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GAMMA: April 2017 recap part 1 By Alika Webb

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Spring is in effect and the Easter Bunny brought us Easter eggs aplenty so let us rejoice in the festivities as GAMMA keeps the good times rolling with another fresh batch of amazing fights!

GAMMA#623 Bryant v Rutten – April 1

135 title and superfight! - Underestimated Dillashaw Junior © (GAMMA) Vs Sean Tallon (EVO)

Bow to the king as true MMATycoon royalty graced us with his presence, one of the most decorated fighters in the game wanted to make history once more as he looked to add one more belt to his collection. Underestimated Dillashaw Junior knew exactly who this man is and made the deal even sweeter for the living legend as he put his GAMMA bantamweight title on the line!

Sean Tallon ran out of the gate with a sense of urgency as he knew Underestimated Dillashaw Junior should not be taken lightly. Tallon’s strategy was taking the fight to the clinch and we definitely saw a couple of close range exchanges as they fired it up in the clinch many a times. While Tallon kept it simple in the clinch by throwing punches in bunches, the champion mixed it up and varied his strikes with some beautiful knees to the head and the midsection of the challenger. A very close encounter nearly finished the fight at the very end of the fifth round when a perfectly timed short inside uppercut rocked Underestimated Dillashaw Junior’s world. But it was not enough to put him down and the champion survived to take home the belt via a very close decision victory.

Winner: Underestimated Dillashaw Junior by unanimous decision.

265+ title - Gerbert Bryant © Vs Sebastiaan Rutten

Sebastiaan "Bas" Rutten came back strong from his loss against Nick Fjera that cost him his heavyweight title. The first round KO win against Yegor Klitschko warranted another title opportunity and so this super heavyweight collision came to be. "President" Gerbert Bryant needed to rebound from his latest superfight and fast if he wanted to restore his credibility. Bryant steamrolled over the challenger and simply demolished him before mercifully finishing him off with a perfectly timed knockout punch, planting him face first into the canvas.

Winner: Gerbert Bryant by KO (punch) after 3 minutes and 52 seconds in the first round.

AD435: God Save the Queen – April 7

205 Superfight - Michael D Amato (Aggressive Damage) Vs Menace Defoe (GAMMA)

Fresh off a heavyweight superfight for the ages, two division champion from Montreal’s Aggressive Damage organization Michael D Amato boldly accepted another superfight in hopes of conquering the whole wide world. This time he faced the newly crowned GAMMA light heavyweight champion Menace Defoe in what was sure to be an instant classic.

The youngster Menace Defoe in his youthful enthusiasm took the role of the aggressor as he kept mixing up his strikes, keeping his opponent on his toes. The second round started and the GAMMA menace closed the distance to change things up a little bit but no matter how hard they both tried, neither was able to get the advantage in the clinch. While Michael D Amato was constantly on the lookout for an abundance of strikes coming from every direction imaginable, he had a hard time dealing out some punishment of his own as his punches struck air more often than not. But he threw his punches with malice and when they hit, they clearly had some effect as the cumulative damage took its toll in the third round. Michael D Amato knew his punches were doing major damage and starting taunting the greenhorn like a common high school bully. The people love to hate a bad guy and the machine gun makes no excuses for his uncalled-for behavior. D Amato cracked Defoe with a big right hand that sent him crashing to the floor. Defoe sprung back up to his feet but clearly had a hard time regaining his senses as he closed the distance faster than his own shadow and managed to get through the round by the edge of his teeth. The fourth round started with another knockdown as Michael D Amato was now completely in control and he quickly continued the assault with a big overhand right that knocked Menace Defoe out for the very first time in his career.

After the superfight was over, Michael D Amato set his eyes on a new target as he took to social media to issue a challenge for one of the, if not the, greatest fighter of this generation and also the training partner and friend of Menace Defoe: Karim Bashorov.

Winner: Michael D Amato by KO (punch) after 33 seconds in the fourth round.

GAMMA#625 Gunnar v Fjera 2 – April 8

185 title - Steve Belliveau © Vs Katsu Laoka

A trip to Synchronicity ended in tears for the GAMMA middleweight champion but now he’s ready to get back on track with another title defense. Business as usual for the Canadian Belliveau, wasn’t it? Katsu Laoka came into this fight with a five fight undefeated streak under his belt and he put everything on the line to make it six in a row. The challenger pushed the pace and set the place ablaze but his enthusiasm sparked a little flame in the heart of the champion and the champion caught him with his pants down as the challenger was knocked down to the ground with an accurately placed hook to the temple. Despite knocking his foe on his backside early in the fight, the judges still awarded the first two rounds to the challenger and the champion knew he had to step up his game and so he took the fight to the clinch and the momentum started shifting in the champion’s favor, slowly but steadily leading to a fifth round finish by the champion.

Winner: Steve Belliveau by TKO (strikes) after 2 minutes and 51 seconds in the fifth round.

265 title - Gunnar Steigelmann © Vs Nick Fjera

Just like in their previous encounter Nick Fjera wanted to take the fight to the ground but the takedown defense of Steigelmann proved to be superior once more. Nick Fjera fought hard to try to take the fight to the ground but even when he wasn’t shooting takedowns, he had a hard time keeping up with the non-stop offense of the kickboxing machine that is Gunnar Steigelmann. The champion was put in a few uncomfortable positions when his back hit the canvas but apart from those few awkward moments he looked like he was in control and he was rewarded for his troubles by the judges.

Winner: Gunnar Steigelmann by unanimous decision.

GAMMA#626 Wolek v Donowitz – April 8

145 superfight - Lukasz Wolek (GAMMA) Vs Abraham Donowitz (Synchronicity)

What is there still left to say about this fight that hasn’t already been said? The stage was set for the two best featherweight fighters on the planet to prove to themselves and to the world who truly reigns over the division. Dangerous striker and GAMMA featherweight champion Lukasz "Wally" Wolek took on elite grappler and striker extraordinaire, the Synchronicity featherweight champion Abraham Donowitz.

This superfight was a brawl from start to finish. This wasn’t a high class technical duel, this was a fight! They were throwing everything they got at each other as the fight spilled all over the cage. Both guys were standing and trading, slugging it out and neither backed down from the fight. As expected, Abraham Donowitz was on the hunt for takedowns and he landed at least one takedown in every single round. Impressive as that may be, he had plenty of opportunities to finish the fight on the ground but he was unable to work his magic as the GAMMA featherweight champion kept a clear head when he got taken off his feet. His methodical approach to controlling the ground game helped to diffuse the bomb as Donowitz was as explosive on the ground as he was on his feet with his dangerous ground and pound and his crafty submission attempts. To no avail as the GAMMA featherweight champion was awarded the victory after a very closely contested and undeniably historic clash of champions.

Winner: Lukasz Wolek by unanimous decision.

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