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Org name: Elite Pride Glory and Honor
Fighters signed: 64
Number of events: 32
Base: Hilo
Owner: Sana Ic
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Upcoming events
Weight Name Last Win
135 Snake Duanesboy Pablo Ramon Sanchez
145 Damen Mayer Ricky Stephenson
155 Blayze Sommer Makonouchi Ippo
170 Nick Lancaster Martin Bohac I
185 Grirkul Noseflame Delta Knox
205 French Frye Frank Curtis
265 John Braddock Cesar Colnago

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Purpose of the Event

I want to make this perfectly clear to everyone involved and looking in from the outside. I am not souly into this for the Tycoon cash. I am in this a good 90% because I want to run an org that will bring in the best fighters from the best managers in the game. I did not make a profit from this event, I in fact lost a great deal of cash. I want to admit I made a significant financial blunder amidst the planning of this event. But it's ok, I didn't expect to make a boatload of money initially from the event anyways. But at the same time I want everyone inside and out to know that this was a celebration of the beginning of an amazing organization. Financially it was a flop but moving forward we do not intend to be cheap, we expect to be putting on the greatest fights imaginable for the greatest prizes. I learned a lot from this first event and I'm glad ive been able to create a bit of financial padding in order to make this work. I'm thank ful for all of those who have helped me from tge people I design posters for to Lucky, Tristan, and Mentor for giving me guidance. Of which I have learned I certainly need much more of as well as patience. So here's to the future, where as all our fighters gain experience so will I. This will be the last event where I will receive a negative statement, and things can only get better from here. Also I made a huge mistake as far as OTN awards go, I didn't know what I was doing when handing out the awards thus gave away 16k more than I wanted. Good news is I now have an idea of what to do from top to bottom, which in itself a huge relief.


EPGH 1 Show Overview
Overall we did improve our ranking pretty well after this event. We are now 53rd which is only 7 behind Dutch Series of fighting for rights to be claimed #1 320k ID Restricted Org. We had 2 fights reach 100% both ended with flash submission finishes within the first minute of the first round. Our main event was well received and a pair of first timers put on a great match to make a statement for the future. Overall I cannot mark this event a disaster due to how well received it was for 8 fights and compared to how well other piers have done. But it was far from a success.

4 Fights with Future Title Implications
Miguel Sanchez(W) vs Bjorg Hrjinski
Sanchez came into this one with a 4 fight win streak which all occurred within a qfc tournament victory and has thus propelled him into a position where he's looking forward to a title shot in his next appearance for EPGH. Though Bjorg put up a good fight and even tried to lock in a guillotine that wasn't going anywhere, he was still rocked midway through the first and got twice as messed up in the second as Sanchez hit him with a huge left which led to a TKO stoppage and Sanchez getting his hand raised. Congratulations to Miguel Sanchez!

First Fight in EPGH History
Nate Diaz vs Dirty Thrower(W)
This fight was pretty boring and was not the opener I was hoping for. Luckily it was not a sign of things to come as the night picked up from here. Nate had issues with weight prior to the fight which hindered his ability throughout the fight but regardless neither man was really aggressive at any point throughout the fight to the point it generated boos at the end. Thrower was victories on account that he at least controlled where the fight took place with his takedowns. Goodluck to both fighters in the future!

Makonouchi Ippo(W) vs Leonardo Laiola
Wow what a coming out party for Ippo who is without a doubt a top contender for a shot at the Lightweight Championship after this fight. He set a record that will be hard to beat in the coming events with a Kimura arm bar within the first 27 seconds of the fight. Idk if Laiola was caught off guard or just wasn't ready for Ippo to come out and try to end a fight in that manner that early. Regardless bravo to Ippo, which I would like to announce has signed on to fight next week at the first ever Saturday Night Pride Fights against James Lancaster!

Main Event FOTN
Frank Curtis(W) vs Rafael Van Der Moot
Frank certainly exhibited why many believe he's the best fighter currently signed to EPGH as a first round TKO against a worthy opponent in Van Der Moot was quite the send off to the whole event. The two gained a hefty FOTN bonus as well. Next for Frank is a title shot, but he may have to be patient as his division is currently without a solid second contender. But in the next month a lot can change! As for Van Der Moot I fully expect him to see him gain a victory with EPGH sooner rather than later!

A Pair of First Timer Fights
Baron Von Duesche(W) vs New Beginning
This fight was second to go and really helped pick up the pace on the night. Beginning really was trying to give it to Deusche in the clinch but dispite all the punches thrown only 3 were successful in hitting Deusche. Regardless Beginning looked to be in solid control and he used up all that time in order to lock in an armbar and get the submission victory with 1 second left to spare in the first round. Great effort by both fighters!

G.I. Jane(W) vs Junsuke Okazuki
This was the first confirmed fight in EPGH history and it garnered a decent rating for a pair of first time fighters. I wish I could say Okazuki had a chance but he just got raped in the clinch by Jane which resulted in a long torturous victory for Jane. Great showing by Jane who obviously had a gameplan and executed it to the smallest detail. As for Okazuki he and his manager really should evaluate their performance and come out stronger because of it.

The Rest
Jansen Harumafuji vs Lyfe Wrecker (W)
As for controlling the fight Harumafuji really was in control one way or another in this fight. But Wrecker was accurate with his stand up which resulted in more damage thrown in Harumafujiís direction. The amount of strikes landed on Harumafuji is really what seperated the two despite Harumafuji controlling the fight from bell to bell. Sadly Wrecker bolted for Duel Fight League right after the event keeping a future rematch out of the question for the time being. As for Harumafuji he'll be looking to get a victory in his next match and come out better than in this fight where he must feel like one got away from him.

The First Finish Within a Minute
TJ Goodard vs Francisco Junior(W)
Ippo may have had the fastest finish thus far in EPGH history but it certainly was not overly out done by Francisco Junior who only needed 19 more seconds in order to defeat Goodard. Thankfully Goodard got some punches in before it was over but it just wasn't anywhere near enough to put Junior in his place before he got put in his. Junior came in relatively unknown but came out smelling like a beautiful flower and put his name in consideration for a future title fight. Hopefully he can pull out another performance like that or 2 and force himself into a title shot. But only time will tell


Thank You to Our Sponsors
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