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DFN#22 Vee vs Mckenna

Org name: Duel Fighting League
Fighters signed: 146
Number of events: 148
Base: New York
Owner: Alexander Biro
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Weight Name Last Win
135 Felipe Feltre Eksem Von Ketler
145 Pedro Kapaldi Moses Ohchooto
155 Fredrik Stenberg Hiroshimo Sakamoto
170 Albert Hoffman Gunnar Johnsson
185 James B. Grossweiner Kwiwan Fogomayu
205 Benny Andersson Dick Army
265+ Floyd Patterson Archie Trew

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Ladies and gentleman! Welcome to The Liberty Arena!

Once again we gather for this great spectacle!

Tonight’s main event it`s a shodown among strikers. The runner-off Mckenna (15-9) with 12 TKO and 3 decisions in his career, vs Vee (10-3) with 8 TKO and 2 decisions. Experience vs skill. Will the Heavyweights go for a KO? Or they will play safe? Find out this Saturday Night in the Liberty Arena!

Tonight’s card has more than an striking match.

135 – A Featherweight match featuring 2 elite fighters, Von Ketler (10-3) with 7 submisions in his record vs Badger (21-11). There are 12 years and 20 fights difference in this one, but they are actually at almost the same level of skill.

155 – The Lightweight match gathers Pitung (11-2) an awesome striker with 8 TKO and 3 decisions vs Quin (7-3) all wins by TKO. Another striking match were solid punching will meet a more heterodoxus style.

265+ - Superweight clash between Sekany (3-6) 1TKO, 2 subs and Cage (8-4) 7 TKO 1 decisions. If we look at their record everything points this will be a better match for Cage, but watch out the underdog!

We are also featuring more variety to make the night memorable:

265 - Pouncey (21-21-2) vs Montezuma (6-6)

Larson (14-13) vs Fénix (38-28)

265+ - Johnson (6-1) vs Sebinho (1-1)

205 – Omega (4-3) vs Hamil (3-1)

170 – Dickens (2-1) vs St Pierre (7-1)

135 – Inoue (3-1) vs Cucumber (8-8)

This event has been possible thanks to the sponsorship of Zenith Nutrition!

Let the Duel begin!

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