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Base: New York
Owner: Alexander Biro
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Go to your calendar. Grab a pencil. Circle August the 4th. Congratulations, that day is now reserved for some of the best MMA display you could witness. Liberty Dome in NYC will host the DUEL 88 event, organized by NYC's finest promotion - Duel Fighting League. In front of a 5000+ in attendence, and much more fans around the world, this unbelievable ten-fight card will be headlined by a title fight in the Heavyweight division between the current champion - Calm Like A Bomb and his challenger - Charles Kamen. (Merchandise) Partner of this, instant classic, event is Zenith Nutrition.

And now, preview analysis of all the fights done by, your's truly, Beogradski Boem...

1) James Madrox vs. Taisho Oiyamben

Opening fight of the night will see Detroit's James Madrox fighting against the gigantic Taisho „The Chosen One“ Oiyamben. Madrox, who is currently not associated with any gym, is known for his proficient boxing and underrated ground game. Altohough being a BJJ blue belt, he will have to keep this fight standing if he wants to win. His record is 2-3 with one submission and one TKO finish. He is 1-2 in DUEL, winning his first against muay thai fighter Peter Routh in just 34 seconds via TKO finish at DUEL 65. He is currently on a two fight losing streak and with a loss here, he could, very well, be done with DFL, or to put it more accuratley, DUEL could be trough with him. His last fight was a TKO loss to Derick Toshua at DFN 10. Across from him, with a perfect record of 7-0, will be „The Chosen One“ – Taisho Oiyamben. Oiyamben is a giant from the town of Kigali, Rwanda standing at 6 feet 7 inches tall and weighing in at 265 lbs. Because of his superhuman measurements, people would think that he is a heavy-handed brawler, whose M.O. is „swinging for the fences“, but that couldn't be further from the truth. In reality, this BJJ purple belt is an extremly talented submission artist. He also is an intelligent counter fighter. While his stand-up is pretty bad, his poise and tactical approach to the fighting, alongside lethal submission offense and solid wrestling, has worked wonders for him, so far, as he is still unbeaten, with seven wins. Six of those came by the way of submission, three of those by kimura. He is 3-0 in DUEL his last fight being a win over This Guy at DUEL 80 (Kimura). Fighting out of NYC, this Touch Of Death Combat Academy product has one bonus award to his resume – submission of the night, against DJ Shaw at DUEL 65. That was his DUEL debut.

Keys to victory:

Madrox: Must keep the fight standing. Should be aggresive with forward pressure. Should look to get Oiyamben's back to the fence and then unload with his heavy hands.

Oiyamben: Must get the fight to the ground. Shouldn't stay still. Must set-up his takedown attempts, since his wrestling is not in a different league than his opponent's. Mustn't get overconfident.

Fight prediction: Oiyamben wins by submission in round one.

2) Christopher Webb vs. Mike Smith

The second fight of the night will be in the Light heavyweight division. It has all the ingredients to be a crowd-pleasing all-out brawl of a fight. Webb and Smith have six post-fight bonus awards between them, three „fight of the night“ bonuses each. Both fighters are pretty good strikers with good wrestling, meaning good takedown defense and great cardio. While both have some decent ground knowledge I don't see this fight going to the mat. Christopher Webb was born in Point Venture, TX some 29 years ago. He is a member of The Iron Palace gym in Las Vegas. He lost his promotional debut vs. Tommy Grunge by KO in round one at DUEL 79. His record is not an avid one, but he is far from a fighting ignoramus. A true warrior and a fan favorite, he will look to get one more stoppage victory (12th) under his belt. On the other side of the cage, making his third DUEL appearance, is another savege – 33-year-old Mike Smith. He is 1-1 in Duel Fighting League, winning his debut against Raistlin Lovelair by TKO (cut) in a three-round war at DUEL 72 and losing the second fight (his latest) by KO in round one against a veteran Light heavyweight Billy Butcher at DFN 10. He is fighting out of Midnight MMA gym in NYC and will be looking to get his 20th victory in his professional career.

