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GAMMA: September 2017 recap part 2 By Alika Webb

Org name: Global Association of MMA™
Fighters signed: 95
Number of events: 760
Base: Las Vegas
Owner: Mentor Guru Corleone
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Weight Name Last Win
135 Karol Mirowski Kira Miyata
145 Selfie Lord Karol Mirowski
155 Katu Partio Jeff Gower
185 Dao Sonnen Razmig Grigorian
205 Ghazi Okah Donsone DeNeville
265 Hennan Hoyce Charles DaCoca
265+ Dustin Kruger Brandon Simmons

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GAMMA#662 Bryant v Curry 2 – September 16

265+ title - Gerbert Bryant Vs Arthur Curry

Gamma’s force of destruction in the heavyweight and super heavyweight division - "President" Gerbert Bryant – is fresh off another dominant performance but there is no rest for the wicked as a familiar face awaited him. Arthur Curry blitzed through former heavyweight champion Joe Jordan in shocking display and was immediately rewarded with a rematch he had been looking forward to for months now. In their first encounter, Arthur Curry did a phenomenal job of mixing up his strikes to keep the champion guessing but Gerbert Bryant never backed down from the fight standing and on the ground he was as dominant as a great white shark in open water.

Arthur Curry knew that the diversity of his strikes was his biggest asset in their first fight and so he launched a whirlwind of dangerous punches and kicks. The surprise of the fight turned out to be the champion, who no longer fought against the wind as he did in their first encounter. Rather than stubbornly fighting the wind, he caught a gust of wind that blew him high into the sky. Flying on a summer breeze without a care in the world, he flew over the cage with his full-grown wings spread to show the world how far he has come. Dancing to the whistling tones of the howling wind, he escaped from the clutches of dangerous striker Arthur Curry while dishing out some damage of his own. The effortlessness that oozed out of the champion’s incredible display of avoiding Arthur Curry’s strikes was a beauty to behold. The incredible accuracy and power Gerbert Bryant retaliated with standing and the domination that once more took place on the ground was part of another clear message to the world that Gerbert Bryant truly is second to none.

Winner: Gerbert Bryant by KO (punch) after 1 minute and 59 seconds in the third round.

GAMMA#664 Defoe v Verama 2 – September 23

205 title - Menace Defoe (c) Vs Hector Verama

Hector Verama clawed his way back to a title shot after suffering a devastating loss against the champion himself - Menace Defoe – and considering the way their last fight went, his intentions of capturing the elusive light heavyweight title were crystal clear. What an amazing fight their first encounter was, an absolute classic come from behind victory from the champion as he was dominated by the challenger for four rounds before pulverizing the confident challenger in devastating fashion. Many claimed the champion was in trouble from start to finish and merely survived by sheer willpower while others saw merit in an alternative theory, that it was all a plot from the start for the champion to let Verama take the initiative while he set up his plan for a late finish. Was it a brilliant strategy on the champion’s part that allowed him to climax what looked like an absolute blast of a beat down into such a mind-blowing fairytale ending? Or did the champion escape by a hair’s breadth of being blown away by the sheer brute force of the steamroller that is Hector Verama? The rematch was set to answer the questions that still lingered on everyone’s mind after the first fight.

The rematch saw a clear change in strategy by the champion as he was more disciplined in his striking offence. No more wild swings were thrown by Menace Defoe as the champion took control early on with a more defensive approach. As was the case in their first fight, Hector Verama was the aggressor but his punches hit almost nothing but air and when the timing was right, Menace Defoe punished the challenger with clobbering blows that soon drew blood. The champion closed the distance and in the clinch they traded more evenly but even so the challenger knew he needed to finish the first round strong to even stand a chance of winning the round. Hector Verama desperately went for a takedown and managed to finish strong but he knew he barely made it out on top in the first round.

