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Org name: Duel Fighting League
Fighters signed: 97
Number of events: 192
Base: New York
Owner: Alexander Biro
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135 Eksem Von Ketler Barack Obama
145 Shepherd Bushiri Predator Burns
170 Arthur Halo Joe Risley
185 Ravi Shankoli Dick Army
205 Benny Andersson Rama Arjuna
265 Brandon Vee Barney Rumble
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DFN#15 Peukalo vs Mitchell Preview By: Humble Greco - Sponsored by Zenith Nutrition(160q/225$)


Anderson "AA" Archer(4-0) v Kakashi Sung Jung(6-2) - Welterweight Bout

Kicking off DFN 15 will be a Welterweight Bout between two youngsters who have both made an impressive start
to their MMA careers. The two are most dominant in wrestling and Anderson Archer has proved that. Archer
better be careful, however, as Kakashi Sung Jung has won every single fight in his career so far by (T)KO,
only losing twice to the same person. He's very dangerous in the cage and could be the one to end Archer's
undefeated record. I'm excited to see how this one turns out.

Marshall "Money" Banks(2-1) v Drew Rossback(1-2) - Lightweight Bout

Next up on the undercard we have two 25 year olds who both excel in boxing. This one could be a brawl until
the final bell, for the two have only won by decision so far. However, they're both coming off of losses and
that could motivate one of them to try and finish this one early. Who's got more heart?

Daniel "Judo Master" Kelly(5-1) v Christian "War God" Darrow(5-3) - Welterweight Bout

Coming up next we have a Welterweight Bout between 18 year old, Daniel Kelly, and 25 year old, Christian
Darrow. You may be thinking that Christian should have this one in the bag, just due to the age difference
itself, but Daniel is used to taking on fighters older than he is. In fact, every fighter he has fought has
been older and only one escaped with a victory and avoided getting KO'd. Though, Christian is coming off of an
embarrasing 50 second loss that occured at his Duel Fighting League debut and could show no mercy to the up
and coming prospect. I'm stuck on who I think's gonna take this one. We're gonna have to wait and see.

Godric "Hitman" Griffin(3-0) v Throng "The Fire Tiger" Po(1-1) - Lightweight Bout

Our last fight on the undercard could be a fairly one-sided bout, for we have an undefeated brawler facing
a struggling all-around fighter. Both men are making their Duel Fighting League debuts and will want to
impress, so I wouldn't exactly count out Po tonight. Let's see if he's got enough in him to take down an
impressing foe.

Main Card:

Jakub "Puck" Nowak(5-0) v Raymond "Lockie" Lock(2-0) - Middleweight Bout

First up on the main card tonight we have even more undefeated fighters, but this time they're the ones
squaring off. Both making their Duel Fighting League debuts, they both have plenty to worry about, as one
man leaves undefeated while the other is left in the dust. Even more worry will sweat on the forehead's of
each man, for they both have only won by (T)KO in the first round. Could this be the fight where they are
forced to the upper rounds?

"Rare Breed" Nino Brown(9-3) v Algot Uggla(11-12) - Featherweight Bout

We have two experienced fighters going at it for our second fight on the main card. Nino Brown has won 77%
of his fights by (T)KO in his career so far. Algot, on the other hand, winning about 72% of his fights by
Submission. His negative record and age may hurt him though, and Brown could try to look for an early KO
finish. Let's see if Algot can take Brown to the ground and even up his record, as well as add another
Submission victory to it.

"The Raven" Betram Adelhard(6-3) v Fredrik "Freak" Fredriksson(11-9) - Welterweight Bout

Next up is a Welterweight Bout between two all-around sensational fighters. They've both worked hard to get
where they're at and don't want to dissapoint the fans. Fredrik is coming off of two losses and NEEDS a win
tonight to get back on track. Betram, being on a two winning streak, is going to look to capitalize on
Fredrik's frustration to win the fight. This one could finish based on pure mind games if done right. Let's
see how it goes.

"I am" Evan Better(25-20) v Eric "BraiNiaC" Staal(9-3-1) - Middleweight Bout

Our final fight on the main card is between veteran Evan Better and experience Eric Staal. Evan better has
won an astonishing 18 fights by decision. So he's known to drag fights until the end and make smart reads.
Eric Staal differs from Evan's style as he has won his last three fights in the first round, all by T(KO).
We've got two phenomenal fighters, who I believe have enought to take an "Of the Night award" tonight.


Grisha "The Dragon" Kamenov(11-6-2) v Geese "The Boss" Fury(12-10) - Light Heavyweight Bout

Our Co-Main Event tonight is a Light Heavyweight Bout between Grisha Kamenov and Geese Fury. Grisha Kamenov
mostly known for his deadly submissions that leave foes begging for mercy. Geese Fury, on the other hand,
doesn't give people time to beg, he just knocks them out cold. I can't wait to see these two go head to head
and attempt to prove who the better fighter is.


Poro "The Liizard" Peukalo(4-2) v Jose Mitchell(5-1) - Heavyweight Bout

Taking the Main Event spot tonight, we have Poro Peukalo v Jose Mitchell. This bout could prove that you
don't need a title fight to make an event special. Poro is the Heavyweight Champion for Omega Fighting that
just held it's last event last month. Poro is also coming off of a dominant 4 fight win-streak after starting
his career off 0-2 (talk about determination!). Poro's opponent, Jose Mitchell, has only won by (T)KO and
will be looking to end Poro's run of victories tonight. Can Jose do it? Or will Poro defeat Jose and stretch
is win-streak to five. We'll see tonight at DFN 15!

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