Keys to victory:

Webb: Going into this fight with a psychological advantage, it seems. Should avoid clinch, but has to fight on the inside. Should look to use his boxing skills and look to get his opponent's back to the fence so he closes his opponents distance and get advantage. Has to be aware of Smith's kicks and knees.

Smith: His morale is not on a high level right now. He needs this win. Mustn't become overagressive. Could maybe try getting the fight to the ground, it's unlikely though. Must try and clinch with his opponent and use kicks and knees. Should avoid the fence. He should try using kicks. Has an unorthodox striking style he should look to implement.

Fight prediction: War. Potential fight of the night.

3) Rich Loucks vs. William Ritchey #17

Another fight in the Heavyweight division. Two talented 25-year-old fighters will face each other in the third fight of DUEL 88. Rich „Rolo“ Loucks is a talented youngster fighting out of Hilo, HI. He is a member of The Zoo gym. He is set to make his debut in Duel Fighting League. He has a 1-1 record both fights ending with a stoppage. His first fight was a TKO victory against Kely Storm in QFC. His second QFC fight was a KO loss to a much more experianced, 31-year-old veteran Nova Zigaman. He has a solid stand-up and is a BJJ brown belt. While he is a proficient ground fighter, he has trouble taking the fight to the ground because his wrestling is very poor. His clinch skills are also pretty bad. He will, probably look to get inside and strike and if taken down himself, he will look to go for some kind of a submission. He has a huge height/reach disadvantage. He stands 5 feet 10 inches tall. His opponent on 4th of August will be a monster 6 feet 7 inches tall Bill Ritchey from London, UK. Bill Ritchey is currently #17 ranked Heavyweight in DFL and will have every possible (physical) advantage a fighter could have. He will have a nine inch height advantage and has to cut down his weight to make it to the 265 lbs limit. Aside from that he is also much more experienced as a fighter being in five fights already, winning all of them. What is even more impressive is the fact that he won all five fights by submission: two by kimura and one by guillotine, RNC and triangle armbar. His last fight, promotional debut, was at DUEL 79 where he won the match by triangle armbar vs. then undefeated Demien OQuinn. That performance won him his first (and only) post-fight bonus award – submission of the night. He fights out of the England Fight Club MMA gym.

Keys to victory:

Loucks: Must close the distance. Should look to get on the inside and hit the body of his opponent. Level changing could be a big deal in this one. Constant motion is a must. Has to be aware of opponents reach advantage, his jabs. Should maybe try and get his opponent to take him down and surprise him with a brown belt knowledge.

Ritchey: Jab, jab, jab. Should keep his distance and use his almost unfair height/reach advantage. Should look to impose his will and his style. Will try and take it to the ground, probably, where he won every fight he has been in. He shouldn't have too much trouble taking his opponent down. He is an experienced submission artist, pretty good one at that, but must be careful because he never went against more skilled opponent like Loucks who is a brown belt opposed to the blue belt in Ritchey.

Fight prediction: Decision win for Ritchey.

