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GAMMA: February 2017 recap By Alika Webb

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Finally, superfights have come back to the Global Association Of Mixed Martial Arts! Superfight season is once again upon us and the fans got a real treat as those fights delivered big time!

EVO 295: Perkele vs Joestar – February 1

135 Superfight - Shin Dong Hyuk (GAMMA) Vs Sean Tallon (EVO)

You’re reading the event name correctly, we’re actually going to give our fans a short review of a rival company’s fight in our monthly recap because it deserves to be mentioned in Gamma history as well. Interpromotional warfare started out with a bang as former Gamma featherweight champion Shin Dong Hyuk clashed with the current EVO bantamweight champion Sean Tallon. While they are both elite fighters it should be noted that Sean Tallon is a living legend. Tallon has won titles in MMA and kickboxing in three different weight classes, was the 2016 bantamweight fighter of the year and a former number one pound for pound fighter of the world. Both fighters were coming from a loss as Shin Dong Hyuk just lost his featherweight title while Tallon just lost the chance to become a two division champion at the same time. The fight was set with both fighters needing to redeem themselves.

Shin Dong Hyuk is not known for his finishing ability. Instead of being a race horse going to the finish as fast as possible, he is a work horse. He takes his time and simply outworks his opponents getting his hands raised in the end. To do that he became a true student of the game and knows his way around the cage no matter where the fight goes. This proved to be the difference maker against the legendary Sean Tallon who is primarily known for his elite standup skills. Shin Dong Hyuk was all over Tallon in the first two rounds more than keeping up standing and trading with the EVO bantamweight champion but also taking him off his feet with his takedowns. It wasn’t until the third round when Shin Dong Hyuk took the fight to the clinch that the fight became a little more competitive as the final three rounds were closely contested.

Winner: Shin Dong Hyuk by unanimous decision.

GAMMA#610 Rutten v Fjera – February 4

265 title - Sebastiaan Rutten (c) Vs Nick Fjera

Sebastiaan "Bas" Rutten has made a name for himself by knocking people out. While also blessed with knockout power the challenger Nick "Norse Force" Fjera is mostly known for his devastating ground skills. Rutten was very wary of the challengers’ takedowns and it cost him the fight as Fjera came in with a fire under his ass and determination in his heart knocking the champion out cold in the very first round. Nick Fjera showed no fear as he rushed the champion early and no mercy when he finished the fight after rocking the champion with a big right hand.

Winner: Nick Fjera by KO (punches) after 2 minutes and 25 seconds in the first round.

GAMMA#611 Belliveau v Siblas – February 4

145 title - Lukasz Wolek (c) Vs Fernando Prado

Fernando Prado at 38 years old wanted to prove that he still had enough in the tank for one last fight. While he lost the fight he hung with the champion for all five rounds and never got in trouble. They both kept their distance and traded strikes but it was the champion that set the pace and outworked the legend. The champion gave Prado the opportunity to shine alongside one of the best featherweights in the world and the crowd was ecstatic to witness such a high-level standup exchange. Everyone got what they wanted in Prado’s swan song as the champion got another victory on his record, Prado got to hang up his gloves with his head held high and the fans got to watch a great fight.

Winner: Lukasz Wolek by unanimous decision.

185 title - Steve Belliveau (c) Vs Tony Siblas

Steve "Bells" Belliveau is known for ringing people’s bells and this fight was no different. After finishing former champion Matt Quin, Tony Siblas looked ready for another shot at the gold, the champion had something to say about that. Belliveau rocked Siblas with a glancing blow at the start of the fight. The champion continued his relentless offense, even sending Siblas to the canvas with a big head kick. A few seconds later the champion ended the fight with a perfectly timed right hand.

Winner: Steve Belliveau by KO (punch) after 1 minute and 25 seconds in the first round.

GAMMA#612 Kha v Kakoullis – February 11

205 Superfight – Kai Kha (GAMMA) Vs Sotiris Kakoullis (EVO)

Kai Kha came into this fight as the number four facing the number five light heavyweight fighter of the world and they collided in the Gamma cage. The fight was a big feather in the young Gamma light heavyweight champion’s cap. He has been on an illustrious journey since joining Gamma and while he has come a long way already, the journey has only just begun. He’s just a city boy, born and raised in Nkhata Bay, Malawi. He took a random boat out of there and is now a world renowned champion in Gamma. While the fight didn’t go the way he planned, he won’t stop believing and neither will his fans.

Sotiris Kakoullis is a former number one pound for pound fighter and a Tycoon Olympics Gold medalist. Even amongst the elite he is part of a rare breed and he proved that from the get-go. Kai Kha started out slowly, clearly respecting his elder as he tried to size up his opponent. Kakoullis didn’t feel any pressure whatsoever, just business as usual for the veteran. While taking the initiative Kakoullis got opened up and quickly returned the favor turning this fight into a bloody mess. Kai Kha did his best to take control but the story of the fight was the sheer brutality of Kakoullis.

