ray Malenko
170 Musta Laine Tim Pierno
185 Saul Goodman Hector Verama
205 Ghazi Okah Menace Defoe
265 Hennan Hoyce Charles DaCoca
265+ Dustin Kruger Callum Pagnozzi

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By Alika Webb

Mentor is throwing a big old party up in LA
twenty of GAMMAís finest will be fighting that day.
The whole place is gonna be jam-packed
because the card is damn well stacked!
Let's rock, everybody, let's rock!

Everybody on Mentorís clock
will be dancing to the GAMMA Rock!

The Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts proudly presents a night of exquisite action and excitement on the twenty-first of January. Russian superstar Ilya Mstislav Volkov is set to defend the welterweight title against a man he knows all too well, former champion Stanly Williams. In the co-main event two welterweights will also be keeping an eye on the main event as they make their case for a title opportunity. Also on the card is the newly crowned middleweight champion, Piotr Rokicki who will be looking to defend his belt for the very first time.

Main event:

170 lbs - Ilya Mstislav Volkov (21-6) Vs Stanly Williams (34-19-1)

Main eventing the historic event are two world class welterweights. Ranked the number five best welterweight at the moment of writing this article is the champion Ilya Mstislav Volkov. Set to challenge the new welterweight champion is the former champion - Stanly Williams Ė who is currently ranked the eighth best welterweight on the planet. These two elite warriors are no strangers to each other as they have faced off twice before. Both times Stanly Williams ended up getting his hands raised but when they face each other now things stand very differently for both of them.

Ilya Mstislav Volkov is well on his way to getting back to his former glory as he is not only on a four fight winning streak but he has also just won the GAMMA welterweight title. Formerly a middleweight fighter, this heavy-handed kickboxer dropped some weight when he entered GAMMA. After struggling a bit to find his place in the division Volkov now seems ready to lead it. To prove that he is truly worthy as a champion he will need to put a stop to a challenger he has lost to twice before. This will be a heavy burden to carry into the cage but is just the challenge he needs to prove himself. Their previous fights went the distance but those were three round fights, Volkov now gets two extra rounds to either finish the fight or score enough points for the judges.

38 year old Stanly Williams is fighting time and defying all odds as he continues to successfully compete on the highest level. Williams was the champion until recently when he lost the title in a very close back and forth battle with Lao Shin that ended at the end of the third round. Williams didnít let the loss get to him and came back strong when he finished dangerous striker Miguel Pereira with a textbook kimura. The elite grappler also packs quite a punch which makes him a dangerous foe wherever the fight takes place. Considering heís already beaten the current champion twice before he should be looking to make it a trifecta.

Co-main event:

170 lbs - Lao Shin (17-6) Vs Mats Sundvison (24-11)

In another elite welterweight showdown, Lao Shin "To Chin" who just lost the title looks to rebound from that loss and get a rematch as soon as possible. Standing in the way of the Shaolin monk is Indonesian brawler "Take Him To The" Mats Sundvison.

Lao Shin is an all round martial artist, he can not only defend himself but also finish wherever the fight takes place. That much was clear when he won the title from Stanly Williams, who is now looking to win back the title in the main event. It was a very close fight that went all over the place but it ended on the ground. Williams took the fight to the ground but it was the Shaolin monk that finished it there. The sky was the limit when he faced his first challenger as a champion but Ilya Mstislav Volkov proved too much to handle for Shin. He was never in any trouble but he didnít do enough to earn the win and thus the judges handed the victory to Volkov.

Mats Sundvison loves to go to war. He is an intense brawler and while he has knockout power lately he has been focusing on a more controlled and evasive style. Striking and moving out of the way before he gets hit. This is a very smart and strategic move that has already brought him a modicum of success. The question remains though if that will be enough against Lao Shin who is dangerous no matter where the fight takes place and always shows a sense of urgency. His evasiveness could be a huge factor in keeping the fight standing but even if it does he needs to make sure he does enough to earn the victory.

