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Carnage 38 review and Rankiings

Org name: Carnage (295k+)
Fighters signed: 4
Number of events: 54
Base: Las Vegas
Owner: John schneebly
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Weight Name Last Win
135 Ruslan Temirov The Prophet
145 Kylar Sensei Vike Nickolson
155 Marat Magomedov Junior Vilson
170 Mario Jones Cartel Lopez
185 Cedric Lancaster Snot Slurper
205 Michael Garibaldi Leif Erikson
265 Bjorn Ragnarsson Quinton Randleman

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Carnage 38 Event Review

The opening fight in the Middleweight division featuring Davos Kung and Elton Korth. This fight was a fast one starting off with Korth connecting with a huge left hand punch causing a knockdown an then comes in with a mount. Kung was in huge trouble and needed to get up but was not able too. With some vicious ground and pound the fight ended at fifty two seconds of the first round by TKO strikes.

Ladies and gentlemen, after 0:52 of round 1, we have a winner by way of TKO (Strikes). Elton Korth!

The second fight was in the Heavyweight division featuring Andrea Barone and Hulk Butane. Andrea and Hulk started of the first round staying on their toes. Andrea was aggressive. After a few exchanges of punches, a punch slips in from Hulk and Andrea is cut. Then the fight went into the clinch where Hulk tried to get to Andrea’s body but missed with his knees and strikes. Hulk then shoot for a single leg takedown which was successful. Andrea showed some good defense and prevented Hulk from getting any damaging strikes on him or letting him get into guard. Andrea then throws a fake punch and then gets into controlling position. Andrea then landed his hands around the neck of his opponent and goes for a guillotine. The clock runs out for the first round and saves Hulk from getting tapped out.

Andrea Barone dominated that round.

The cut man was working on Andrea Barone's cut.

That's the end of the round. The referee ordered the cornermen out of the cage so we can get back down to business.

The second round starts with both fighters looking to brawl. Hulk continued to go for his low and body kicks but mostly misses. Then Andrea comes in with a left hook that connects with the temple and Hulk goes down. He’s OUT!

Ladies and gentlemen, after 1:59 of round 2, we have a winner by way of KO (Punch). Hulk Butane!

The third fight was in the Heavyweight division featuring Corey Dalton and DJ Bronson. Corey came in early with the clinch and tries to get out of a bad position as his back is against the cage. DJ controls most of the pace for the clinch and easily escapes the clinch. Corey then goes for another clinch that was again successful. He threw a dangerous elbow that cut DJ. Corey’s corner told him to break from the clinch and he did. Dalton then went for another clinch that proved to be successful and threw DJ against the cage. DJ showed some great defense not letting Corey get into any offense and landing some head punches while in this clinch. Corey losses the clinch then goes into another clinch soon after and gets cracked in the head by DJ’s punch for his effort. Stuck in the clinch for the rest of the round both fighters land their fair share of fighters and the round was very close but DJ did land more successful strikes giving him the advantage.

That's the end of the interval. I'm sure that seemed a lot quicker than a minute for our two fighters! Back to the action.

The second round started with both fighters trying too go for the knockout. Both were pretty even with neither side able to get a successful clinch, with Dj showing great clinch defense. After a few minutes DJ wraps with a clinch pressing Cody against the cage. Quickly Cody escaped and pushed Dj off him. Cody threw some wild strikes but were slipped by DJ. Cody then gets clipped by big right hand and went down spinning to the canvas. The referees stops the beatdown by DJ.

Ladies and gentlemen, after 4:29 of round 2, we have a winner by way of TKO (Strikes). DJ Bronson!

The fourth fight was in the Welterweight division featuring Tupe Fiso and Avgolemono Magiritsa. Tupe had an aggressive fight and thew punches in bunches going at his opponent. With enough strikes landing the momentum was on his side and then he finished it off a two punch combination and then two more punches till the referee has to come in and stop the fight.

The fifth fight was in the Heavyweight division featuring Brock Lesnar and James Myres. Lesnar controlled the fight with his clinch and then added a successful takedown into his opponents guard. Lesnar was controlling the ground game and was keeping Myers from getting onto his feet. Lesnar goes for a sloppy takedown allowing Myres to get on his feet. Myers lands a nice two punch combo that knocks Lesnar to the ground but does not follow to him too the ground but taunts him too stand up! Lesnar is wiping some vaseline out of his eye. Myres doesn't give a rats ass about fair play and cracks him with a massive hook to the side of the head! Lesnar crumples to the floor out cold! The cornerman is going to be in Lesnar's bad books for that mishap!

Ladies and gentlemen, after 1:41 of round 1, we have a winner by way of KO (Punch). James Myres!

A victorious James Myres thanked his army of followers in his post fight interview, telling people to make sure they follow him on Twitter.

