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Org name: Aspire MMA
Fighters signed: 0
Number of events: 100
Base: London
Owner: Adam Holland
Website: Aspire MMA - Official Thread
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Upcoming events
Weight Name Last Win
145 Blake Green Daniel Larusso
155 Ebeneezer Darkk Kai Yamaguchi
170 Ramon Gracie Orlando Diggs
185 Russell Tyrone Jones Kalervo Kaunismieli
205 Tsoko Chikatchawan Evil Nixon
265 Rocket Bob Frankels Robbie Luatua
265+ Bob Fury Tong Mandukvong

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Branding Update:
We have made the decision to re-brand the organisation under a new umbrella of Aspire MMA and our operating alliance Aspire, in the near future this will mean more supporting businesses will be added to our collective eco-system and you the managers here at Aspire MMA will reap the benefits of that as time goes on, we are here for the long term and we hope you are too.

As is our tradition event's will continue to be named Just Bleed, thank you to all of our fantastic managers for their support during this transition.

Aspire Clothing Sponsorships:
As part of the ongoing Aspire re-branding, we will be offering complimentary sponsorships to all fighters on our roster with Aspire Clothing, everyone who has an open slot and a desire to wear the tag will pocket a little extra spending money as $200,000 worth of sponsorships will go out in the first wave with more to follow!

Team Aspire:
Are you looking to be part of something bigger? something more co-operative at a business level in the game? would you like to add another dimension to the MMA Tycoon experience and join fellow players in building something worth having? if that sounds like you I encourage you to speak with me directly via mail as I look to expand team Aspire with a few good people, we have big plans and we would love for you to be part of them. - Adam Holland

Engage with us:
Both our fight offers and contract offers are considered true negotiations as we seek to engage with the managers to ensure everyone is on the same page at all times, not happy with the numbers on the deal? feel free to reject it and let me know exactly what it is you need and we will work with you to make it happen, not happy with a proposed fight? let's talk out the issues and potential alternative opponents, we want to work with you to make the best possible experience for everyone involved.

ID Situation:
In the future, we will be opening up our org to lower and lower IDs slowly but surely, we will always do so with the best interests of the divisions as they stand and use common sense when bringing in fighters who might be a good fit for our org, the goal is to ultimately take Aspire all the way to the top and I hope you come along with us for the ride!

Pay scale:
Regarding pay scale, I like to be as upfront and open as possible and to give you a brief overview of the kind of numbers we aim to deal with currently as a default offer for a given P4P the following are the figures you can expect from us as a base-line but on a case by case this can vary based on hype, pop, tenure with the company, proven main-event draws and frankly more exciting fighters in particular can and will be paid more, conversely people coming off several losses and or low rated fights may see a drop in pay upon renegotiation, we want to be fair and upfront about that going in. In addition we will never hold a fighter hostage to a contract, if you sign with us and a super fight come's up some place we are willing to trust you to go do it and return, if you for some reason cannot fulfill a contract with us we will work with you to arrange a release based on a return of a percentage of the signing bonus vs fights remaining basis.

1-300 p4p - 50k/20k/20k
301-500 p4p - 25k/15k/15k
501-800 p4p - 20k/10k/10k
801-1000p4p - 15k/7.5k/10k
1000 - 2000p4p - 10k/7.5k/7.5k
2001 - 5000p4p - 5k/5k/5k

If you have a fighter who's contract is coming up shortly and you want to contact us directly to get a more accurate estimate offer please feel free to direct all enquiries to Adam Holland and ill be in touch within 12 hour

I'm excited to be able to inform you that going forward from our next event Just Bleed 27 we will welcome onboard Money Mayweather who will be doing write up's for our events, if you also have a talent for the written word let me know and I'm sure I can put you to work on some interviews and such for a reasonable direct-to-manager payment.

Updated Rankings: 21.2.17

145: Riff McGee (8-0-0) - Champion
#1 - Derui Pake (6-0-0)
#2 - Jeremy Hritzkowin (5-1-0)
#3 - Carl Kingston (7-1-0)
#4 - Tyrone The Crack Head (12-6-0)
#5 - Michail Podolski (4-0-0)
#6 - Joao Ricardo Bordignon Miyao (10-4-0)
#7 - Peter Hart (5-3-0)
#8 - Hoss Moody (6-6-0)
#9 - Takeshi Hashimoto (5-3-0)
#10 - Albert De Salvo (5-3-0)

155: Bonerz McGee (10-2-0) - Champion
#1 Vinicius Costa (13-5-0)
#2 Billy Bolek (8-4-0)
#3 Fujii Yusuke (5-1-0)
#4 Marlo Stanfield (12-4-0)
#5 Justin Midget (12-3-0)
#6 Rodney Smith (14-2-0)
#7 Adam Baranowski (4-4-0)
#8 Elijah David (4-3-0)
#9 Alexander Nevsky (5-1-0)
#10 Bruno Tepes (2-1-0)

170: Dum Debble (7-1-1) - Champion
#1 Ramon Gracie (15-1-0)
#2 Jack Stone (10-3-1)
#3 Bomb Com (6-1-0)
#4 Troy Manning (8-3-0)
#5 Silvan Wiltord (7-3-0)
#6 Ivan Gore (6-2-0)
#7 Your Name Here (7-4-0)
#8 Chance Birmbaum (10-6-1)
#9 Rafal Zamana (9-10-1)
#10 Brannigan Steele (4-3-0)

185: Casper Timmermans (9-1-0) - Champion
#1 Kimbo Spice (10-6-0)
#2 Reuben Kincaid (10-1-0)
#3 Johnny Jones (8-5-0)
#4 Ken Womack (6-3-0)
#5 Khunbish Borjigin (4-1-0)
#6 Aksel Stenger (11-4-0)
#7 Jakub Chlapik (2-3-0)
#8 Silent Bob 3-2-0)
#9 Joshua Redding (8-7-0)
#10 William Wallace (4-2-0)

205: Alejandro Scott (7-3-0) - Champion
#1 Apollo Creed (7-3-0)
#2 Thoreaux AssKicken (7-1-1)
#3 Darth Sidious (14-6-0)
#4 Thomas Peterson (6-2-0)
#5 Philo Beddo (6-2-0)
#6 Anus Rhammar (5-3-1)
#7 Adlet Mayer (6-3-0)
#8 Nasko Stefanov (9-6-0)
#9 Allen Boes (4-4-0)
#10 Neo Oen (4-3-0)

265: Huell Babineaux (12-0-0) - Champion
#1 Brutus Beefcake (11-5-0)
#2 Sendou Kitano (9-4-0)
#3 James Daniel Kennamer (8-1-0)
#3 Israel Hand (7-1-0)
#4 Keith Bishop (7-1-0)
#5 Bubba Dee (8-2-0)
#6 James Quinn Mcdonagh (13-3-0)
#7 Robert Diggs (9-4-0)
#8 Red Brophy (6-1-0)
#9 Paddy Ward (11-6-0)
#10 Pickles McGillicutty

Note: This is an overview of the division as it stands based on win/loss momentum and WC/P4P, they are not decided by hype/pop/skill etc.

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