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DFN 20 Preview

Org name: Duel Fighting League
Fighters signed: 151
Number of events: 210
Base: New York
Owner: Alexander Biro
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DFN#47 Frost vs Justice 2018-07-21 New York
DFN#48 Turner vs Sin 2018-07-21 New York
DUEL170 2018-07-28 New York
DUEL171 2018-07-28 New York
DUEL174 2018-08-04 New York
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135 Eksem Von Ketler Johnny Pearson
145 Zang Zhai Shepherd Bushiri
155 Edward Kenway Moe Lester
170 The Sigit Vicente Lafayette
185 Albert Hoffman Robert Munson
205 Benny Andersson Miro Bang
265 Buster Napoleon Brandon Vee
265+ Dante Cross Furia Archie Trew

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DFN 20 Adelhard vs Eluard Preview By Humble Greco - Sponsored By Zenith Nutrition(160/225q)


"The Raven" Bertram Adelhard(7-3) v Martinez Eluard(19-15-2) - Welterweight Bout

For our main event tonight we have elite boxer, Bertram Adelheard, up against black belt, Martinez Eluard. This
is Eluard's debut for Duel and he will be trying to impress. He has not been doing well elsewhere, as he's just
come off of a 4 fight losing streak. A win here should definitely get him back into gear. Adelhard, on the other
hand, will move his WINNING streak to 4 with a win here. He's gotta be as confident as ever heading into this
fight, and we can imagine he'll be looking for his 5th (T)KO victory.


Geese "The Boss" Fury(13-10) v Christopher Webb(13-4-1) - Light Heavyweight Bout

Our co-main event for the night has two fit fighters who shine when it comes to (T)KOs. With a combined 21 (T)KOs
in the MMA, you can imagine that there will be another one added tonight. Fury's reach advantage could play a
huge factor though, as Webb will need to be play his cards right against that. Could be a classic slugfest if both
men come in with the right mentalities. Let's hope for one!


Grisha "The Dragon" Kamenov(11-7-2) v Maddox "Hitman" Wood(6-4) - Light Heavyweight Bout

Our final fight on the main card should be a predictable one as Grisha Kamenov is the better fighter overall in
everybody's eyes. But let's not count Maddox Wood out as he has the determination to win him this fight. If we're
talking about heart than Wood would definitely be in the picture. Let's see if that heart of his can withstand

"La Messiah" Jesus St Pierre(5-5) v Algot Uggla(12-12) - Lightweight Bout

Next up we have two even matched fighter ready to show who the better fighter is. St Pierre is just noticeably better
When it comes to the stand up and may want to use that to his advantage. Uggla should look to get his 10th submission
victory tonight because of this. A win here would bring the winner to a positive record which would be a big morale
boost and could spark something for the fighter. Let's find out who wants it more!

"I am" Evan Better(25-21) v Jakub "Puck" Nowak(6-0) - Middleweight Bout

Second on the main card we have veteran Evan Better vs undefeated Jakub Nowak. Jakub Nowak is really putting his
abilities to the test and his record at risk facing off against Evan Better. Nobody has been able to stop Nowak
so far and if anybody can do it, it's Evan Better. A lot of people may thing that Nowak is crazy for accepting a
fight like this, but win or lose, you've gotta respect the kid.

Brutus Kowalski(12-5) v Bilabong "DaddyCool" Conrad(14-12) - Light Heavyweight Bout

Our first bout on the main card has Brutus Kowalski facing off against Bilabond Conrad. Conrad's experience as a
fighter should give him the edge in this bout, but Kowalski's impressive record and wins against fighters he was
expected to lose to may say otherwise. This should be a good fight and I am excited to see how this one turns out.

Daniel Kelly v Bea Mason
Marshall Banks v Godric Griffin
Raymond Lock v Super Foot Jackson
Japa Koniu v Baines McAdvar

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