4) Alexander Quin #10 vs. Arbi Amagov #11

First match in the smaller divisions on this card is a battle between Alexander Quin and Arbi Amagov in the Lightweight division. The fourth fight of the evening will feature two fighters on the border of top 10 rankings in the division. Alexander Quin is #10 ranked Lightweight in DFL. He was on a five fight win streak until he got stopped by TKO in the first round of his DUEL debut. He was given a title shot in his first fight with the promotion against a much more experienced opponent – Vasili Komaroff. While he lost the fight in the first round and maybe didn't show all that much, he definetly is a great young fighter who is destined to be a contender in the division in the near future. Jack of all trades, this 24-year-old Belgian born in Gent, is looking to get his first win in DFL and make a jump in the division rankings. Although short – standing at 5 feet 4 inches, he is not small. He is a good striker with exceptional boxing and potent muay thai. Also, he is a really good wrestler and a BJJ brown belt. He possesses great cardio. Fighting out of Bloodsport Gym in NYC and representing the Pinoy MMA alliance, he is confident in his ability wherever the fight may go. Born in Grozny, Russia – his opponent will be a 26-year-old Arbi „Tiger“ Amagov. Having a 5-1 record, his only loss being a KO defeat against Vladimir Medvedev in QFC, he is looking to make his third DUEL appearance. He is 2-0 in DFL and on a two fight win streak. Both of those wins came by the way of submission. First was a win in the promotional debut against Rocky Marciano via Kimura at DUEL 75. He followed that performance by another victory, this time it was an armbar at DUEL 79 vs. Davy McConnell. He is looking for his third straight win and is currently #11 ranked fighter in DLF Lightweight division. With a victory in this match he will, most certanly, crack the top 10 of his weightclass. He is fighting out of Death Valley Training Facillity, Los Angeles. He will have a significant height/reach advantage. He is 5 feet 10 inches tall. So he will have a six inch height advantage. He is, also, a pretty well-rounded fighter having a solid stand-up game, respectable wrestling. He is a BJJ blue belt.

Keys to victory:

Quin: Must be agressive, but not overagressive. Has to be aware of his opponent's counterpunching abillity. Although he is a BJJ brown belt facing a blue belt, he won all of his fights with strikes while his opponent won three of his five on the ground. He is much more experienced and better in stand-up than Amagov and should probably keep the fight standing and look for a (T)KO finish.

Amagov: Has two options – either jab and control the distance or take the fight to the ground aginst higher ranked grappler. The second option is a higher risk – higher reward one. I think he will go to the ground bacause that is where he is at his best and he will get outstriked if he decides to stand and bang.

Fight prediction: Quin wins by (T)KO in third round.

5) Kobe Bryant #12 vs. Butch Hoffman

Match number five, the halfway of this epic fight card, will also be a Heavyweight showdown between #12 ranked Kobe Bryant and his opponent Butch Hoffman. Kobe Bryant is a 32-year-old fighter born in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has a 16-8 professional record, 1-1 in DUEL. He lost his promotional debut by unonimous decision vs. a DUEL veteran and kickboxing sensation Dick Army at DUEL 70. He followed that loss by a victory in his second fight in DFL beating Mario Huber by KO in the third round. He is a fantastic all-around fighter. Long time GAMMA fighter, meaning he fought top competition. He has top-notch stand-up game, brilliant boxing and muay thai, great clinch work, great wrestling and is a BJJ black belt. He is fighting out of LOD: Contenders gym in Las Vegas, representing Legion of Doom alliance. The man who is hoping to give him a world of trouble is Butch Hoffman. He is an American fighter born in Helsinki, Finland. This 31-year-old man-mountain stands at 6 feet 8 inches tall and will look to use his height and reach advantage to the fullest. He is the USFC veteran, going 6-4 in the promotion. This will be his second fight in the Duel Fighting League, he lost his debut to Mujibur Rahman via round two TKO at DFN 6. He, like his opponent, is a jack of all trades. Very good stand-up and clinch fighter, sensational wrestler and a BJJ brown belt. And like his opponent his record is at fifty percent – 10-5. He is fighting out of his hometown of Helsinki. He is a member of Animal Factory Gym in Helsinki, Finland. He represents the FinnFighters alliance.

Keys to victory:

Bryant: Will have to get past that big five inch height/reach disadvantage by avoiding jabs and getting to the inside of his opponent. Work the body. Must be in constant motion. Has to change levels. Should maybe take it to the ground. Shouldn't spend too much time clinching because of height advantage and exposure to knees and elbows.

Hoffman: Jab. Set tone of the fight. Avoid going to the ground if not necessary. Get to the clinch and use knees and elbows. Look for head kicks. Look for counterpunching opportunities.

Fight prediction: Bryant wins by decision.

