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Org name: Global Association of Muay Thai™
Fighters signed: 130
Number of events: 88
Base: Los Angeles
Owner: Runt .
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Upcoming events
GAMT 69 Kang v Walker 2017-09-23 Los Angeles
GAMT 70 Heart v Taggart 2017-09-24 Los Angeles
GAMT 71 Deal v Jernit 3 2017-09-30 Los Angeles
GAMT 72: Kane v Johnson 2017-10-07 Los Angeles
GAMT 73: Shanks v Ukkeli 2017-10-08 Los Angeles
Weight Name Last Win
135 Bunt Jernit Teninch Dickson
145 Bunt Jernit Steve Hicks
155 Tahar Heart Hesa MC
170 Fleece Johnson Anthony Gonzalez
185 Bruce Kang Somsak Ram Chanchai
205 Alexander Berkman Crown Halo
265 Mickey Shanks Oswaldorf Magnavox
265+ Mickey Shanks Oswaldorf Magnavox

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It is with great excitment that I would like to announce that we are now rebranding our org to Global Association of Muay Thai™.

We are doing this for a couple of reasons, firstly it is to create our own identity. GAMMA have supported us fantastically so far, but being a Muay Thai Org and not an MMA org we decided to cut the GAMMA strings, although we are still associated with them, just more of a splinter group.

Secondly and even more excitingly we are now financing a brand new feeder org. As we have now developed into the No 1 Kickboxing org in the game, we need to ensure that we take the cream of the fighters, whilst ensuring we manage to get the good quality younger fighters of the future brought to us. The org will be ran by Runt who's fighter, Bunt Jernit won our fighter of the year award last year and also has a number of other kickboxing stars in our ranks. This guy has passion about the org and is as excited about it as I am, if not more so. The org will basicallly be runnning tournaments so that you can test your younger fighters out and build their hype up before signing them to GAMT. I will be offering anyone who's fighters qualify for this exciting new venture the chance to leave GAMT and cross over to the new org once it is set up. More details will follow about this in the next few days.

As part of this move and with our top tier fighters now peaked, we will also take this oppurtunity to completely de-restrict. This should allow us to recruit some big names and attract the crowds which will see some contract changes and wage increases coming your way on the next renewal. Dont worry though, we will still go for as fair a matchups as posible. The only fights that I will offer by hype will be the title shots, so if you feel your fighters are not up to it, please just decline and let me know why, or send me a message. I understand this is a big move for the org, but you shouldnt really notice any change from this. My No 1 aim is to try to keep everyone happy and I am always happy to work with you guys to keep you and your fighters with the org.

I hope you all get on board with this, but as always, if you have any concerns, please just let me know.

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