155 lbs - Geoffrey Barbossa (19-3-2) Vs Robin Yount (19-8)

From the isle of Tortuga in Haiti comes Geoffrey Barbossa and he is fearless in battle. He is a very calculated kickboxer who likes to avoid the danger. He may only have four finishes on his resume but he has only been finished once in his career. This is a testament to his both skill and his durability. He likes to stalk his opponents patiently from the outside and closes the distance to break the pace when things start to heat up. Barbossa did exactly that in his promotional debut as he picked apart the Russian Zombie and heíll be looking to do the same to Robin Yount. He comes from a small island thinking the world was huge but now that heís at the top he thinks the world used to be a bigger place.

Things were going so well for Robin Yount when he defeated Fernando Prado for the lightweight title but now it seems like it was all just a dream. A dream thatís turned into a nightmare as he was not only unable to successfully defend his title but he also lost his rematch with Prado to stay in title contendership. A victory is now more than ever necessary for Robin "Rockin" Yount to put a stop to his decline and to remain relevant in the lightweight division. While Yount is also a kickboxer, unlike his opponent he does love to finish fights. Yount is a risk taker, sometimes it pays off and sometimes it doesnít but with a little focus and hard work he can climb back on the mountain. If he can manage to win this one, we can be sure to expect great things from the only 26 year old prospect.

185 lbs - Piotr Rokicki (22-7) Vs Steve Belliveau (26-11)

The middleweight division is in chaos from so many title changes in such a short time. After Ed Gennero shocked the world again when he beat Matt Quin for the second time, he was once again unable to defend the title. As the saying goes while two dogs are fighting over a bone, a third runs away with it and thatís pretty much what happened here. Gennero and Quin were too busy fighting each other that they didnít notice Rokicki lurking in the shadows, waiting for his opportunity to stand in the spotlight. Will Rokicki be just another fighter to be involved in the middleweight divisions title drama or will he be able hold on to the belt and provide order and stability for a division that is being drowned in total anarchy?

Piotr Rokicki started his journey in the GAMMA system by joining GAMMA: Contenders. The official development territory of GAMMA. It is there that he quickly made a name for himself and for his efforts he was rewarded as he was promoted to the big leagues. Since moving up to where the big boys play he has only lost once, against then champion Matt Quin. Even though he lost, he survived all five rounds. The durable kickboxer proved himself quite a dangerous striker on the ground as well, in his last fight he won the title by first knocking down the former champion and then finishing it with some vicious ground and pound.

Fresh off his promotional debut is the challenger, Steve "Bells" Belliveau. Belliveau made quick work of the aging living legend Scotty Bennet and came off a little arrogant for the fans in attendance when he started hyping himself up to the moon in his post fight interview. Everybody loves to hate a bad guy and it got the attention of GAMMA management. He knows what he is talking about though, he has been a champion in previous organizations. Canadian Belliveau loves to close the distance and use his dirty boxing to finish fights but he can also throw some stiff kicks in the mix to keep his opponents guessing before closing the distance.

Will the new champion Piotr Rokicki be able to defend his belt for the very first time or will the Canadian challenger keep the drama going in the middleweight division?

265+ lbs - Arthur Curry (27-17) Vs Gordus Clay (27-8)

In a super heavyweight barnburner, two heavy hitters face off as Irish Arthur Curry takes on the Scottish highlander Gordus Clay.

Arthur Curry is a dangerous striker, all his wins are finishes by either KO or TKO. He has had some mixed success this past year, mostly alternating between wins and losses, he even had to find new management and right now heís coming from a loss. Curry will be looking to put his Irish firepower to use to prove his worth. In his last fight he had a really solid first round, he even managed to knock his opponent down at the start of the first round. It was all for nothing though as a big uppercut knocked him down like a sack of potatoes in the beginning of the second round and that was all she wrote for the Irish brawler.

