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Carnage 39 Preview

Org name: Carnage (295k+)
Fighters signed: 4
Number of events: 54
Base: Las Vegas
Owner: John schneebly
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135 Ruslan Temirov The Prophet
145 Kylar Sensei Vike Nickolson
155 Marat Magomedov Junior Vilson
170 Mario Jones Cartel Lopez
185 Cedric Lancaster Snot Slurper
205 Michael Garibaldi Leif Erikson
265 Bjorn Ragnarsson Quinton Randleman

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Carnage 39 Event Preview

The opening fight is in the Heavyweight division featuring Jake "The Kid" Sekany and Leo Moracchioli. Jake aka the kid comes in with a armbar submission victory in his debut at a QFC fight. The former MLB pitcher has shown great transitions and defense grappling giving him the win in his last fight. Leo is a completely new fighter who has proficient wrestling meaning he is most likely will go for a early takedown and keep it on the ground. But he has to be careful as Jake is a slippery customer on the ground.

The second fight is in the Light Heavyweight division featuring Isaiah Sturridge and Aawut Channarong. Isaiah comes into his first fight with superb boxing, proficient Muay Thai and superb wrestling. He seems to be a overall well trained fighter and has no real weaknesses on paper. Isaiah comes in with a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Aawut comes into his first fight with exceptional Muay Thai skills and is most likely looking to clinch early in this fight. Then from here either go for the knockout or go into a takedown. I canít pick a winner or how this fight will go since we donít know much about these fighters.

The third fight is in the Welterweight division featuring Winky Wright and Kristian Black. Winky comes into this fight with one win and no losses, exactly the same record of his opponent. Winky comes in with a well set of Muay Thai skills to take any fighter out using his clinch and standup game. If you allow Winky too clinch and allow him to control the pace he will run right through you. His opponent Kristian comes in with a great training in his wrestling game and with well precision takedowns. He is trained and will not allow you off the ground and will pound on you till you canít move anymore on the ground. Do not stay on the ground long with him or your night will be over quicker than you can say 1,2,3.

The fourth fight is in the Featherweight division featuring Snake "GreenLight" Eye and TJ Dillashaw. Snake comes into this fight with one win and no losses. He has a strong wrestling background and will utilize it in his battle with TJ. Snake will knock you out on the ground as he showed in his first win. TJ comes into this fight with two wins and one loss for his record. TJ trains his brains out in Boxing and has hands. He has also showed he can go into the later rounds and still have something left. With exception cardio and strong wrestling TJ is a dangerous fighter in the cage.

The fifth fight is in the Light Heavyweight division featuring Gunnar "The Gunner" Garringer and Hunter "Head Hunter" Greene. Gunnar is a past champ and has four wins and two losses. Gunnarís hands might as well be bombs with the way he throws them. After losing his belt he has gone and lost again putting him at a losing streak. Seeking redemption versus Hunter in this fight. Gunnar knows how to control the pace of the fight through his use of the clinch and then his constant attack from the clinch. If needed he will take you down and finish it on the ground through ground and pound. A very dangerous fighter if you wallow him to fight his fight. Hunter comes in with one win and no losses. Hunter uses very similar tactics to his opponent but prefers to try to make his opponent tap. Hunter has respectable wrestling and he may have a problem with Gunnar in this fight. I give the nod too Gunnar in this fight.

The sixth fight is in the Middleweight division featuring Liam "IRA" Quinn and Niel "Seraphim" Cenabre. Liam is a strong fighter in both boxing and wrestling professions. Liam comes into this fight with the record of three wins and five losses and is on a two loss streak. This is his redemption fight and he needs a win to stay competitive. Liam comes with a hole in his ground game and has been submitted multiple times in his short career. He prefers too keep the fight standing and brawl it out. Neil comes into this fight with a record of four wins and four losses. He is also on a two loss streak coming into this fight. He seems to have a problem with fighting standing and has above average ground skills. On paper i have to give this fight to Liam as he should be the winner.

The seventh fight is in the Welterweight division featuring Pavo "Primus" Lorens and Federico "Log Splitter" Pattamaglia. Both of these fighters have no wins and one loss. Pavo has remarkable boxing and is looking to knockout his opponent. Int his first and only fight he was dropped very fast and hopefully his chin can last longer in this fight. His opponent Federico has wonderful Muay Thai and a granite chin. Federico also has a white belt in Brazilian ji jitsu. He has excellent takedowns but needs to work on being more aggressive on the ground and not allow his opponent to become the aggressor.

The eight fight is in the Featherweight division featuring Alexei Berdnikov and Vike Nickolson. Alexei has a record of nine wins and six losses. Alexei also comes in with three sub of the night awards. He is on a two loss streak and is needing a win in this one. Alexei has respectable boxing and uses a great supply of takedowns. If you give Alexei the opportunity to take you down and keep you on the ground he will win the fight. On the other hand Vike comes into the fight with proficient boxing skills and wonderful wrestling. Vike also holds a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Vike likes to go in early with the clinch and then use his explosive power to knock you out while in the clinch. Do not let him control you in the clinch for too long or itís lightís out for you. Vike even has powerful hands too drop someone while not in the clinch as well so you have to watch out for this guy at every angle of the fight.

The ninth fight is for the Light Heavyweight title featuring the champion "Security Chief" Michael Garibaldi and the challenger Konstantin "Zuy" Zuev. Micheal comes in with an overall well trained game in all skills of boxing, Muay Thai and wrestling. Micheal has also showed he has a huge gas tank in his last decision win versus Djimon Babayega where he successfully kept the belt. Micheal likes to throw into his clinch and then prefers to take you to the ground from there. He also has above average takedown defense shown in his last fight. Micheal uses an offense that allows him to get enough punches in that can wear down his opponent so if it goes into a higher round he has the advantage. The challenger Konstantin has a experience favor in this fight. Konstantin prefers to fight in his battle in the clinch as well but prefers to keep it there and end it there as well. This fight is going to be close but I think the champ retains the belt in this one.

The main event is for the Welterweight tile featuring the champion Jamaal Clements and the challenger Mario "Maori Boz" Jones. Jamaal comes into this fight with a record of eight wins and only one loss in his career. Jamaal comes in with the ability to submit his opponent with his wonderful wrestling skills and has proved to have a great chin being able to get rocked and still pull off a win at the end. Jamaal is a counter fighter when he fights and this is a good thing and weakness at the same time. The challenger Mario comes in with a record of five wins and no losses in his career. Mario has explosive hands and has the ability to drop opponents if given to in the fight. He has not left the first round much in his fights due to his KO power so Jamaal has to keep this fight on the ground or controlled by him or he will lose. Jamaal has to be careful when going for a takedown and getting counter punched.

Written by: Felix Darkstar

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