The second round started and the champion rushed the challenger to trade fists up close and personal. The bad taste of his poor performance clearly still weighing on his shoulders, it was clear he came into this fight with only vengeance in mind despite emerging victorious the first time around. Verama soon created some distance before changing his mind and closing the distance himself as the lethal accuracy combined with the devastation of Menace Defoe’s power strikes turned out to be a deadly combination that was simply too hard to overcome. In the clinch they proceeded to trade punches. Tossing technique out of the window, they slugged it out like two drunk bar crawlers settling their differences in a good old fashioned bar room brawl. The only things that mattered were the power in their punches and the toughness of their chin and in the second round … Verama’s chin gave out.

Winner: Menace Defoe by TKO (strikes) after 4 minutes and 18 seconds in the second round.

Syn 546 – Apex – September 29

145 superfight - Viktor Tsoi (Synchronicity) Vs Gareth Keenan (GAMMA)

In his youthful enthusiasm, Gamma featherweight champion and MMATycoon’s most tenacious detective Gareth Keenan took on a special case concerning global domination. His keen detective skills have sent him all over the world and his next clue took him to the beautiful city of angels, Los Angeles. Gareth Keenan has interrogated and overcome every suspect on his list so far but the next name on the list is the number one featherweight fighter in the world and Synchronicity’s featherweight champion Viktor "Tri-Gold" Tsoi. A man whose relentlessness, talent and superb technique in all aspects of mixed martial arts are notoriously known all across the globe. Will the sleuth put his detective skills to work and find a weakness in a seemingly flawless elite fighter?

Gareth Keenan is known for his cautious style, never going overboard in taking risks. He sets a steady pace with a tight combination of kicks and punches that keeps his opponents guessing and pressures his opponents all night long until their will to fight gives out. Viktor Tsoi on the other hand is a different kind of animal. A true student of the game, Viktor Tsoi has flawless technique to boot no matter where the fight takes place and he knows it. An incredible confidence in his own skill set opens the door to an aggressive style, he is not afraid to take some risks in gaining the upper hand. The story of the fight was the more experienced Viktor Tsoi taking the Gamma detective to school as Gareth Keenan was overwhelmed by the aggressive Synchronicity champion.

Winner: Viktor Tsoi by unanimous decision.

GAMMA#665 Laine v Shin – September 30

170 title - Musta Laine (c) Vs Lao Shin

In a seemingly classic striker Vs grappler encounter, champion Musta Laine used a particularly aggressive strategy in taking down the challenger and putting his fists to work in a vicious ground and pound campaign. Former multiple time champion Lao Shin on the other hand looked flustered in regaining his footing after an early takedown but kept himself in the race by going for submission after submission. The champion threw caution to the wind and it nearly cost him as some of those submissions were just a split-second away from being locked in but it was the chin of Lao Shin that gave out first under the duress of the champion’s pummeling ground and pound strikes.

Winner: Musta Laine by TKO (strikes) after 3 minutes and 57 seconds in the second round.

185 title - Russian Obama (c) Vs Matt Quin

Russian Obama had quite an eventful promotional debut as he defeated Saul Goodman for Gamma’s middleweight title. An incredible battle of attrition it was but far from a dominating performance for the newly crowned champion. To be truly recognized as the undisputed champion a breakthrough performance under the Gamma banner was required and so he needed to be tested once again. A former number one pound for pound fighter from title defenses past has been scratching and clawing his way back to the title scene and Matt Quin seemed ready to win his belt back. Would the blast from the past be back with a vengeance or would the newly arrived champion be dead set on staying seated on his freshly conquered throne? The stage was set for an action packed title fight to end the month on a high note.

From the start Matt Quin looked like he was fighting an uphill battle. The champion set a brutal pace, blasting Matt Quin with stiff kicks and pummeling punches that found their way home more often than not. Russian Obama dominated the stand-up and continued closing the distance the keep the challenger frustrated as Matt Quin proved not so successful in taking the fight to the ground where he can truly shine. The champion proved himself a true master of his craft as he kept the pressure on his foe until the final bell, he never gave him an inch from start to finish and left no room for doubt as he was crowned the undeniable victor this time around.

Winner: Russian Obama by unanimous decision.

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