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Org name: New Jersey MMA (320k+)
Fighters signed: 163
Number of events: 101
Base: New York
Owner: Brian Baggs
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NJMMA XS 13 2018-09-22 New York
NJMMA 70 2018-09-29 New York
NJMMA 71 2018-10-06 New York
NJMMA 72 2018-10-13 New York
Weight Name Last Win
135 Xing Pugberg Takeru Kubota
145 Snake Duanesboy Just Fight Me
155 Kevin Sheedy Violencia Rivas
170 Shane MacGowan Damien The Omen
185 Nick Graves Middle Weight
205 Stephan Letter Andy Shifter
265 Heavy HeavyWeight More IsMore

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Hello managers,

We held our first event on Saturday and whilst we didn't make a profit, we hope that it was the start of a great thing.

There were wins for:

Featherweight - David Paddington
Lightweight - Justin Sane
Welterweight - Baron Shushkev, Marco Muller
Middleweight - Nicolaus Baumann
Light Heavyweight - Guiliherme Brito, Kane Kilauea
Heavyweight - Go Sleep, Elias Taylor, Lavrentiy Pudovkin

KO of the night: Brito. Sub of the night Shushkev. Muller v Slater got the highest rating.

Congratulations to those managers! Sleep now fights Taylor and Shushkev fights Muller with the winners of those two fights having a great chance at a shot at the title. Everyone else who won took a nice step towards the belt too. Our second and third cards take place on Saturday and next Wednesday. We again have ten fights on each bill.

Then fighters will get the chance at their second match. Most of you should have already received offers. If you haven't received one and you want to fight then drop me a mail. Most divisions now have good competition, though I am still trying to find a few more guys for Middleweight and Bantanweight. If there is someone you want to fight in particular then let me know. If the fight makes sense then I will try and make it happen.
I will be holding the first title fights in November. These will be between the two fighters in each division rated by me on a combination of P4P ranking, hype/pop and record so far in the org. I will then draw up a Power Ranking for each division. Title contenders need to be in the top five of the power rankings (minimum) with the top ranked challenger most likely to get a shot.

I will give title holders some leeway in deciding who and when to fight, but there may be times when it is clear to me what the obvious fight is, so I will specify a mandatory challenger and will do the same if I feel a Champion is ducking a particular fighter. If you leave the org then you give up the belt and if you refuse to fight your mandatory challenger or go inactive then you will also lose the belt.


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