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SNPF 2 Preview

Org name: Elite Pride Glory and Honor
Fighters signed: 64
Number of events: 32
Base: Hilo
Owner: Sana Ic
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Upcoming events
Weight Name Last Win
135 Snake Duanesboy Pablo Ramon Sanchez
145 Damen Mayer Ricky Stephenson
155 Blayze Sommer Makonouchi Ippo
170 Nick Lancaster Martin Bohac I
185 Grirkul Noseflame Delta Knox
205 French Frye Frank Curtis
265 John Braddock Cesar Colnago

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Overview of SNPF 1


Show was fantastic overall as far as the org goes it did accomplish 1 goal while making big progress in the other. Getting a 77 event rating was a big boost in hype but it certainly wasn't enough as we still didn't make a profit. But progress is progress.


As for the fights every one of them delivered in one way or another. Saw some quick finishes by way of KO 2 of them finished within a minute by a spinning backfist. Steve Johnson was victories within 24 seconds by Spinning Backfist to not only claim the record for fastest knockout but the record for fastest finish congrats to him and better luck to his opponent in his next go around. But the big winners of the night were Makonuchi Ippo and Isaac Sparks both of whom impressed hugely and have injected a huge amount of excitement into the lightweight division. Sparks came away with both fotn and sub of the night awards with the upset victory over the former DSOF lightweight champion Matthew Theil winning with a kimura in less than a minute and a half. Ippo on the other hand dismantled James Lancaster and earned the tko victory in the first round. This makes Ippo the first fighter to win by both tko and submission. Though these two men came out the big winners of the evening doesn't mean the rest of the winners didn't go unnoticed. Bobby Cheif won his 5th in a row to insert himself in the Heavyweight Title Picture, while Girkul Noseflame and Muffin Wonder asserted themselves in their own divisions. The same could be said for Mikael Joshua, Ricky Stephenson, Jerry West, and Jasper Van Den Berg. Congratulations to all of them!


Saturday Night Pride Fights 2 Preview

As for an event overview this card isn't nearly as stacked with clear cut contenders for a title opportunity like the last card but each one of these guys will be looking to make a major impression. There's a great mix of experience and inexperience on this card with a couple career journeymen to this point in their career looking to cement their spot in their divisions pecking order. Every fight has a story and each one will be a good one!

James "Magnificent" Maverick vs Gavin "The Destroyer" Mcinnes

This fight is another great example of our ultra competitive Heavyweight division. Both of these guys are contenders for a future title shot. Winning this fight for both men would be a major step in either one's career.

Demetrius Jones vs Gunnar Bjorkson

This fight is on the complete opposite end of the weight class spectrum, this Bantamweight showcase involves two fighters with only one win between them. But with that inexperience comes a crazy amount of popularity from Demetrius Jones who without stepping a foot in the ring has garnered a serious amount of hype. Gunnar on the other hand looks to show Demetrius's popularity amongst his peers means nothin in the ring.

White "Venum" Snake vs Alfredo "Dominant" DeAngelis

This is shaping up to be a grwat battle of stand up vs ground game in which both men will look to make a big impression on the EPGH crowd. Who will come out on top? A KO for DeAngelis or will the Venum strike with a submission from Snake?

Ryan "Leg Breaker" Shawcross vs Coach Eddie Boxing

Another fight pitting solid standup vs a solid ground game. If coach can stuff the takedown this fight is surely his but if Shawcross can get Coach to the ground his nickname doesn't leave much to the imagination.

Bjorg Hrjinski vs Francisco "Orelhinha" Junior

In this next matchup we have a big loser from EPGH in Hrjinski facing a big winner in Junior who finished his opponent by way of submission within his first EPGH contest. Can Hrjinski win and get a win in the books? Or will Junior decimate Hrjinski like his last victim?

"Da Norwegian Nighthawk" Norris Norton vs Timur "Big Trouble" Soloedko

Da Norwegian Nighthawk may have found himself in big trouble for this matchup as Quadruple N as I like to call him is riding a 4 fight losing streak coming into this contest vs Big Trouble who is riding a 2 fight win streak.

Ethan "Assassin" Adams vs Ginekes Poutanes

A matchup between 2 fighters looking to gain a winning record. Both are stuck at 500 and looking to make an immidiate within EPGH.

Leonardo "Caveira" Laiola vs Noah "Son of God" Hensley

Laiola looks to embarass the man they call Hands of God and make him eat that nickname. While Noah Hensley looks to prove to the Hawaiian audience why they call him the Hands of God.

Benjo "Tank" Clifton vs TJ "The Titan" Goodard

In the opening bout of the evening we will witness a fight between two fighters whom I believe have alot of potential to make waves within the middleweight division. Though Goodard lost his first EPGH matchup I am confident in his ability to bounce back and get back into the win column. While Clifton is riding a 2 fight win streak to start his career heading into his EPGH debut.



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