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Org name: Elite Pride Glory and Honor
Fighters signed: 64
Number of events: 32
Base: Hilo
Owner: Sana Ic
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Upcoming events
Weight Name Last Win
135 Snake Duanesboy Pablo Ramon Sanchez
145 Damen Mayer Ricky Stephenson
155 Blayze Sommer Makonouchi Ippo
170 Nick Lancaster Martin Bohac I
185 Grirkul Noseflame Delta Knox
205 French Frye Frank Curtis
265 John Braddock Cesar Colnago

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EPGH Weekly News and Review


Goodbye Super Heavyweight Division

EPGH will be discontinuing the ultra thin Superheavyweight Division. In doing so we will be crowning a first and last Super Heavyweight Champion. The fight will take place at EPGH 2 and will be between Norris Norton and Muffin Wonder. Goodluck!

Hello Openweight Kickboxing Division

In letting go of the Super Heavyweight Division we will be making room for the brand new EPGH Openweight Kickboxing Division. Fighters of any size will fight each other void of weight classes in stand up fights. All fighters are welcome to join this division and any EPGH contracted fighter is still encouraged to join especially if things having been going to well in his MMA career. To kick off this new Division we are holding the first Glory King Grand Prix.

EPGH Glory King Grand Prix Information and how to enter

EPGH Website/Forum

I am currently looking for VOLUNTEERS to help me run and get a few things done for the forum I have created for the site. Though I am not ready to unveil it I could use some people who are familiar with running forums and have slight knowledge of html coding. The forum soon will have the following features.

1. Monthly EPGH specific Rankings by Weight Classes

2. Record Book, Hall of Fame (managers/fighters)

3. Easy to find results from past cards

4. Poster archive (Bigger & Better graphics of posters, belts, and trophies)

5. Editorial Pieces based on EPGH fighters and the org itself (will pay in the future)

6. Voting Booth

7. Rule Book

8. Tips and Tricks for new managers

9. EPGH News

10. Smack Talk Section

11. Meet n Greet

12. Tournament results/Information/Brackets

13. League Standings/Information/Team Locker Rooms (Team Specific Forum)/History

14. All things Kickboxing

15. How EPGH Alums have been doing outside of the Org

And much much more!

EPGH Team Oriented League

I have gotten a pretty good amount of people liking the League idea so I have came to conclusion that EPGH will be adding a Team Oriented League. As of right now there are zero plans on when League play will begin or for how long it will commence. As of Right now I will be looking for Owners/Sponsors of Teams and would effectively act as the teams GM as well.

1. Owners must own either a clothing/Nutrition/Public Gym (No Private Gyms the idea is to help promote your products/gym through competition with each other, to help make money for everyone involved.)

2. Owners Must Also have every Fighter on their roster sponsored by your company

3. Owners must come up with a team name (optional logo for the EPGH Forum)

4. Owners are only allowed to have 1 fighter per a weight class on their roster at any given time

5. Owners will be able to switch Fighters out but the frequency to do so will be limited based on how long the season will be.

6. Points will be given for wins, title wins, defences, tournament wins, super fights. Fights vs other teams fighters will have extra points.

7. Rewards will be given to each fighter that participated in a fight for the winning team as well as the owner of the team.

The issues looming are That we need owners, possibly chipping in from each owner to create a large pot winner takes all kind of thing. Once we have a group of at least 6 owners we as a group can discuss terms, rewards, etc….. but not in a rush.

Losing 2 out of 3

For warning if you lose 2 out of 3 fights on your first contract I will probably ask you if you'd like to try out your fighter in our Openweight Kickboxing Division. Not an issue if you reject the offer just an fyi and losing 2 out of 3 doesn't exactly hamper your chances at getting an offer to resign with us. Just don't lose all 3!


Ultimate Fighting Fridays 1 Preview By Smash Mathers

This Friday, Elite Pride Glory and Honor presents 10 cage fights featuring some of the top talent this organization has to offer.