Winner: Sotiris Kakoullis by TKO (strikes) after 3 minutes and 59 seconds in the second round.

GAMMA#613 Bryant v Touret – February 18

265+ title - Gerbert Bryant (c) Vs Julien Touret

Julien Touret came in knowing full well that he should avoid Bryant’s takedowns, his strategy to counter them was swinging for the fences and he ended up hitting nothing but air. Gerbert Bryant on the other hand was pretty relaxed, picking his shots carefully and while his intention was taking the fight to the ground he never looked like he needed to as he was in control from bell to bell. Bryant leisurely picked his opponent apart while standing and ripped him to shreds on the ground in one of his most one-sided defenses to date.

Winner: Gerbert Bryant by KO (strikes) after 51 seconds in the third round.

GAMMA#614 Volkov v Shin 2 – February 18

170 title - Ilya Mstislav Volkov (c) Vs Lao Shin

Ilya Mstislav Volkov and Lao Shin had faced each other once before and just like the first fight these two were pretty evenly matched. Their first fight ended in a decision victory that got Volkov the belt in the first place. Lao Shin "To Chin" lost the belt in his first defense and parting with the gold was a wake-up call for Shin. A hard-fought victory against Mats Sundvison was enough to earn him the rematch. These two went to war in the cage once more and they were throwing everything but the kitchen sink at each other. While neither was able to put their stamp on the fight, the judges sealed their fate as they made their scorecards public.

Winner: Lao Shin by split decision.

GAMMA#615 Belliveau v Steam – February 25

135 title - Shin Dong Hyuk Vs Underestimated Dillashaw Junior

After an exciting interpromotional adventure Shin Dong Hyuk came back home to Gamma and laid it all on the line against Underestimated Dillashaw Junior for the inaugural Gamma bantamweight title. These two brave warriors faced off before and back then it was Shin Dong Hyuk who walked away victorious due to a perfectly timed triangle choke. Needless to say Shin Dong Hyuk was looking to take the fight down to the ground once more and he did set it up nicely by staying busy standing but like his name says, Dillashaw Junior should not be underestimated. The takedowns of Shin Dong Hyuk were not as effective as he would have hoped and while Shin was more than holding his own against his opponent from a distance, Dillashaw Junior ruffled the former Gamma featherweight champion’s feathers in the clinch.

Winner: Nobody as the fight was ruled a majority draw.

185 superfight - Steve Belliveau (GAMMA) Vs Bronson Steam (CEC)

High time for another superfight, the last of the month and what an incredible fight it was. Gamma middleweight champion Steve "Bells" Belliveau took on the Claymore Elite Combat middleweight champion Bronson Steam. Champion facing champion in an interpromotional superfight headlining the event in itself is quite a spectacle but the fans were also privileged to see a furious exchange of strikes as these two giant egos collided.

Belliveau made it no secret that he liked his chances in the clinch and he was right as he did seem to have a small advantage after closing the distance. While both men spent quite a long time in the clinch, they also traded a lot of strikes from a distance. The accuracy of Belliveaus strikes was quite shocking to see against such an elite adversary and it was that deadly accuracy that eventually ended the fight.

Winner: Steve Belliveau by TKO (strikes) after 1 minute and 29 seconds in the fifth round.

GAMMA#616 Fjera v Gunnar - February 25

205 title - Kai Kha (c) Vs Ivar Lodbrok

Kai Kha was unable to get his hands raised in his superfight against Sotiris Kakoullis and so he needed a win more than he has ever needed it before to restore his credibility. His challenger was none other than the former champion Ivar Lodbrok. Unfortunately the desperation of the champion was clear from the start and the challenger seemed to be taking advantage of the troubled champion’s mental state. One man’s loss is another man’s gain and Ivar Lodbrok gained a lot of points on the scorecards as he dominated the champion in the standup in a surprisingly one-sided fight. Unfortunately for Lodbrok he was unable to stay in control of the fight to win by points as Kai Kha showed that the heart of a champion should not be underestimated.

Winner: Kai Kha by KO (punch) after 3 minutes and 46 seconds in the third round.

265 title - Nick Fjera (c) Vs Gunnar Steigelmann

Newly crowned heavyweight champion Nick Fjera faced his first challenger, the Gamma 2016 fighter of the year Gunnar Steigelmann. In typical striker Vs grappler fashion the challenger dominated from a distance with powerful high volume strikes while the champion did his best to close the distance. While the champion held his own on his feet, it was on the ground where he felt most at home but the challenger was reluctant to let the fight go there. Steigelmann’s takedown defense was tested to the limit but most of the time he was able to keep it standing, earning him the hard-fought decision victory.

Winner: Gunnar Steigelmann by unanimous decision.

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