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OFC 248: Roadblock REVIEW

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Much like the Authorities when you go on a Five Star Rampage in Grand Theft Auto, the OFC was back to hit you with a Roadblock! In front of a Sold Out crowd at the Hayashi's Lounge in Montreal, the OFC featured it's first of three events in the span of four days. You can really feel the positive fight vibes in the air throughout the city. I actually spoke with one of Main Eventer Ernest Young's biggest fans who traveled here all the way from London...I couldn't make out what he was saying, he was extremely intoxicated, but he gave me the thumbs up a few times. So...Without further ado, let's run it all back with a Full Review!

Let me tell you, booking a main event for this show was a hassle and a half, was beginning to think the entire card was cursed. But in the final hour before rifling the feathers of the commission, Light Heavyweight Benjamin "Duboo" BK stepped up after his loss to Shape Shifter at OFC: Blood Night XXXI just a week ago and agreed to meet OFC Newcomer with the record of 21-6-1; Ernest Young. Coming in to this fight riding a 3 fight losing streak, Bk had to know his back was against the wall...but then again, there's nothing more dangerous than a man with nothing to lose. And that's probably why he came out with a sloppy head kick attempt followed by some aggressive striking. Young seemed a lot more content with being clinical, trying to calculate timing and distance while throwing out some telegraphed strikes. A lot of credit has to be given to both guy's Striking Defense Coaches, as they really worked hard throughout the fight to make each other miss. I Know Edmond Tarverdyan's going to be showing the athletes in his gym this fight tape until the cows come home...Hopefully Rousey's changed camps by then.

First two rounds found a pattern of BK taking them before desperation kicked in for Young. He started the final five minutes by releasing a barrage of precise single strikes; jabs and kicks before being taken down. These two were just too slippery at this point, reversing each other, switching dominant positions before being stood by the ref for the final minute. The look these two gave each other was eerily similar to when Robbie Lawler and Rory Macdonald stood their ground in their fight of the century. BK went to look up at the clock and Young actually clobbered him so hard with an overhand right, the crowd gasped and I thought fables were going to be told of this comeback for years to come. Young tested his chin once more before being saved by the bell, Jessie Spano style and if this were a five round fight, I think we may have had a different result. BK survives to pull off the upset and take the unanimous decision. The big risk of taking this fight is rewarded with a performance bonus and being placed right back in to the mix of things at the top of the Light Heavyweight Division!

Co-Main event time and this fight features another interesting form of matchmaking. One fighter on the come-up; Koba Wyatt (4-0-0) looking to gain experience against a fighter on the come-down; All American (10-11-0) who was riding a 4 fight losing streak. Did we see another feel-good story take place with another man fighting against the odds to turn things around? In short; No...but he certainly gave it a valiant effort. The All American got the takedown in the opening minute, managing to control Koba for a majority of the round, hoping to wear him down a bit with some ground n pound. A close first but it was all down hill from there for the American. 2nd Round saw Koba stuff takedowns like they were Thanksgiving turkeys at a homeless shelter (16/17 on the night)! It seemed like it was only a matter of time before he unleashed what he's known for at this point in his career and fortunately the fans got what they paid to see; another vicious Knockout. At the 4:18 mark, Wyatt planted his feet and threw a brutal three punch combo that sent American crashing swiftly into unconsciousness! Right, left, right! Boom, boom, boom! American face plants, battered and bloodied! He might never be the same again after that finish! Note: Sometimes the game's commentary gets it so correct, it's not even worth changing.

And as great as that Knockout was, there was actually another that bested it. Now 6-1-0 Waymon Lattimore was awarded with the 1st performance bonus of his career for the beautiful brutality he delivered to Lee Grimrock. Both of these guys came to bang, it's like they expected to see a black leather casting couch when they arrived to the cage. But none of that funny stuff was taking place, we were treated to two confident combatants who stood toe to toe. Grimrock was actually fairly efficient with most of his leg kicks but Lattimore was connecting with fists to face like they found each other on Tinder. After getting rocked and wobbling like my grandpa on a skateboard, Grimrock finally fell as if he were frozen momentarily in time. It was sort of like tipping over a Refrigerator in a meat freezer but all jokes aside, we wish Lee a speedy recovery and hope to see him back in the OFC cage soon...once he's had time to thaw out.

Our final performance bonus went to Wiremu Huia for Submission of the Night! It took less than half a round but when you're that good, who needs cardio. After cutting open his opponent; Chris Thompson, on the feet with a crisp hook, Huia proceeded to take him down in to side control. From there, he looked like a trained magician as he began pulling slick submission attempts out of his hat, eventually catching an arm and torquing it for the win by Kimura. In a Welterweight Division filled with more killers than Guantanamo Bay, a victory like this is sure to catch the attention of even some of the most hardened acts.

The final fight I wanted to shine some light on, can best be described as; Short but Sweet. Clocking in at only 53 seconds, these two young guns; Johnny Vegas and Jay Ripley, showed us all what happens when you are filled with Testosterone and keep your chin up while playing real life Rock 'em Sock 'em robots. After getting Dropped n Rocked quicker than Roman Reigns can say "Sufferin' succotash", Ripley gave us his best impression of a baby deer trying to walk before Vegas circled away and darted back in with a big straight right hand. It connected beautifully and sent Ripley tumbling to the canvas! Fights like this are always fun to watch but can certainly affect a fighter's longevity...but did I mention they're fun to watch?

This event was sponsored by the OFC's New Merch partner; MayheM sportswear in Las Vegas. Make sure you guys take the time to check out the shop and add to your wardrobes...even if they're just going to end up in the back of your closet. And the OFC will be back with a Freaky Event for Friday the 13th where the vacant Heavyweight Title will be up for grabs between Derp Wyatt and Cannondale Trail. Followed by OFC 250: Glorious! on Saturday Night where 4 titles will be on the line! Now featuring the largest roster in all of MMATycoon, special things are taking place in the OFC...and we couldn't do it without all of you, so thank you being a part of this as we make history together. Have a great rest of the week and I'll be back Sunday most likely with a full recap of all the exciting action that went down. So yeah, Train hard and Fight Harder.

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