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Org name: Global Association of MMA™
Fighters signed: 124
Number of events: 677
Base: Las Vegas
Owner: Mentor Guru Corleone
Website: GAMMA Historical Archive
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GAMMA#638 Wolek v Junior 2 2017-06-03 Los Angeles
GAMMA#639 Bryant v Hika 2017-06-10 Los Angeles
GAMMA#640 Origi v Kakoulis 2017-06-10 London
GAMMA#641 Hanolla v Jimenez 2017-06-17 Los Angeles
GAMMA#642 Shin v McTearson 2017-06-17 London
Weight Name Last Win
135 Underestimated Dillashaw Junior Sean Tallon
145 Lukasz Wolek Fernando Prado
155 Robert Sito Geoffrey Barbossa
170 Lao Shin Ilya Mstislav Volkov
185 Jutta Hanolla Steve Belliveau
205 Divock Origi Menace Defoe
265 Gunnar Steigelmann Luis Torres
265+ Gerbert Bryant Arthur Curry

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I recently was going through the lists of title fights and super fights and decided to make a combination of the two to compare our Hall of Fame fighters. This is a significant factor when comparing the best of the best all time within GAMMA because it shows which fighter was involved in the most demanding and high profile fights overall. The list below only shows fighters with 10 or more such fights.

Renan St Juste (102580) 43

Raz Matazz (25622) 34

Alan Bundy (21314) 30

Jeremy Tonal (31632) 28

Kenichi Shirahama (112324) 23

Karl Denke (63718) 18

Jesse Custer (183716) 16

Simon Williams (58148) 16

Anton Chigurh (58657) 15

Mikhail Yudovich (15928) 14

Arthur Curry (92326) 14

Patrick Bateman (180187) 14

Alexander Khalifman (15927) 14

Ein Stein (182566) 14

Fidel Duberry (125586) 14

Karl De Groot (53034) 14

Raymun Redbeard (129720) 12

Diego Sanchez (142862) 11

Kyle Carlton (123905) 11

Fred Ettish (63999) 10

Lan Mandragoran (169650) 10

Russ Rutger (62373) 10

Truth is, this list does not actually show if the fighter actually won though fights. For example Alan Bundy (ranked 3rd on the list) was 7-7 in his super fights. On the other hand, Jeremy Tonal was 17-3 in his super fights. Never the less, it is a general indicator which shows which fighter was more actively involved in top level fights over his career. One thing which is common among all the criteria is that Renan St Juste basically always tops any statistic.

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