6) Mario Huber #20 vs. Kelvin Pouncey #21

Sixt match of the evening will be a German-American Heavyweight war between Mario „Hubi“ Huber and Kelvin „The Bouncer“ Pouncey. Mario „Hubi“ Huber is currently #20 ranked Heavyweight in the promortion. He is a 35-year-old veteran born in Geseke, Germany, and having that prototypical Heavyweight built at 6 feet 3 inches, 240 pounds. His record is not a great one 23-35, but he is a true warrior that never backed-out of a fight. The best indicator that he is a real crowd-pumping fighter is a fact that out of 58 matches he had – only 2 went the distance. He is a real jurneyman that is looking to settle in DUEL and make a big impact on promotion's Heavyweight division. He is a good fighter, posessing solid and underrated stand-up game. His main weapon is his grappling, being an exceptional wrestler and a BJJ black belt. He is one of the best grapplers in the game today, winning 20 matches by submission. He is fighting out of the Lovelair Muay Thai/MMA gym in New York City. This will be his second fight in DLF, losing his first by 3rd round KO against Kobe Bryant at DUEL 79. He has six post-fight bonus awards: four times „fight of the night“ and two times „submission of the night“. His opponent will be Minnesota's own Kelvin „The Bouncer“ Pouncey. At 6'5 and 255 lbs, this American bomber has so much firepower in his hands that he scored 10 (T)KO victories already. At 39 years of age, his current professional score is 20-20-2. Out of those 42 fights just 13 went on until the final bell, meaning that this fight will be an all-out war with a better chance of a 1st round finish than a decision one. Known as a KO artist, he will try and use his stand-up to beat the #20 ranked Hubi and crack the top 20 rankings. Having a remarkable boxing and a strong all-around striking game, with great wrestling/take down defense, he will be looking to knock his opponent back to his childhood days. If the fight gets to the ground this BJJ purple belt could hold his own, at least for some time. All in all this will be your classical grappler vs. striker match-up and the one we are looking forward to. Another Touch Of Death Academy member, he is fighting out of NYC and represents Bullet Proof Mafia alliance. He has five post-fight bonus awards: five times „fight of the night“ and a single „knockout of the night“ award. Has 0-2-1 in his first three DUEL fights. Drew in his debut against Eddie „Venom“ Brock at DUEL 66. They met two times after that and Venom won both fights via decision at DUEL 73 and DUEL 79. All three fights won „fight of the night“ awards. Is looking for his first DUEL victory. Could be in trouble if he doesn't emerge victorious, so he should be extra motivated to win this one.

Keys to victory:

Huber: Must get this fight to the ground. Has much better submission and grappling game than his opponent. Mustn't stand and trade with his opponent. Has to be aware of his opponent's heavy hands. Has to take the fight down as soon as possible, get the top control and work his way to his 21st submission victory. Has to set up his takedowns well as his opponent has a good takedown defense. Shouldn't shoot or reach with his takedowns because he could get caught with a heavy counterpunch.

Pouncey: Has to make sure fight doesn't go to the ground and if it does, must work his way to feet again. Has a great advantage in stand-up. His opponent has a suspicious chin that he should look to exploit. Jab to keep distance, avoid being taken down and set up some good combinations to finish the fight. If he knocks his opponent down, should be very careful if he follows him to the ground or not.

Fight prediction: Great matchup, two different fighting styles. Will have that old school vibe to it. Pouncey wins by (T)KO in round two.

