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Base: New York
Owner: Kc Cooper
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What's up everyone. Unfortunately there won't be a full preview for the main card this week as the writer I hired is on vacation. Instead you get my quick and shitty version, so enjoy!

FFA 33: Desolation comes to you this week from Hard Knocks in New York City! Headlined by a light heavyweight Main Event that will determine who will be the next #1 contender at 205lbs, FFA 33 should be an event full of finishes.

Barney Wehmer (11-8) vs Elmore James (4-1) - Lightweight

Our first fight on the main card is a grudge match between Wehmer and James. On paper is looks like a complete mismatch, but looks are clearly deceiving. These two lightweights have faced each other before and the outcome was a surprise to most. A debuting Wehmer scored a quick takedown and then locked in an Arm Triangle that put James to sleep. Much has changed in those two months. Wehmer is coming off of two straight losses while James just recently returned to action after taking some time off to train. Could we see Wehmer score another massive upset or will James settle that score and add another loss to Wehmer record? Who knows, but I do know this fight will not go the distance.

Max Hell (7-2) vs Krishna Pariyar (9-6) - Middleweight

Styles make fights right? Well that should be the case in this fight where you have a striker (Hell) versus a grappler (Pariyar). This fight will add another chapter to the argument of "which style is better". Having never faced a grappler with finishing prowess like Pariyar, Max Hell will look to keep this fight standing at all costs otherwise there is a chance he could be losing a limb. Pariyar on the other hand, has faced formidable strikers before, but the outcome hasn't been in his favor. Although this could be the night he gets that monkey off his back. Both fighters are getting close to the elusive title shot, but only one will continue on that journey. Who will it be?

Curtis Lowe (4-1) vs Calvin James Howard (7-2) - Light Heavyweight

Fireworks! That is my prediciton for this fight, fireworks! These two fighters love trading punches and knocking people out, so I don't expect this fight to hit the mat at all. If it does, the cause will probably be a massive hook that made someone lose consciousness. Howard does have an excellent wrestling pedigree that he might use to his advantage, but the same could be said for Lowe and his muay thai background. Still I think once the first punch is thrown, all of the advantages they thought about and the game planning that was done goes out the window and this becomes a race to see who lands the knockout blow first. Maybe we'll get to witness the first double KO in the history of MMA Tycoon?! Either way, Fireworks!

James McGuire (6-1) vs James Jordan (9-0) - Light Heavyweight

This fight will determine the new #1 contender for the FFA Light Heavyweight title and it should be a classic. McGuire has been at the top of the 205 division for quite some time and has even fought for the title once before, but came up a bit short after a doctor decided to stop the fight. Wanting to prove that it was a fluke and maybe he was a little over excited in that fight, McGuire only has one thing standing in his way. That one thing just so happens to be the current Middleweight champion, James Jordan, who has decided to move up after clearing out his division. Jordan knows the day will come when a new challenger at 185 arrives, but today is not that day and he wants a chance to become the first ever dual weight class champion in FFA history! Can McGuire he his shot a redemption or will Jordan get a chance to become dual champion? Tune in to FFA 33: Desolation today and find out!!!

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