The sixth fight is in the Light Heavyweight division featuring Mike Reilly and Leif Erikson . Reilly and Erikson both go into it looking for a knockout. Reilly clinches Erikson against the cage and rocks him with a nice short uppercut. Reilly controls the pace in the clinch but does no damage to Erikson and ends up with his back to the cage. Round 1 ends with Erikson dominating the round. The second round starts with Reilly being on wobbly legs but not being able to get knocked down. Reilly closes the distance with a clinch and Erikson continues to use more effective strikes in the clinch. Erikson dips a shoulder and cracks Reilly with a mighty uppercut! Reilly falls back against the cage and Erikson unloads with a barrage of strikes! Reilly is completely out with his eyes open, only supported by the cage! Save him ref! Eventually the ref decides to do his job and jumps in - Erikson screams abuse at the incompetent official before going over to celebrate with his corner. Brutal stuff!

Ladies and gentlemen, after 4:30 of round 2, we have a winner by way of TKO (Strikes). Leif Erikson !

Leif Erikson thanked the fans post fight for their support.

The seventh fight is in the Super Heavyweight division featuring Ivan Durak and Alessandro Malatesta. A early takedown by Malatesta into guard and then looks for some ground and pound. Malatesta slips a few elbows through his opponents defense and nails Durak. Malatesta rains hell with hammerfists and elbows. Duran tries to get up but is unable too. Duran gets rocked from the vicious use of ground and pound by Malatesta. Malatesta lands a big elbow from half guard. That looks like it's hurt Durak quite badly. Durak pulls Malatesta in close trying to recover. Malatesta postures up and lands two really hard shots that put Durak on queer street! The ref takes a look and decides to call an end to the fight! Possibly an early stoppage but Durak doesn't seem to be complaining too much.

Ladies and gentlemen, after 1:20 of round 1, we have a winner by way of TKO (Strikes). Alessandro Malatesta!

The defeated Ivan Durak had this to say: 'Fuck it, I'm a man’.

The eight fight is in the Welterweight division featuring Jon Axe and Jan Paul Valens. Axe starts the round by clinching Valens against the cage but Valens escapes by circling to the middle of the mat. Axe does not allow Valens any room to breath and take any breaks with his consent use of clinches. But Valens scores a lot of nice leg kicks and damages Axe. Valens escapes but then is takedown by Axe into guard. The round ends. The second round starts with another clinch from Axe but Valens continues to score more in the clinch. Valens scores a nice single leg takedown on Axe and gets a guillotine choke on Axe. Axe is able to wiggle free. Axe scores with another takedown and the round ends with Jon Axe ahead in that round. The last round bell rings and another impressive set of clinches by Axe. Valens escapes and takes Axe down. With some nice ground and pound Axe becomes rocked. Valens lands a big elbow - Axe is out of it! He's waving his arms around but his eyes are closed and he's not intelligently defending himself - the ref has no choice but to jump in and stop the fight! This one is in the books! A TKO win for Valens!

Ladies and gentlemen, after 4:41 of round 3, we have a winner by way of TKO (Strikes). Jan Paul Valens!

After the fight, Jan Paul Valens was humble in paying tribute to his opponent but made it clear he wants to go on to bigger and better things. It seemed to go down well with the crowd who cheered him loudly.

The ninth fight is in the Light Heavyweight division featuring Djimon Babayega and Gobal Batra. Batra controls the round with his effective use of strikes. A huge uppercut from Batra drops Babayega but he is able to get back to his feet. Batra dominates round one. The second round starts with a huge right hand that cracks Babyega on the side of the head and knocks him down. Babayega clinches and saves himself from being knocked out. Batra connects with his offense more than his opponents in the clinch and the round ends. That round was most likely given to Batra on the scoreboards. The third round starts with another huge knockdown by Batra with a beautiful combination. Djimon Babayega has stepped it up - he knows he needs a finish here!

Nice cross by Batra. BOOM! Batra lands a beautiful left hook that drops Babayega. Babayega tries to recover but Batra is having none of it, landing more punishing shots from mount. One final crushing shot and Babayega lies motionless on the canvas. The fight is over!

Ladies and gentlemen, after 4:26 of round 3, we have a winner by way of TKO (Strikes). Gobal Batra!

A victorious Gobal Batra thanked his army of followers in his post fight interview, telling people to make sure they follow him on Twitter.

The main event is in the Middleweight division featuring Cedric Lancaster and TheDragon Reborn. They are fighting for the belt here with Lancaster as the champion and Reborn as the challenger. Lancaster controls the first round through his clinches and effective uses of strikes in the clinch. The second round of action is miucuh of the same with both fighters landing many strikes on the other but Reborn seems to have landed more strikes so he gets the nod for the second round. The third round starts. Lancaster connects with a nice hook to the head of Reborn and Reborn is rocked. Lancaster follows it up with a uppercut that lands Reborn to one knee. Lancaster dips a shoulder and cracks Reborn with a mighty uppercut! Reborn falls back against the cage and Lancaster unloads with a barrage of strikes! Reborn is completely out with his eyes open, only supported by the cage! Save him ref! Eventually the ref decides to do his job and jumps in - Lancaster screams abuse at the incompetent official before going over to celebrate with his corner. Brutal stuff!

