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Org name: Duel Fighting League
Fighters signed: 141
Number of events: 202
Base: New York
Owner: Alexander Biro
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Upcoming events
DUEL#164 Kenway vs Kinshaw 2018-06-23 New York
DUEL#165 Lafayette vs Denke 2018-06-23 New York
DUEL166 2018-06-30 New York
DFLLA#1 2018-06-30 Los Angeles
DUEL167 2018-07-07 New York
Weight Name Last Win
135 Eksem Von Ketler Natural Born Killer
145 Shepherd Bushiri Eksem Von Ketler
155 Edward Kenway Gracie Allen
170 Vicente Lafayette Arthur Halo
185 Albert Hoffman Robert Munson
205 Benny Andersson Kevin Garbutt
265 Brandon Vee Michael Proctor
265+ Dante Cross Furia Nicolas Muller

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DFN 16 Stenberg vs Esposito Preview By: Humble Greco - Sponsored By Zenith Nutrition(160q/225$)


Kalwabib Stiopic(5-1) v Locker "Armlocker" Arm(2-3) - Lightweight Bout

For our first fight on the card we have a lightweight bout that looks to be a predictable one, based off each
fighter's records. Kalwabib's wins have all been thanks to a (T)KO finish. He just lost his first fight by
decision and must be looking to bounce back. He's won a 16-Man Tournament so he isn't one you want to mess
with in the first place. Arm is on a three fight losing streak and will be looking to bounce back as well.
It would be VERY impressive if he was to break his losing streak against Stiopic. Let's see if he can do it!

Chritian "The Dragon" Dior(3-1) v Ross "Rocky" Ray(1-0) - Welterweight Bout

Next up on the card we have Christian Dior versus Ross Ray. Both young prospects have both proved that they
have what it takes as both have impressed in QFC bouts. However, this is Dior's third DFN event which may
give him the advantage, experience-wise. It's too tough to say which brawler will come out of this victorious
though. I'm eager to see this one's outcome, for one of these young men could have a promising future and a
win here would definitely give the winner a morale boost to help it out.

Elijah "The Prophet" David(5-6) v Rafael Felix(4-1) - Lightweight Bout

Our third fight on the undercard is a lightweight bout between struggling Elijah David and submission-specialist
Rafael Felix. It's been a back and forth career so far for Elijah David. Who knows what's going on in the man's
head, but hopefully it's set on getting on the right track. Rafael Felix would love to be the first to make
David tap to a proper submission move instead of from strikes like David did in a title fight against Billy
Bolek. Can Felix make it happen? Or will David finish Rafael and show that he still shouldn't be messed with?

Jan Dekker(1-0) v Harry Styles(1-0) - Heavyweight Bout

Our final fight on the undercard is a strange one. We've two 1-0 guys fighting it out, but one of them happens
to be Harry Styles. Weird how he found himself into MMA, but if he's already 1-0 who am I to complain. Harry's
pretty evenly matched opponent to worry about and we'll see how he handles him. Good luck to the both of them.

Main Card:

Slugger "Strong One" Joe(7-1) v Gennady Mikhasevich(4-0) - Middleweight Bout

We have two dominant fighters kicking us off in the main card. We have two men who like to finish different than
the other, for Slugger has won his fights only by submission so far as Gennady has won only via (T)KO. Slugger
is a QFC tournament winner and has been living up to that trophy in his career so far, destroying almost
everybody in his path. Gennady has no trophy, but he's been kicking ass as well. His fists must be made of steel!
This fight has the potential to win an "of the night" award. Let's see if it does.

Khabib "Blanket" Askren(5-0) v "Bad" Bobby Booker(4-0) - Welterweight Bout

Our second fight on the main card shows the classic story of who's gonna stay undefeated, and who is gonna be
left with their first loss. Askren's five wins have all been in the first round. Nobody has managed to escape to
the second when facing off against him! That must put some sweat on Booker's forehead! Though, Booker has only
had one fight go past round one, so he's familiar with decicive victories himself. We've got two badasses
defending their undefeated records. Who will leave with it still intact?

Sandayu Momochi(11-9) v Kingsley Nasir(18-15) - Middleweight Bout

Moving to our third fight on the main card we have to very experienced professionals going toe to toe for the
first time. They both have had their fair share of wins and losses, so they've shown their strengths and
weaknesses. Momochi has a deadly Kimura submission that Nasir will have to look out for throughout the fight.
Nasir is known to play smart with his 11 decision victories, but can he play his cards right against Momochi?

Antero "Sweet Jesus!" Rokka(38-25) v "Slow" Johny Persecutioned(22-16) - Middleweight Bout

Our final fight on the main card has two MMA veterans to go at it. With a combined 101 fights, Antero and Johny
will try to show the other who's still got it. Lord knows the punishment each man has gone through to get where
they are today. But the only question I have is: who's got more heart?

Co-Main Event:

Eskem "Helter Skelter" Von Ketler(9-3) v Kame Sennin "Muten Roshi"(21-4) - Bantamweight Bout

Our Co-Main Event is gonna be one to remember as we have two animals square off tonight. This will be both mens'
fourth fight in Duel. And again, we have two very different styles facing off. Eskem has a reputation of making
people tap out, while Kame just likes to simply knock his opponent out. Eskem has also been not been able to get
his hands on a title, losing twice to the same defending champion. Can he pull a win, move up the ranks, and
earn another shot? Or will Kame do it himself?

Main Event:

Fredrik "The BadBoy" Stenberg(17-9) v "Dynamite" Dante Esposito(16-6) - Lightweight Bout

Our Main Event for tonight is a lightweight bout between Fredrik Stenberg and Dante Esposito. Both men are Duel
Veterans as they have a combined 19 fights that have been done at this organization. The two loyal fighters have
fought before, though. At DUEL 45 Stenberg defeated Esposito via unaminous decision. They finally square off
again, in tonight's main event! Can Esposito get his revenge? Or will Stenberg prove who the better fighter is
and always has been? We'll find out at DFN 16!

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