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185 lbs Salazar vs. Sanchez

Making his debut here in EPGH, Ramon 'Sicario' Salazar hails from Mexico City, and shows up with one win under his belt. Word is he has good hands but the question is can he keep the fight standing against Miguel 'Rocket To The Top' Sanchez who's looking to grab his second EPGH victory. He showed excellent takedowns and a relentless top game in his first bout. He will definitely be looking to get this fight down to the ground, but this is mma and anything can happen.

170 lbs Souza vs. Taylor

For the second fight of the evening we have another debut fighter, with a record of 2-0 the Brazilian Tulio 'Espartano' Souza. He will arrive to show off his skill set against another fighter making his debut Marshall 'Black Hammer' Taylor who has a win to his name. Seems to me like the submission fighter vs. the well balanced fighter and it will be interesting to see if Souza can get this one to the ground where he has the distinct advantage.

145 lbs Diaz vs. Okazuki

Next up we have Nate 'Ninja' Diaz returning for his second EPGH bout as he looks to prove himself after losing a unanimous decision to Dirty Thrower in his debut. His opponent, hailing from Japan, Junsuke 'Baby Dragon' Okazuki also lost a unanimous decision in his debut against GI Jane. Both of these guys kind of had lackluster performances so they should show up hungry and determined to redeem themselves.

135 lbs Duesche vs. Morya

Baron 'Mr. Bag' Von Duesche is back looking for his second win, after his impressive armbar victory over New Beginning, getting the tap in the last second of the first round. This time he faces a newcomer, his opponent Alberto Morya, and it seems to me like we have an exciting ground fight here.

155 lbs Sommer vs Sparks

Next up, making his debut, all the way from Fiji we have Blayze 'Fire Starter' Sommer. He has a win under his belt, and looking to show off his talents against Isaac Sparks who, in his debut, pulled off an upset victory over Matthew Thiel with a sneaky kimura within the first minute and a half of the fight. Will Sommer pick up his first EPGH victory or will we see another highlight reel submission?

265 lbs Sevilla vs. Page

Eddie 'Huero' Sevilla had a rough go in his EPGH debut, suffering a tko loss to Mikael Joshua in the first minute of the bout. He's back to redeem himself against newcomer Brad Page. Hopefully he's been training his clinch game, as he'll be trying to pick up his first win.

170 lbs Munoz vs Harumafuji

A well rounded fighter, Mike Munoz is making his debut against Jansen Harumafuji who is returning after his unanimous decision loss to Lyfe Wrecker. He showed some good wrestling and he worked but he didn't get the nod in the end. He's back to try and prove himself and pick up his first EPGH victory.

155 lbs Lancaster vs. Thiel

Next up we have two returning fighters looking to bounce back from losses, first up James Lancaster hopefully recovered from his devastating tko to Makonouchi Ippo inside the first minute and a half of the fight as he looks to take on Matthew Thiel, previous DSOF champion. Thiel suffering a submission loss in his last bout. Both of these men have been working hard in the gym without a doubt, and look to prove themselves.

170 lbs Lancaster vs. Schwartz

Next up a bout between 2 debut fighters, 2-0 Nick Lancaster will be taking on 2-

0 Pavel Schwartz. Both of these men will look to assert themselves as contenders with a victory. Nothing says welcome to EPGH like a punch to the face.

185 lbs Khan vs Noseflame

Last but not least we have the newcomer Ameri Khan in his debut, he'll be facing very game opponent Grirkul Noseflame who, in his debut, KO'd Venomous Unbreakable in the first minute of the fight with an impressive spinning backfist. This will be a tough challenge for Khan, as Noseflame looks to solidify himself with another EPGH victory.

Well that's it from me folks! Good luck to all the fighters, see you at the fights!


Preview for Saturdays card will be up in a couple days along with both event overviews/expectations. until then rest your fighters up, cancel those auto flights and adjust those sliders! Goodluck to everyone and Thank You for Reading.

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