Gordus "The Highlander" Clay is now standing on the edge of a cliff as his career might be hanging in the balance. At 39 years of age, Clay is now on a three fight losing streak and desperate for a win. That could spell trouble for his opponent as a cornered animal is a dangerous animal. Clay had to find a new manager to represent him, he will be looking to redeem himself and prove to his new manager that he is still in it to win it. Clay started out as a wrestler and while he still uses it regularly itís his boxing that has been standing out in the past couple of months. Clay has been swinging his fists like sledgehammers and pummeling his opponents down to the canvas. Will he continue standing and trading or will he go back to his roots and take the big man down to ground?

170 lbs - Rufus McTearson (39-17-3) Vs Miguel Pereira (16-8)

"Rip" Rufus McTearson had a heck of a run as welterweight champion in 2016 which earned him a nomination for welterweight fighter of the year. Unfortunately the tides have turned and the career of the former champion is starting to decay. Since losing the title he has been switching between decision wins and losses. McTearson has one of the toughest chins in the business, in fact he has never been finished by strikes. He is a dangerous striker and loves to keep his opponents guessing.

Miguel Pereira faces some strong opposition and will have quite a reach disadvantage which could be disastrous for the Brazilian kickboxer. Pereira saw a six fight winning streak go down the drain when he lost to current welterweight champion Ilya Mstislav Volkov and trouble never comes alone as he lost his last fight against current number one contender Stanly Williams. Considering heís only lost to the elite in the division, he is only one win away from being back in title contention. Another loss will keep the Brazilian grounded on the undercard.

265+ lbs - Zeus Leonidas (20-11) Vs Duke Nukem (24-13)

Two behemoths are on a path of redemption as they are both coming from a loss. From Olypus in Greece, Zeus "God King" Leonidas is currently on a two fight losing streak. This former title contender is a dangerous grappler with some solid standup skills to boot. Leonidas will be looking for a career resurgence and a win over Duke Nukem might be just what he needs. Duke "Doomsday" Nukem is like a mirror image of his opponent but he lacks the knockout power that his opponent has shown time and time again. He never loses his composure and always keeps the pressure on as he outworks his opponents.

170 lbs - Evil Kullervo (26-13-1) Vs Graeme Symons (22-11-1)

Evil Kullervo is a dangerous fighter no matter where the fight takes place. He can stand and trade with the best strikers and can grapple with the best grapplers the division has to offer. 1-0 under new management, the resourceful Fin is now looking to get his career back on track. Standing in his way is Graeme Symons who had an eight fight winning streak snapped in his last fight. Symons came back strong after six months of inactivity and looks to rebound from that disappointing loss.

185 lbs - Willy Stoppers (54-29) Vs Jimmy Dias Jimenez (26-16-1)

The 45 year old Willy Stoppers is trying to prove that he isnít too old for this shit. Last month he celebrated his fiftieth stoppage in the cage but just a few weeks later he ended the year on a low note as he tapped to a barrage of strikes. The heavy hitter always swings for the fences and he knows that he just has to hit you once to get you rattled. Jimmy Dias Jimenez managed to snap a three fight losing streak in his farewell fight in his longtime home organization Synchronicity. Now he is set to make his promotional debut against a powerful GAMMA veteran. Jimenez has quite the knack for knockouts as well as he finished 22 of his wins with strikes.

170 lbs - Karl Socha (34-17-1) Vs Diego Aragon (24-19-3)

Karl Socha has been struggling for a while now, winning only two of his last seven fights. But donít count this veteran out just yet, this durable athlete from the Czech Republic is an all round mixed martial artist and his experience can give him just the edge he needs to take his opponent by surprise. Also on a two fight losing streak is "The Soul Collector" Diego Aragon. The Brazilian has quite a lot of experience himself and he is well rounded enough to take care of himself both standing and on the ground. It will be interesting to see if these two veterans will decide to duke it out standing or take this fight to the floor as a third loss could be the beginning of the end for either fighter.

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