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DFN#21 Bang vs Fanning

Org name: Duel Fighting League
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Base: New York
Owner: Alexander Biro
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Ladies and gentleman!

Once again we gather for this great spectacle! Tonight’s main event is the awaited duel between the new challenger Bang (20-14) , a veteran in this event with a current 7-3 streak, 6 of those wins were submissions! versus the solid striker Fanning (20-9)with a 8-2 streak with 6 KO or TKO wins , after defending his position in DFN#18 versus Dementia, Fanning must be thrilled with another chance to hold his ground. Ground beast vs KO monster!

Don’t miss the event that will take place in the Credit Card Center, New York.

You can also see many other fighters trying to make room in the top of the MMA world, in tonight`s event we can offer you all kinds of entertainment from:

205 LB – Fighting for power and fame, 4 matches among Light Heavyweights.

The main event! Bang (20-14) with a terrifying 19 subs record vs Fanning (20-9) He has piled up 18 TKO wins. All Bang loses where mostly TKO, who will bring the match to his game? Don’t blink or you could miss it!

García (27-16-1) favouring subs (13) over TKO (6) vs Dementia (12-4) a striking beast that won’t hold in this match, even with the numbers against him.

Miller (9-6) carrying an impressive 8 TKO wins vs Grishing (7-5) that has 6 TKO under his belt! Everything points at a striking match!

Filoh (6-2) all wins by TKO, only decision loses vs Cadáver (3-3) Don’t underestimate the underdog, he knows how to win at the points game!

185 LB – Middleweight match. Will they win the submission of the night award?

Alonso (9-4 ) with almost 90% subs wins vs Newton(8-4) 100% subs wins! Battle among ground killers!

170 LB – Welterweight division

Burns (9-10) sharpening his striker skills with 6 TKO wins vs Townsend (5-3) with 3 submissions it’s a dangerous enemy if he can take you to the ground game.

145 LB – Coming next, 3 more fights in the Lightweight spotlight

Cruz (8-4) with 3 TKO and 4 subs wins vs Power (8-5) all subs wins! Two really balanced fighters, who will put more spirit into this shodown?

Faster (4-0) Invictus and holding all 4 wins by submissions vs Smith (11-9) a veteran that knows his ground game too, his 10 subs wins and his extensive fighting record giving him tools to face the undefeated!

Benitez (3-1) vs Mayweather (0-1) a battle among newcomers.

135 LB – Small guys do it until they have turned into a bloody ooze! The Featherwight Match!

Tipton(10-6) all round fighter with 4 subs, 4 decisions and 2 TKO vs Duncan(7-7) that seems to favour the striking with 3 TKO and 3 Decisions. Who will dominate?

This event has been possible thanks to the sponsorship of Zenith Nutrition!

Let the Duel begin!

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