7) Khan Krooshur #14 vs. Big Baby

Fight number seven. The rematch. This card is stacked with great Heavyweight collisions. Khan „The Can Crusher“ Krooshur is currently #14 ranked Heavyweight in Duel Fighting League. He has a perfect 4-0 record. Khan is a Pakistani fighter born in Islamabad 25 years ago. He stands at 6 feet 6 inches and weighs in at 255 pounds. This talented youngster is fighting out of NYC and won all of his via stoppage. He has three KOs and one TKO in his resume. He is not a ground fighter, being a BJJ white belt and with mediocre wrestling. His wrestling is good enough to keep him standing in a fight, where he is at his absolute best. He has a superb boxing skills and is a real brawler. This fight will be a rematch between the two. Their first fight was Khan's promotional debut at DUEL 81 and he won it by KO in just nine seconds! He is currently not a member of any gym. His opponent will be Big „The Darkness“ Baby. Big Baby is really big, standing at 6 feet 11 inches tall and with weight of 265 pounds this man, who looks like a professional basketball player, is also a talented striker. Along with his proficient boxing he also posesses good ground game, being a BJJ brown belt. His wrestling is pretty bad, though, so he doesn't get to the ground that often. Born in Florida, he is fighting out of Kangaroo's MMA gym in Sydney. He will, maybe, be looking to take this fight to the ground and submit his opponent. He has a 3-2 professional record, 1-1 in Duel Fighting League. He won his promotional debut against James Madrox via triangle choke. That victory won him a „submission of the night“ award. In his second fight in DUEL he lost to the exact same opponent he will face in this match. That match lasted just nine seconds and he will have to show everyone this time that he can turn it around.

Keys to victory:

Krooshur: Keep the fight standing. Strike with his opponent. Has to be focused and not to think he will win as easily this time. Has to make up for his five inch reach disadvantage. Has better stand-up game and he should look to exploit it. Must avoid the ground. Can't be overagressive and risk getting taken down.

Baby: Has to take the fight to the ground. Is a BJJ brown belt going against a white belt. Has to throw his jabs, keep the distance, change levels, attack the head and set up his takedowns. Has to control his opponent on the ground and look to finish the fight and get his 2nd submission victory.

Fight prediction: Khan Krooshur wins by KO in round one.

8) For Real For Real #9 vs. Joe McMac #20

Fight number eight, middleweight matchup between two up-and-coming youngsters. For Real For Real is a #9 ranked middleweight looking to crack the top 5 of the division and become the next title challenger. He is an extremly talented striker with solid takedown defense who holds a perfect 7-0 record. Six of those seven victories came by the way of TKO. Great Muay Thai fighter with great stand-up, kicks, knees and clinch game, he has a solid chin and will go up against his biggest opponent yet. Born in Whoville, North Korea he is a member of Cozad MMA Sydney gym. He represents the Legion of Doom alliance. At 6 feet 2 inches tall he will have a nice height/reach advantage over his opponent. He is set to make his third DUEL appearance. He won his first two fights at DUEL 72 and DUEL 79, both victories were scored by TKO. Joe „Mac“ McMac is the #20 middleweight in the promotion. He is an extremly talented young fighter, being just 25 years old and boasting a 5-1 record. His only loss came in his second fight by arm triangle choke against Cristobal Salazar. He is currently on a four-fight winning streak. He won all of his fights by stoppage, two by TKO and three by KO. His loss, although not the brightest moment of his career showed his huge heart as he refused to tap out and instead got choked out. He is the proud owner of some brilliant muay thai skills. His wrestling is pretty bad, if he gets taken down, he has some solid BJJ skills, being the blue belt. He is short for the middleweight division at 5 feet 9 inches, but is really powerful. Born in „The City of Brotherly Love“, he is based in NYC. He is not associated with any gym, currently. He represents the Tycoon Alliance.

Keys to victory:

For Real: Mustn't take the fight down. Should look to grind his opponents energy out with his wrestling skills. Has to be careful, because his opponent is a great stand-up fighter as well. As a much taller fighter, with five inch advantage, should look to throw knees and elbows from the clinch. His wrestling skills will help him in controling the clinch better.

McMac: Must change levels. Has to get to the inside, but be really careful and aware of his opponents knees. Shouldn't look to clinch so much, because of the height disadvantage, meaning exposure to the knees and elbows and kicks as well. Should look to take the fight to the ground if it's possible at all. Has a huge ground game advantage.

