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DUEL 88 Review

Org name: Duel Fighting League
Fighters signed: 97
Number of events: 192
Base: New York
Owner: Alexander Biro
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Upcoming events
DUEL157 2018-05-26 New York
DUEL158 2018-05-26 New York
DUEL159 2018-06-02 New York
DUEL160 2018-06-02 New York
DUEL161 2018-06-09 New York
Weight Name Last Win
135 Eksem Von Ketler Barack Obama
145 Shepherd Bushiri Predator Burns
170 Arthur Halo Joe Risley
185 Ravi Shankoli Dick Army
205 Benny Andersson Rama Arjuna
265 Brandon Vee Barney Rumble
265+ Dante Cross Furia John Wayne Gracie

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Review for DUEL 88 by Neon Richards - Sponsored by Zenith Nutrition


Taisho "The Chosen One" Oiyambe Vs. James Madrox

This fight went three rounds in the heavyweight division with The Chosen One showing us all how he gets it don't with this sub attempt clinic that he put on today. With a astonishing 27 sub attempts in this bout, Taisho finally came out with a victory through knee bar. Taisho after this victory brings himself to 8-0 the questions who will be able to stop this man.

Christopher Webb Vs Mike Smith

Next up we have a standup brawl for the ages, both fighters swinging for the fences, in this fight with Webb finally connecting with a vicious left hook that send Mike to the floor unconscious after his 9 missed shots.

William "Bill" Ritchey Vs Rich "Rolo" Loucks

This undercard bout holds the KO of the night by a head kick that nearly took Loucks head off only being 22 seconds into the first round not much else to say here besides you wouldn't want to be on the other end of that kick.

Alexander Quin Vs Arbi "Tiger" Amagov

With our quickest fight of the night lasting only 5 seconds from a brutal counter uppercut that ended the fight as soon as it started, not much else to say here besides that Quin is here to say.


Butch Hoffman Vs Kobe Bryant

Butch Hoffman pulling out the victory today in a lackluster fight that the fans where hoping would be over soon going all 3 rounds to decision with Butch winning it 29:28 on all cards.

Kelvin "The Bouncer" Pouncy Vs Mario "Hubi" Hubert

After 1:53 of the first round Pouncy finally hits his mark with a massive right hand that ends the fight with a bunch of missed opportunities by Hubert that he will regret in the morning.

Khan "The Can Crusher" Krooshur Vs Big "The Darkness" Baby

This next main card bout is a quick one only lasting 24 seconds with Krooshur making a cut on Baby's face very early on and then when Baby was covering up landing a straight jab to the jaw that sent Baby to the canvas a very impressive victory.

For Real For Real Vs Joe "Mac" McMac

Next is a clinch battle that went 3:38 in the very first round For Real really showing what he can do in the clintch tonight with an impressive

24 head punches, and 10 body shots compared to the 2 head punches, and 2 body shots of McMac. For Real gave McMac no room to breath in this fight standing on top of his game today ending the fight with a shirt uppercut.


Odell Paquette Vs Haywood "Honey" Badger

Badger starting off this fight with some very nice takedowns that lead to sub attempts but Paquette wasn't having any of it with a back and forth fight that went 3 rounds that really showed these fighters endurance ending with a brutal headkick that lead to a great ground and pound performance that the referee had to stop.

Main Event:

Charles Kamen Vs Calm Like A Bomb

This Main Event was one to watch with Charles Kamen dethroneing the former champion Calm Like A Bomb in this match you can see that the clinch really was exhausting both fighters with Charles getting in the clinch and Calm breaking it every time. Kamen showed sighns of weakness at the start of the second round getting cut by a wild elbow. After the cut more clinch attempts but none successful. We go to the third round where both fighter and starting to show sighns of exhaustion but late in the fourth round Kamen hits A Bomb with a beautiful combination that knocks A Bomb to the ground. Kamen rocks A Bomb and can smell the blood in the water and started to go all out bringing A Bomb into the clinch where he started to tee off on him finisheing the fight just 19 seconds before round 4 with an uppercut that puts A Bomb to the canvas and proceeds to finish him off with his ground and pound.

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