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Org name: Russian Bear-cubs Brawl (310+)
Fighters signed: 1
Number of events: 40
Base: St Petersburg
Owner: John Murphy
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Upcoming events
Weight Name Last Win
145 Officer Zed Grimur Agnarsson
170 Dale Bomber Kung Po
185 Wet Wild Jason Montgomery
205 Farley Steve Bobby Wangler
265 Butt Wipe Jose Lothario

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and liking it ! Fart here...Been a busy last week for me both real life and in the org getting things moving again. I have set up events and almost every fighter in the org now has a fight scheduled...Also done some recruiting so the rosters will get beefed up with new champs and chumps...
Next on the agenda I hope to scan the contracts that will end shortly and send out renewals for those fighters worthy. I have noticed there seem to be many contracts expire in less than a month and still have more than 1 fight left....I hope to work on them next. Some fighters wont be asked for a renewal...but if u feel ur fighter is worthy....mail me because I may have skipped over him and u may be right. We dont want to lose any fighters with potential.
Speaking of losing...and LOSERS. Since the org got new ownershit there have been some childish HATERS (probably some of MY enemies) who have ranked the org down. Im sure the new owner has not been in the game long enuff to earn such childish revenge Im pretty sure its a poathetic attempt at retaliation on ME. I think its funny...because it affects me ZERO. But I bring the situation to light because it affects everyone of YOU. When the org gets bad rating (it dropped 20% within 48 hours of ownership chasnge) it lowers the money made on the events. This directly affects the amount of money u will see offered on contracts. It dont affect me at all. I work for free and its not my its all of YOU who are getting shafted by these children. And yes, I know who at least 1 of them is... But this mail is more regarding how YOU can negate the effect of these immature managers. There are enuff people in this org that u can pretty much eliminate thier impact by each of YOU rating the org and that will dramatically change the Satisfaction rating of the org. Which currently stands at 65% from 13 ratings. So I ask each one of you to locate the CONTRACTS area on right side of ur page and open it. U will see at the top right a small x and check mark in red and green. click that and u will get an org rating page where u can rate every org ur fighters are in. Now I aint gonna sk u to rate us a 10 even tho I been busting my ass working to get the org running. I myself usually dont rate an org as soon as I join it....I rate fairly and that means I need to wait a bit to see whats going on and how its operated...are the fights fair? are the proposals for fights to short of notice? Stuff like that u cant know the 1st day. But I hope u can already see the org is on the move and that u will rate it good enuff to eliminate these few childish managers effect and get the org rating back up. Remember affter u rate the orgs u must click the SUBMIT RATING button at bottom right !

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