Fight prediction: Great matchup, electrifying fight that will end with a BANG! Fight of the night, KO of the night material...

9) Odell Paquette #5 vs. Haywood Badger #4

It's the co-main event of the evening. A match between #5 and #4 ranked bantamweights. Odell Paquette is #5 bantamweight in Duel Fighting League. He is a former UPG bantamweight champion and Evolution and DUEL bantamweight contender. This 33-year-old fighter was born in Pretoria, USA, but has moved to Russia with his base in St. Petersburg. He holds the professional record of 23-15-1. He is the fighter of the highest calibre, with big fights under his belt and champion experience. An all-around threat, with a brilliant stand-up game and clinch, fantastic wrestling and a really good skill set in BJJ – he is a brown belt, he is the prototype of a perfect fighter. In his 39 matches he has only been stopped four times: once by KO and three times by submission. He has thirteen stoppages to his name – all comming by KO or TKO. An extremely interesting fighter, with crowd-pleasing style of fighting and a fantastic gas tank, he will look to score his fifth „fight of the night“ award. This will be his third DUEL fight, going 1-1 in the promotion. He won his debut against Lou Nahtic via TKO (Strikes) in the first round of DFN 4. He fought the current champion Serge Ibaka for the DUEL bantamweight belt, but lost a five-round decision in a great fight. This will be his first fight after that and the one that could earn him another shot at the title, in case he emerges victorious. He is fighting out of the Russian Bears Elite Gym in St. Petersburg and represents the Russian Bears alliance. His opponent will be no joke, holding a 20-10 professional record. Haywood „Honey“ Badger will also fight for the third time in Duel Fighting League. He, also, has a 1-1 promotional record. He is a 39-year-old American born in Amarillo, TX. He most recently won the Mmaniak bantamweight belt. He also is the former MFN, PFC and CEC bantamweight contender, LVP bantamweight champion with one successful title defense and two-time WFC bantamweight champion with five successful title defenses. He is a brilliant fighter with sensational striking game, great clinch and world-class wrestling. Like that was not impressive enough, the man is a BJJ black belt! He has finished ten of his opponents and won six post-fight bonus awards: three „fight of the night“ awards, two „submission of the night“ awards and a „knockout of the night“ award. He lost his promotional debut at DUEL 81 by submission against Felipe Feltre, who went on and got his title shot (that fight will be at DFN 17 on 12th of August). After that he went on to beat Sam Crow, in a tough-fought three-round war via split decision at DUEL 82, that earned both of them a „fight of the night“ bonus. He is fighting out of Marijuana Gardens gym in Las Vegas. With all that said, I think we will witness an amazing display of marital arts in the match that will probably give us the next title contender.

Keys to victory:

Paquette: Has the seven inch height/reach advantage. Is a slightly better striker. Should avoid the ground. Is going against a world-class grappler so he must be careful. Should look to fight on the outside, change levels and use leg kicks a lot. If they get into clinch should use knees and strike the opponent's chin.

Badger: Although he is a fantastic striker his opponent is a little bit better and that seven inch reach disadvatage is not doing him any favours, as well. Should look to get this fight to the ground if he can, because that is where he has the biggest chance of stopping his opponent and getting a title shot.

Fight prediction: The biggest „fight of the night“ favorite. An absoulte fighting extravaganza that will probably go the distance.