Ladies and gentlemen, after 3:11 of round 3, we have a winner by way of TKO (Strikes). Cedric Lancaster !

Cedric Lancaster retains his middleweight title!

In his post fight interview, Cedric Lancaster started talking himself up. Luckily his charisma kept the crowd on side and gave him a good reception.

TheDragon Reborn was interviewed post fight and said 'I can do better'.

Written by : Jared Martin

Full Carnage Rankings

Last event: Carnage 38 (2017-05-6)


1. Gary Johnson
2. Noah jones
3. Charkii naKrittiga
4. Alexi Laiho
5. Panfilo lacson
6. Anthony Medrano
7. Kosma Wawelski
8. Rose namajunas
9. Johhny Tanaka

-Paul Barker
-Sarin Kind
-Dj Smith
-AJ skills
-tao ping li
-paul rivers
-Durk de jong
-Robert Kira
-Dvrtvr Vtvrtgrvtg
-Who cares
-Eric Heronzo
-Alexander Romanenko
-Ruslan Temirov


Kylar Sensei NEW (champion)
1. Jermey Moe
2. Marious la de hoya
3. Thad Battles
4. Shawn Silvia
5. Alexi Berdnikov
6. Pascal Letaivu
7. Pate Huntter
8. Malachey carey
9. Frank Irrozios
10. Javi Javier
11. Shawn silvia
12. Niki toivonen
13. Shawn myres
14. Heath gragner

-Bogdan stoica
-Nigga Blackie
-Ruben Rivera
-George Velis
-Vetle Elvenes
-Damon Douglas
-Vike Nickolson
-Joe Ramirez
-Swish Hogan


Danny Studge (Champion)
1. Rhys Coulthard
2. Mikey Smith Jr
3. Tadafumi Suzuki
4. Gokem Turncer
5. Michael clarke
6. Radoslav Petrov
7. Tyler walter
8. Baby Squatch
9. Alvaro Dos Santos
10. Conrad Mcgoobs

-Jake stephens
-Tyrone tucker
-Tyler Walter
-Alan Nelson
-Peter Szczawinski
-Marat Magomedov
-Charlie boston
-Sergei Babakov
-Ian McCall
-Johnny Ringo
-Anthony Pettis
-Derek Pappalardo
-Logan Manns


Jamaal Clements (Champion)

1. Mario Jones
2. Marus Ray
3. Testicule Chewer
4. Cartel Lopez
5. Cos Crypt
6. Rick northcut
8. Brisco Country Jr.
9. Arthur Lawrence
10. Jan Paul Valens +6
11. Leon Phelps -1
12. Aleksanr Volkov
13. Tupe fiso +3
14. Casey Ryback +1
15. Avgolemono Magirista -1
16. sugar lee

-Jan pawel li
-Anrold sheets
-Federico Pattamaglia
-Terrance wood
-Ken Masters
-Scotty sulivan
-Hh Bb
-Eric Engarde
-Winky Wright
-Watch Out
-Victor Stone
-Game Leaf
-Jon Axe


Cederic lancaster (champion)
1. Sir anthony buzzard
2. TheDragon reborn
3. Chris Johnson
4. Eddy Rotten
5. Gilberto Simeone
6. Big pokey
7. Liam Quinn
9. Dan Mclain
8. Maxim Lavrov
9. Tyrus Murphy
10. Randy Cano
11. Elton Korth

-Davos Kung
-Chad liddell
-Tyler Durdin
-Ryu Himura
-Niel Cenabre
-Khabib Nurmagomedov
-Jason Sabre
-Anthony Gilmore
-Buck Brown
-Nam Ho
-Joe Rokocoko
-T-R-T Vitor


Michael Garibaldi (Champion)
1. Leif Erikson +2
2. Gobal batra +5
3. Niko Alzate +1
4. Djimon Babayega -3
5. Takonwa Chidike
6. Black Bad boy
7. Gus Cherynobyl
8. Leonid Bondarenko
9. Rick Sharpshooter
10. Diego Balboa

-Mr sam
-Tuff frost
-Blazej Nowakowski
-Alexander Kovalchuk
-Aawut Channarong
-Steve Chester
-Konstantin Zuev
-Alphonzo Mirage


Bjorn Ragnarsson (Champion)
1. Leonard Proudfeather
2. Mario Scevola
3. David Cerrone
4. Earl jack
5. Dj bronson +12
6. Eito Itasaki
7. James Myres +1
8. Knutr Sveinsson -1
9. Corey dalton -4
10. Yuri Bedlaminov
11. We Bix
12. Fedor Emelianenko
13. Kevin ball
14. Jonathan lopez
15. Harold Meechum
16. Hulk Butane +1

-Leo Moracchioli
-Ward Rand
-Jimmy havoc
-Brock lesnar
-Tony brown
-andrea barone
-Osama Harama
-Jake Sekany
-Carl Menger
-Mr EdgerExtreme

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