10) Calm Like A Bomb (C) vs. Charles Kamen #2

The main event will be an unforgettable one. Two of the top fighers in the Duel Fighting League Heavyweight division will fight for the oldest and most prestigious belt a man could wear around his waist. They are fighting for the Heavyweight title and the title of the NYC's baddest man. Following the path of greatness, a road of hard-work, sacrafice and superhuman determination and bravery these two modern-day gladiators will collide and make sure that the spectators leave Liberty Dome in awe. The most prestigious belt and the oldest DUEL championship bling was worn by the likes of Mark Ricciuto, Anderson, Williams. It was worn by DUEL MMA legends inducted into the Hall of Fame: Heavyweight pioneer – Henry „Bloody Knuckles“ Blaine, undersized warrior with heart as big as his homeland of Colombia – Luis „The Thief“ Garavito and the first DUEL Heavyweight champion, the original badass - Maximillian Xezeron. Now, back to the fight itself... Calm Like A Bomb is the raigning, defending Heavyweight champion and with that being said – the baddest man to walk the streets of the world's most famous sleepless city. He won that title at the same time when he won the Heavyweight belt, on May 7th this year at DUEL 66, when he beat then-champ Francisno dAnconia by a brutal first round head kick KO, winning „knockout of the night“ award along the way. That one kick, one of the most iconic moments in Duel Fighting League history, changed his career. He had two successful title defenses: against Crimson at DUEL 74 via first round KO and at DUEL 80 via unanimous decision versus John Wayne Gracie. He is a former QFC and IMMA Heavyweight champion and a two-time UNFC Heavyweight champion. He is one of the most experienced fighters out there. At 33 years of age, still in his prime, this manimal from Helsinki in Finland, is looking to score his 30th, yes you read that right, 30th (T)KO victory. An elite striker, sensational wrestler and BJJ brown belt – he is the fighter of the highest rank. Fighting out of White Eagle gym in Los Angeles and representing Boyz 2 Champs alliance, he has fifteen bonus post-fight awards to his credit: seven „knockout of the night“ awards and eight „fight of the night“ awards. He is on a five-fight win streak and is still undefeated in the promotion. His opponent will be a former WFC Heavyweight champion and a man on a nine-fight win streak, the #2 ranked Heavyweight in DLF – Charles Kamen. Kamen is a 33-year-old fighter from Dallas who will be trying to accomplish something that is very hard to do – overtake the throne, something that even the thoughest fighters, like Hall of Fame fighter Eeazy Ee for example, in most cases couldn't do. He is looking for his tenth straight win and second since joining the promotion. What is even scarier is that he is on a nine-fight (T)KO win-streak. He finished his last nine opponents: eight by TKO and one by KO, with only three guys getting to the second round! He won his debut versus Russell Wallace via TKO in the second round, thus ending his DUEL career. That fight took place at DUEL 80. He is an elite striker with flawless stand-up game, great muay thai and clinch, fantastic wrestling and takedown defense. His only weakness it seems, is his mediocre ground game with him being a BJJ blue belt, but his (defensive) wrestling is so good he rearly has to think about that. He never got submitted – enough said. He fights out of the LOD: Top Team gym in Las Vegas and represents the Legion of Doom alliance. He has two post-fight bonus awards to his name: one „fight of the night“ and one „knockout of the night“.

Keys to victory:

A Bomb: Should look to engage the clinch and fire his knees, elbows and use dirty boxing from there. Must be careful not to expose himself because he is fighting against a world-class boxer. Should maybe look to take the fight to the mat and use his superior BJJ skills to control his opponent, ground and pound him and maybe even set up some submission. Should use kicks a lot. Must change angles and work the body so he can maybe score that lethal head kick that won him the title in the first place.

Kamen: Has to close the distance so he can pose a threat and not have to worry about kicks as much. Should avoid the clinch. If it gets tough maybe even go to the ground, yes his opponent is a brown belt and he is a blue belt, but his opponent has 0 ground victories against 29 by (T)KO. Should try and wait for some counterpunching opportunities. Must keep his hands high at all times.

Fight prediction: Everyone who is fortunate enough to watch these two Heavyweight heroes will see the highest level of martial arts and human fighing power. It will be the one for the ages. Someone's streak will come to an end. If I have to choose, I say the champion Calm Like A Bomb wins a tough five-round decision.

After reading all of this, I know you must be excited. You should be, you have every reason for that... So, just channel your inner Bruce Buffer 'cause IT'S TIME!

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